C64 Top Sid Songs

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#PlayedPlaytime ∑TitleSubsongAuthor
1x00:59+h2K1Alexander Rotzsch (Fanta)
0x00:00+h4K1Alexander Rotzsch (Fanta)
0x00:0015 Years Oxyron1Alexander Rotzsch (Fanta)
3x03:1715 Years Oxyron2Alexander Rotzsch (Fanta)
2x00:562Kunden+2K=E2E4K1Alexander Rotzsch (Fanta)
2x04:493DEH1Alexander Rotzsch (Fanta)
3x02:354Kunden1Alexander Rotzsch (Fanta)
1x00:26A German Touch1Alexander Rotzsch (Fanta)
0x00:00A German Touch2Alexander Rotzsch (Fanta)
10 11x27:59A Soapbox Opera1Alexander Rotzsch (Fanta)
11 4x04:11Acetylen1Alexander Rotzsch (Fanta)
12 3x05:04Albino Human1Alexander Rotzsch (Fanta)
13 3x02:01All You Know (Is Wrong)1Alexander Rotzsch (Fanta)
14 1x01:13Ancient Style1Alexander Rotzsch (Fanta)
15 3x05:10Aqualite1Alexander Rotzsch (Fanta)
16 4x05:46Aquanori1Alexander Rotzsch (Fanta)
17 1x02:42Are We All Crazy1Alexander Rotzsch (Fanta)
18 3x04:40Artefacts1Alexander Rotzsch (Fanta)
19 2x01:04Bar4Kode1Alexander Rotzsch (Fanta)
20 2x02:54Bassy Boy1Alexander Rotzsch (Fanta)
21 1x01:15Battery of Funk1Alexander Rotzsch (Fanta)
22 2x01:48Bemme Mit Brot1Alexander Rotzsch (Fanta)
23 1x01:18Blubb Blubb1Alexander Rotzsch (Fanta)
24 2x01:29Bombs Over Dresden1Alexander Rotzsch (Fanta)
25 2x00:38Brummkreisel1Alexander Rotzsch (Fanta)
26 0x00:00Bundy Theme Tune1Alexander Rotzsch (Fanta)
27 3x05:18Bushman1Alexander Rotzsch (Fanta)
28 1x00:16Cancelled1Alexander Rotzsch (Fanta)
29 1x00:51Casiojam1Alexander Rotzsch (Fanta)
30 2x03:31CF-Adventure-Preview Music1Alexander Rotzsch (Fanta)
31 3x03:54Challenger1Alexander Rotzsch (Fanta)
32 2x00:54Clarencia1Alexander Rotzsch (Fanta)
33 3x03:14Cockaigne1Alexander Rotzsch (Fanta)
34 1x00:48Coma Light '871Alexander Rotzsch (Fanta)
35 1x00:34Coma Light 13 (tune 1)1Alexander Rotzsch (Fanta)
36 2x01:29Coma Light 13 (tune 2)1Alexander Rotzsch (Fanta)
37 1x00:17Coma Light 13 (tune 2)2Alexander Rotzsch (Fanta)
38 0x00:00Coma Light 13 (tune 3)1Alexander Rotzsch (Fanta)
39 0x00:00Coma Light 13 (tune 4)1Alexander Rotzsch (Fanta)
40 1x00:51Comaland (tune 1)1Alexander Rotzsch (Fanta)
41 7x16:36Comaland (tune 4)1Alexander Rotzsch (Fanta)
42 2x01:41Cooperation Demo 21Alexander Rotzsch (Fanta)
43 16x27:24Cosmic Baby1Alexander Rotzsch (Fanta)
44 2x01:39Dedication to Linus with Love1Alexander Rotzsch (Fanta)
45 2x03:45Deep1Alexander Rotzsch (Fanta)
46 3x03:23Demodend1Alexander Rotzsch (Fanta)
47 2x00:50Demodisk1Alexander Rotzsch (Fanta)
48 2x00:34Demodump1Alexander Rotzsch (Fanta)
49 1x01:34Demodump2Alexander Rotzsch (Fanta)
50 2x03:14Depressions1Alexander Rotzsch (Fanta)
51 0x00:00Desert Dream1Alexander Rotzsch (Fanta)
52 0x00:00Desert Dream2Alexander Rotzsch (Fanta)
53 0x00:00Desert Dream3Alexander Rotzsch (Fanta)
