SidTool - C64 Music Player Emulator Frontend

SidTool is a C64 Music Player Emulator Frontend for Windows, build to explore large chiptune collections with new and unique features:

  • Support WinVice VSID for playback
  • Support Sidplay/w 2.6 for playback
  • Songlength database support integration
  • Intuitive and easy Playlist creation
  • Playlist support with ability to add certain subsongs
  • Continuous play to discover SIDs unknown to you
  • Shuffle Function (Plays random SIDs - from entire collection or certain folder)
  • Easy single-click interface for the entire High Voltage Sid Collection (required)
  • Online Database with Online Playlist Import
  • Other online features (Charts etc.)
  • Improved Search Database
  • Search on RKO, OCR
  • sidtool:// Protokoll to pass links
  • STIL display
  • Advanced search function for filenames, STIL and SID-Header
  • Build on .NET framework 4.8 (required)

          Download here

If you encounter any bugs and/or feature requests please send email to madman [sid]

Version 1 (discontinued, HDD wreckage) for Windows Vista and earlier available here