C64 Top Sid Songs

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#PlayedPlaytime ∑TitleSubsongAuthor
1x01:101.67 Years T.O.M. (intro)1Tammo Hinrichs (KB)
0x00:001.67 Years T.O.M. (intro)2Tammo Hinrichs (KB)
1x01:101.67 Years T.O.M. (tune 3)1Tammo Hinrichs (KB)
1x01:102nd Reality (part 1)1Tammo Hinrichs (KB)
5x05:192nd Reality (part 2)1Tammo Hinrichs (KB)
1x01:102nd Reality (part 3)1Tammo Hinrichs (KB)
1x01:102nd Reality (part 4)1Tammo Hinrichs (KB)
1x01:104 Years (part 5)1Tammo Hinrichs (KB)
1x01:10Balla Balla - Ingame Tune1Tammo Hinrichs (KB)
10 1x01:10Being Strange1Tammo Hinrichs (KB)
11 1x00:39BING! (Dance Version)1Tammo Hinrichs (KB)
12 1x01:10C64 303 Emulator1Tammo Hinrichs (KB)
13 1x00:59Cab to Paris1Tammo Hinrichs (KB)
14 1x01:10Crockett's Theme (remix)1Tammo Hinrichs (KB)
15 1x01:10Das Schloss1Tammo Hinrichs (KB)
16 1x01:10Everybody or Nobody1Tammo Hinrichs (KB)
17 1x01:10F.A.K.E - End music (GameBoy)1Tammo Hinrichs (KB)
18 0x00:00F.A.K.E - Intro1Tammo Hinrichs (KB)
19 0x00:00F.A.K.E - Intro2Tammo Hinrichs (KB)
20 1x01:10F.A.K.E - Main music1Tammo Hinrichs (KB)
21 1x00:23F.A.K.E - The End (remixed)1Tammo Hinrichs (KB)
22 1x01:10Fantasia1Tammo Hinrichs (KB)
23 1x01:10For Insider #11Tammo Hinrichs (KB)
24 1x00:21G.R.A.V Intro Music1Tammo Hinrichs (KB)
25 1x01:10Gates of Texlan1Tammo Hinrichs (KB)
26 1x01:10Go, go and ...1Tammo Hinrichs (KB)
27 1x01:10Good Times1Tammo Hinrichs (KB)
28 4x04:40I Hate Noters1Tammo Hinrichs (KB)
29 1x00:46Immer Noch1Tammo Hinrichs (KB)
30 0x00:00Intro-Flömp (unfinished)1Tammo Hinrichs (KB)
31 1x01:10It's windy here1Tammo Hinrichs (KB)
32 1x01:10JOOP! - The Tune1Tammo Hinrichs (KB)
33 3x06:29Katakis Remix1Tammo Hinrichs (KB)
34 1x00:19Low Frequency1Tammo Hinrichs (KB)
35 1x00:14Maniac Xmas Song 11Tammo Hinrichs (KB)
36 1x01:10Mega Remix #11Tammo Hinrichs (KB)
37 1x01:10New things are good1Tammo Hinrichs (KB)
38 0x00:00PayDay - HiScore1Tammo Hinrichs (KB)
39 1x00:43PayDay - Ingame tune1Tammo Hinrichs (KB)
40 1x00:30PayDay - Intro music1Tammo Hinrichs (KB)
41 1x01:10PlazMania1Tammo Hinrichs (KB)
42 1x01:10Relaxation1Tammo Hinrichs (KB)
43 1x00:41Round and Round and...1Tammo Hinrichs (KB)
44 1x00:37Schnoempf1Tammo Hinrichs (KB)
45 1x01:10SHOOT'M - The Soundtrack1Tammo Hinrichs (KB)
46 3x02:58Takin' Folks1Tammo Hinrichs (KB)
47 1x01:10The Big 'GLORZ'1Tammo Hinrichs (KB)
48 1x01:08The Christmas remix1Tammo Hinrichs (KB)
49 1x01:10The Crazy Few1Tammo Hinrichs (KB)
50 1x01:10The End (Katakis L5 rmx)1Tammo Hinrichs (KB)
51 1x00:27The Hammer!!!!!!!!!1Tammo Hinrichs (KB)
52 1x00:29This is the World1Tammo Hinrichs (KB)
53 1x01:19Tödlicher Song1Tammo Hinrichs (KB)
54 1x02:31Traders Rulez1Tammo Hinrichs (KB)
55 1x00:48Turrican III Remix1Tammo Hinrichs (KB)
56 0x00:00Turrican III Remix2Tammo Hinrichs (KB)
57 1x00:28Victim of Lulu1Tammo Hinrichs (KB)
58 1x01:10Who Cares - End part1Tammo Hinrichs (KB)
59 1x01:10Who Cares - Loader1Tammo Hinrichs (KB)
60 1x00:59Who Cares - Parallaxer1Tammo Hinrichs (KB)
61 1x00:38Who Cares - ScrollMachine1Tammo Hinrichs (KB)
62 1x00:24Who Cares - Shade Vectors1Tammo Hinrichs (KB)
63 4x05:18Who Cares - Shoot Him Up1Tammo Hinrichs (KB)
64 0x00:00Who Cares - Shoot Him Up2Tammo Hinrichs (KB)
65 0x00:00Who Cares - Shoot Him Up3Tammo Hinrichs (KB)
66 1x00:55Who the fuck is Aetsch?1Tammo Hinrichs (KB)
67 1x01:10X95 party Report music1Tammo Hinrichs (KB)
Total: 73x78:22