C64 Top Sid Songs

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#PlayedPlaytime ∑TitleSubsongAuthor
5x06:594Ever & 2Night1Yavuz Sükür (Defbeat)
3x01:41Acidlike1Yavuz Sükür (Defbeat)
3x02:54Bonfire1Yavuz Sükür (Defbeat)
2x02:20Christmas 1989 (tune 2)1Yavuz Sükür (Defbeat)
2x04:54Don' Let Me Wait1Yavuz Sükür (Defbeat)
2x02:36Frizbeat1Yavuz Sükür (Defbeat)
2x03:36Funky Twinkles1Yavuz Sükür (Defbeat)
1x01:57Funny1Yavuz Sükür (Defbeat)
1x01:18Get Up1Yavuz Sükür (Defbeat)
10 2x01:37Going Crazy1Yavuz Sükür (Defbeat)
11 1x00:32Good Vibrations1Yavuz Sükür (Defbeat)
12 2x01:02Good Vibrations V21Yavuz Sükür (Defbeat)
13 3x02:55Groovy1Yavuz Sükür (Defbeat)
14 1x01:30Happy Birthday1Yavuz Sükür (Defbeat)
15 2x02:28Heathcliff1Yavuz Sükür (Defbeat)
16 3x03:38I Just Called to Say I Love You1Yavuz Sükür (Defbeat)
17 2x03:06In Extasia1Yavuz Sükür (Defbeat)
18 4x02:27Jinglebells1Yavuz Sükür (Defbeat)
19 3x01:11Juice1Yavuz Sükür (Defbeat)
20 3x03:33Just Say Cool!1Yavuz Sükür (Defbeat)
21 0x00:00Just Sit1Yavuz Sükür (Defbeat)
22 1x01:34Just Sit v21Yavuz Sükür (Defbeat)
23 1x02:46La Piazzo1Yavuz Sükür (Defbeat)
24 1x02:08Lambada1Yavuz Sükür (Defbeat)
25 1x02:14Moonlight1Yavuz Sükür (Defbeat)
26 1x01:38Push It1Yavuz Sükür (Defbeat)
27 1x02:25Ritzybeat1Yavuz Sükür (Defbeat)
28 1x02:04Rythmical1Yavuz Sükür (Defbeat)
29 1x00:35September Celebration (tune 2)1Yavuz Sükür (Defbeat)
30 1x00:41September Celebration (tune 4)1Yavuz Sükür (Defbeat)
31 0x00:00September Celebration (tune 6)1Yavuz Sükür (Defbeat)
32 0x00:00September Celebration (tune 7)1Yavuz Sükür (Defbeat)
33 1x00:40September Celebration (tune 8)1Yavuz Sükür (Defbeat)
34 0x00:00Shortfunk1Yavuz Sükür (Defbeat)
35 1x00:15Slow Down1Yavuz Sükür (Defbeat)
36 0x00:00Slowdown1Yavuz Sükür (Defbeat)
37 0x00:00Strange1Yavuz Sükür (Defbeat)
38 0x00:00The Evil1Yavuz Sükür (Defbeat)
39 0x00:00TRC Collection 1 (menu)1Yavuz Sükür (Defbeat)
40 0x00:00TRC Intro 291Yavuz Sükür (Defbeat)
41 0x00:00Trend1Yavuz Sükür (Defbeat)
42 0x00:00Typical1Yavuz Sükür (Defbeat)
43 1x01:51Whatzdizz1Yavuz Sükür (Defbeat)
Total: 59x71:5