C64 Top Sid Songs

This is what people actually listen to using SidTool. Links require SidTool to function properly. Click any songtitle to launch the specified Sid in SidTool. Click songnumber for Sid Details. As the info grows, features will be added. Yes, there are all the 77k+ Sids listed here.

#PlayedPlaytime ∑TitleSubsongAuthor
1x01:01Coco Intro1Markus Müller
1x00:28Cool One1Markus Müller
1x00:30Delta v21Markus Müller
0x00:00Depeche Mix1Markus Müller
0x00:00Enola Gay1Markus Müller
1x02:03Ghostbusters1Markus Müller
1x02:13Hit It Once1Markus Müller
0x00:00I Just Can't Get Enough1Markus Müller
0x00:00Lions Intro1Markus Müller
10 4x06:51Lunar Storm1Markus Müller
11 0x00:00New Idea #011Markus Müller
12 0x00:00New Idea #021Markus Müller
13 0x00:00Raster Runner '901Markus Müller
14 1x00:46Think Now...1Markus Müller
15 0x00:00Unicorn1Markus Müller
16 3x04:50Zoolook1Markus Müller
Total: 13x18:42