C64 Top Sid Songs

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#PlayedPlaytime ∑TitleSubsongAuthor
1x00:574 Kanal Zak1Steven Diemer (A-Man)
0x00:005-Mix1Steven Diemer (A-Man)
1x00:43Acid Disco1Steven Diemer (A-Man)
1x00:55Acid Feelin'1Steven Diemer (A-Man)
1x01:33Acidstyle1Steven Diemer (A-Man)
0x00:00Acieed Beat1Steven Diemer (A-Man)
1x00:46Addiction1Steven Diemer (A-Man)
1x00:33All we are1Steven Diemer (A-Man)
1x01:35Alpha Ship1Steven Diemer (A-Man)
10 0x00:00Angel1Steven Diemer (A-Man)
11 0x00:00Area of Low Pressure1Steven Diemer (A-Man)
12 1x00:22Arterial Race1Steven Diemer (A-Man)
13 0x00:00Baby1Steven Diemer (A-Man)
14 0x00:00Bad Hardstyle1Steven Diemer (A-Man)
15 1x01:24Based1Steven Diemer (A-Man)
16 0x00:00Bass-o-Matikk1Steven Diemer (A-Man)
17 0x00:00Beat Ball1Steven Diemer (A-Man)
18 0x00:00Beat Ball2Steven Diemer (A-Man)
19 0x00:00Beat Dis1Steven Diemer (A-Man)
20 1x00:41Behaviour1Steven Diemer (A-Man)
21 1x00:20Bitmania Zak1Steven Diemer (A-Man)
22 0x00:00Black Panther1Steven Diemer (A-Man)
23 0x00:00Black Panther2Steven Diemer (A-Man)
24 0x00:00Black Panther3Steven Diemer (A-Man)
25 0x00:00Black Panther4Steven Diemer (A-Man)
26 0x00:00Black Panther5Steven Diemer (A-Man)
27 0x00:00Blue Flame1Steven Diemer (A-Man)
28 0x00:00Blue Moon1Steven Diemer (A-Man)
29 0x00:00Blue Shadow1Steven Diemer (A-Man)
30 1x00:20Body1Steven Diemer (A-Man)
31 2x01:51Bond Action1Steven Diemer (A-Man)
32 1x00:27Bond Action 19931Steven Diemer (A-Man)
33 1x00:30Born to Love1Steven Diemer (A-Man)
34 1x00:41Break It Up!1Steven Diemer (A-Man)
35 0x00:00Bryllyant1Steven Diemer (A-Man)
36 0x00:00Can u See1Steven Diemer (A-Man)
37 0x00:00Castle Darkstone1Steven Diemer (A-Man)
38 0x00:00Chemical River1Steven Diemer (A-Man)
39 1x00:26Cold Vision1Steven Diemer (A-Man)
40 1x00:25Colour Section1Steven Diemer (A-Man)
41 0x00:00Contacting1Steven Diemer (A-Man)
42 0x00:00Crazy Mamba1Steven Diemer (A-Man)
43 1x00:48Cyberware1Steven Diemer (A-Man)
44 1x00:37Darkness in Your Eyes1Steven Diemer (A-Man)
45 0x00:00Daydream1Steven Diemer (A-Man)
46 0x00:00Dealing1Steven Diemer (A-Man)
47 1x00:26Death Sentence1Steven Diemer (A-Man)
48 0x00:00Defender of the Crown (remix)1Steven Diemer (A-Man)
49 3x03:52Delta Jam1Steven Diemer (A-Man)
50 1x00:51Disco Factory1Steven Diemer (A-Man)
51 1x00:20Dreamline B.O.1Steven Diemer (A-Man)
52 0x00:00Drummer Sound1Steven Diemer (A-Man)
53 1x00:20Dynamican1Steven Diemer (A-Man)
54 1x00:48El Sol1Steven Diemer (A-Man)
55 1x01:20Elysion1Steven Diemer (A-Man)
56 0x00:00Everest1Steven Diemer (A-Man)
57 1x00:39Extacy1Steven Diemer (A-Man)
58 0x00:00Falling Rain1Steven Diemer (A-Man)
59 6x15:29Fire in the Sky1Steven Diemer (A-Man)
60 1x00:34Flobber1Steven Diemer (A-Man)
61 1x00:35Flowerz1Steven Diemer (A-Man)
62 0x00:00Flowerz Remix1Steven Diemer (A-Man)
63 0x00:00For Away1Steven Diemer (A-Man)
64 1x00:31For Sodom1Steven Diemer (A-Man)
65 2x01:07Foreign Girl1Steven Diemer (A-Man)
