C64 Top Sid Songs

This is what people actually listen to using SidTool. Links require SidTool to function properly. Click any songtitle to launch the specified Sid in SidTool. Click songnumber for Sid Details. As the info grows, features will be added. Yes, there are all the 77k+ Sids listed here.

#PlayedPlaytime ∑TitleSubsongAuthor
0x00:00Airwolf1Markus Weber
0x00:00All in All1Markus Weber
0x00:00Atlanta1Markus Weber
0x00:00Axel F1Markus Weber
0x00:00Baker Street1Markus Weber
0x00:00Beat 71Markus Weber
0x00:00Billy1Markus Weber
0x00:00Bird and Cat1Markus Weber
0x00:00Chimes1Markus Weber
10 0x00:00Christmas1Markus Weber
11 0x00:00Cloudy Sky1Markus Weber
12 0x00:00Disco1Markus Weber
13 0x00:00Evening Jog1Markus Weber
14 0x00:00Family Man1Markus Weber
15 0x00:00Foreign Affair1Markus Weber
16 0x00:00Funk1Markus Weber
17 0x00:00Funk 21Markus Weber
18 0x00:00Groovin'1Markus Weber
19 0x00:00Group Therapy1Markus Weber
20 0x00:00Hand Made1Markus Weber
21 0x00:00Heartbeat1Markus Weber
22 0x00:00Heli1Markus Weber
23 0x00:00I Just Can't Get Enough1Markus Weber
24 0x00:00I'm Back1Markus Weber
25 0x00:00Isostar1Markus Weber
26 0x00:00Jazzy Tune1Markus Weber
27 0x00:00Jumpin'1Markus Weber
28 0x00:00Just got Lucky1Markus Weber
29 0x00:00Kung Fu1Markus Weber
30 0x00:00Mach den Pepsi-Test!1Markus Weber
31 0x00:00Match Rock1Markus Weber
32 0x00:00Memphis1Markus Weber
33 0x00:00Midnight1Markus Weber
34 0x00:00Musicbox1Markus Weber
35 0x00:00Musicbox2Markus Weber
36 0x00:00Musicbox3Markus Weber
37 0x00:00Next Song1Markus Weber
38 0x00:00Offbeat1Markus Weber
39 0x00:00Perfect Beat1Markus Weber
40 0x00:00Rain Walk1Markus Weber
41 0x00:00Real Song1Markus Weber
42 0x00:00Rhythmo1Markus Weber
43 0x00:00Rock Baby1Markus Weber
44 0x00:00Rollercoaster1Markus Weber
45 0x00:00Simon & Simon1Markus Weber
46 0x00:00Soundmix1Markus Weber
47 0x00:00Soundmix2Markus Weber
48 0x00:00Soundmix3Markus Weber
49 3x05:31Space Song1Markus Weber
50 0x00:00Spacer1Markus Weber
51 0x00:00Steaming Crap1Markus Weber
52 0x00:00Still Haven't Found...1Markus Weber
53 0x00:00String Sound1Markus Weber
54 0x00:00Sunbeach1Markus Weber
55 0x00:00Sunshine1Markus Weber
56 0x00:00The A-Team1Markus Weber
57 0x00:00The Beat1Markus Weber
58 0x00:00Throwing It All Away1Markus Weber
59 3x06:19Travel by Train1Markus Weber
60 0x00:00Waves1Markus Weber
61 0x00:00What You Want1Markus Weber
62 0x00:00Wind1Markus Weber
63 0x00:00You to Me Are Everything1Markus Weber
64 0x00:00You Want1Markus Weber
Total: 6x11:50