66 1x00:36Foreign Girl'091Steven Diemer (A-Man)
67 1x00:31Forgotten Ones1Steven Diemer (A-Man)
68 0x00:00Frantic Power1Steven Diemer (A-Man)
69 1x00:25Freedom1Steven Diemer (A-Man)
70 1x00:26Funny Bunny1Steven Diemer (A-Man)
71 1x01:42Future Composer 4 - Demo 071Steven Diemer (A-Man)
72 1x00:27Game Over + Level1Steven Diemer (A-Man)
73 0x00:00Game Over + Level2Steven Diemer (A-Man)
74 1x00:34Genesis1Steven Diemer (A-Man)
75 1x00:21Go Up!1Steven Diemer (A-Man)
76 1x02:10Good Times1Steven Diemer (A-Man)
77 0x00:00Got to Soul1Steven Diemer (A-Man)
78 1x00:35Groove Machine1Steven Diemer (A-Man)
79 0x00:00Gyronite1Steven Diemer (A-Man)
80 0x00:00Hack Tonight1Steven Diemer (A-Man)
81 0x00:00Hard Emotion1Steven Diemer (A-Man)
82 0x00:00Hardcore Tekkno1Steven Diemer (A-Man)
83 0x00:00Harmonic River1Steven Diemer (A-Man)
84 0x00:00Heart and Soul1Steven Diemer (A-Man)
85 1x00:31Heartache1Steven Diemer (A-Man)
86 1x00:25Heartbeat Intro1Steven Diemer (A-Man)
87 1x00:23Help in Front1Steven Diemer (A-Man)
88 1x00:43Hi-Tek1Steven Diemer (A-Man)
89 0x00:00Honey Baby!1Steven Diemer (A-Man)
90 1x00:54Honeycomb1Steven Diemer (A-Man)
91 0x00:00Hot Meal1Steven Diemer (A-Man)
92 1x00:24Humbug Saga1Steven Diemer (A-Man)
93 0x00:00I Want Your Love1Steven Diemer (A-Man)
94 1x00:32Into the Swatch1Steven Diemer (A-Man)
95 1x00:53Introtune Moozp. 31Steven Diemer (A-Man)
96 1x01:58Just Like a Pill1Steven Diemer (A-Man)
97 0x00:00Lambada Acid1Steven Diemer (A-Man)
98 1x00:36Lethal Bombs1Steven Diemer (A-Man)
99 0x00:00Lethal Bombs2Steven Diemer (A-Man)
100 0x00:00Lethal Bombs3Steven Diemer (A-Man)
101 1x00:33Lonely1Steven Diemer (A-Man)
102 1x00:43Lost in Space1Steven Diemer (A-Man)
103 1x00:21Love1Steven Diemer (A-Man)
104 0x00:00Loveland1Steven Diemer (A-Man)
105 2x01:37Magic Stream1Steven Diemer (A-Man)
106 0x00:00Medium1Steven Diemer (A-Man)
107 1x00:27Melody-Guru1Steven Diemer (A-Man)
108 0x00:00Modern Talking1Steven Diemer (A-Man)
109 2x01:31Moonlight1Steven Diemer (A-Man)
110 1x00:30Muzic P.O.P1Steven Diemer (A-Man)
111 0x00:00Muzic Rain1Steven Diemer (A-Man)
112 1x01:00Mysterious Worlds (high score)1Steven Diemer (A-Man)
113 2x02:51Mysterious Worlds (level 2)1Steven Diemer (A-Man)
114 0x00:00Mysterious Worlds (level 3)1Steven Diemer (A-Man)
115 1x00:30Mysterious Worlds (level 3)2Steven Diemer (A-Man)
116 0x00:00Mysterious Worlds (preview)1Steven Diemer (A-Man)
117 0x00:00Nitro #17 (tune 10)1Steven Diemer (A-Man)
118 0x00:00No Cruel1Steven Diemer (A-Man)
119 0x00:00Ocean Fever1Steven Diemer (A-Man)
120 1x00:33Old Knight1Steven Diemer (A-Man)
121 1x00:30Oregon Power1Steven Diemer (A-Man)
122 1x00:29Oxygen1Steven Diemer (A-Man)
123 1x00:34Paradize1Steven Diemer (A-Man)
124 1x00:27Pay My Ice1Steven Diemer (A-Man)
125 1x01:23Phat Frog1Steven Diemer (A-Man)
126 2x01:42Pinball Dreams Intro1Steven Diemer (A-Man)
127 1x00:36Pinball Dreams Menu1Steven Diemer (A-Man)
128 0x00:00Plexex Du1Steven Diemer (A-Man)
129 3x04:30Proto Special1Steven Diemer (A-Man)
130 1x00:25Reav de hero1Steven Diemer (A-Man)
131 1x00:58Red Sunset1Steven Diemer (A-Man)
132 0x00:00Richard's Birthday Demo1Steven Diemer (A-Man)
133 1x00:35Road House1Steven Diemer (A-Man)
134 1x00:56Sad Wave 21Steven Diemer (A-Man)
135 1x01:00Samurai Beat1Steven Diemer (A-Man)
136 1x00:22Sea of Love1Steven Diemer (A-Man)
137 2x03:31Secret Masterplan1Steven Diemer (A-Man)
138 1x00:22Seven Flowers1Steven Diemer (A-Man)
139 1x01:05Shock1Steven Diemer (A-Man)
140 1x00:50Shuffle Break1Steven Diemer (A-Man)
141 1x00:30Silent Water1Steven Diemer (A-Man)
142 1x00:32Smooth Evening (long version)1Steven Diemer (A-Man)
143 0x00:00Smooth Evening (short version)1Steven Diemer (A-Man)
144 1x00:57Smoove Groove1Steven Diemer (A-Man)
145 1x00:59Soccer Zak1Steven Diemer (A-Man)
146 1x00:33Sommer unseres Lebens1Steven Diemer (A-Man)
147 0x00:00Song of Death1Steven Diemer (A-Man)
148 1x02:35Souvenir!1Steven Diemer (A-Man)
149 1x02:46Space Tiger1Steven Diemer (A-Man)
150 0x00:00Space Tiger (v2)1Steven Diemer (A-Man)
151 1x00:56Spherical1Steven Diemer (A-Man)
152 1x01:17Starshine1Steven Diemer (A-Man)
153 1x04:07Sunbeam1Steven Diemer (A-Man)
154 0x00:00Sunshine Dreams1Steven Diemer (A-Man)
155 1x00:58Sweeper1Steven Diemer (A-Man)
156 1x00:39Sweetbox1Steven Diemer (A-Man)
157 0x00:00Take My Breath Away1Steven Diemer (A-Man)
158 1x00:30TCD Intro 11Steven Diemer (A-Man)
159 0x00:00TCD Intro 21Steven Diemer (A-Man)
160 0x00:00TCD Intro 31Steven Diemer (A-Man)
161 0x00:00The Dream1Steven Diemer (A-Man)
162 1x01:01The Final Countdown1Steven Diemer (A-Man)
163 1x00:39The Last Unicorn1Steven Diemer (A-Man)
164 1x00:31The Lord1Steven Diemer (A-Man)
165 1x00:25The Power of Magic1Steven Diemer (A-Man)
166 0x00:00Thriller1Steven Diemer (A-Man)
167 1x00:51Thrillin' Killer1Steven Diemer (A-Man)
168 0x00:00Title Bild Airc.1Steven Diemer (A-Man)
169 1x00:32To Be Alone1Steven Diemer (A-Man)
170 0x00:00Track'n Sector 21Steven Diemer (A-Man)
171 1x00:28Tragedy Burp1Steven Diemer (A-Man)
172 0x00:00Tranquility1Steven Diemer (A-Man)
173 0x00:00Transfer Ticket1Steven Diemer (A-Man)
174 1x00:21Tridot1Steven Diemer (A-Man)
175 0x00:00Tridot2Steven Diemer (A-Man)
176 0x00:00Tridot3Steven Diemer (A-Man)
177 0x00:00Tridot4Steven Diemer (A-Man)
178 0x00:00Tridot5Steven Diemer (A-Man)
179 0x00:00Tridot6Steven Diemer (A-Man)
180 0x00:00Trippin' Away1Steven Diemer (A-Man)
181 4x08:00Vandalism News #461Steven Diemer (A-Man)
182 1x00:31Waterman1Steven Diemer (A-Man)
183 0x00:00We Didn't Start the Fire1Steven Diemer (A-Man)
184 1x00:34Weet jij het?1Steven Diemer (A-Man)
185 1x00:34White Christmas1Steven Diemer (A-Man)
186 0x00:00White Light1Steven Diemer (A-Man)
187 1x00:20Wonderland1Steven Diemer (A-Man)
188 0x00:00World of Confusion1Steven Diemer (A-Man)
189 0x00:00Wurlizer1Steven Diemer (A-Man)
190 2x01:51X.T.C.1Steven Diemer (A-Man)
191 0x00:00Zack (Hi score)1Steven Diemer (A-Man)
192 0x00:00Zack Theme1Steven Diemer (A-Man)
Total: 129x122:40