54 2x04:06Desert Dream4Alexander Rotzsch (Fanta)
55 2x02:37Emergency Brake1Alexander Rotzsch (Fanta)
56 3x01:37Fanta in Space1Alexander Rotzsch (Fanta)
57 3x03:00Ferrero1Alexander Rotzsch (Fanta)
58 2x02:28Finetuning1Alexander Rotzsch (Fanta)
59 1x00:33Flower Power1Alexander Rotzsch (Fanta)
60 0x00:00Forgotten Rest1Alexander Rotzsch (Fanta)
61 2x01:44Fracture1Alexander Rotzsch (Fanta)
62 3x04:09Freshjive!1Alexander Rotzsch (Fanta)
63 2x03:41Frighthof1Alexander Rotzsch (Fanta)
64 10x19:21Fun Duel1Alexander Rotzsch (Fanta)
65 5x08:21Fun Duel2Alexander Rotzsch (Fanta)
66 2x01:56Get-A-Way1Alexander Rotzsch (Fanta)
67 1x01:31Graveyard1Alexander Rotzsch (Fanta)
68 2x02:27Hamburger1Alexander Rotzsch (Fanta)
69 1x00:15Happy Birthday1Alexander Rotzsch (Fanta)
70 1x00:40Happy Dude1Alexander Rotzsch (Fanta)
71 1x00:43Hat Trick 4Fanta1Alexander Rotzsch (Fanta)
72 7x11:32Have a Nice Time1Alexander Rotzsch (Fanta)
73 1x01:31Hessi James1Alexander Rotzsch (Fanta)
74 1x01:15Hickhack1Alexander Rotzsch (Fanta)
75 1x01:15Horror Mix1Alexander Rotzsch (Fanta)
76 1x01:03I Love My 641Alexander Rotzsch (Fanta)
77 2x01:47Ice-Cream Parlor1Alexander Rotzsch (Fanta)
78 1x01:31In the Shadow1Alexander Rotzsch (Fanta)
79 1x01:31Infusion1Alexander Rotzsch (Fanta)
80 1x01:31Jamaica Breeze1Alexander Rotzsch (Fanta)
81 1x01:31Jumper1Alexander Rotzsch (Fanta)
82 1x01:31Jumper2Alexander Rotzsch (Fanta)
83 1x00:48Jumper3Alexander Rotzsch (Fanta)
84 0x00:00Jumper4Alexander Rotzsch (Fanta)
85 0x00:00Jumper5Alexander Rotzsch (Fanta)
86 0x00:00Jumper6Alexander Rotzsch (Fanta)
87 1x00:49KB's Revenge1Alexander Rotzsch (Fanta)
88 1x00:20Lame Over1Alexander Rotzsch (Fanta)
89 1x00:24Lame Over2Alexander Rotzsch (Fanta)
90 1x00:46Langnese1Alexander Rotzsch (Fanta)
91 0x00:00Last Dayz1Alexander Rotzsch (Fanta)
92 1x00:46LDA STAin1Alexander Rotzsch (Fanta)
93 1x01:31Living in Russia1Alexander Rotzsch (Fanta)
94 1x00:47Loading1Alexander Rotzsch (Fanta)
95 1x01:31Love1Alexander Rotzsch (Fanta)
96 1x01:31Ludwig Mystify1Alexander Rotzsch (Fanta)
97 1x00:44Mad Rush1Alexander Rotzsch (Fanta)
98 1x00:33Mad Rush2Alexander Rotzsch (Fanta)
99 1x01:31Madalena1Alexander Rotzsch (Fanta)
100 1x01:31Metanimation1Alexander Rotzsch (Fanta)
101 1x01:31Motorway 41Alexander Rotzsch (Fanta)
102 1x01:31Mr. Big Beat1Alexander Rotzsch (Fanta)
103 1x00:35Mr. Perfect1Alexander Rotzsch (Fanta)
104 1x00:35My Little Pony1Alexander Rotzsch (Fanta)
105 1x00:16Natural Cause of Life1Alexander Rotzsch (Fanta)
106 1x00:27Natural End1Alexander Rotzsch (Fanta)
107 1x01:31Natural Wonders1Alexander Rotzsch (Fanta)
108 1x01:31Natural Wonders 21Alexander Rotzsch (Fanta)
109 1x01:11Nestlé1Alexander Rotzsch (Fanta)
110 1x01:31Nightwalk1Alexander Rotzsch (Fanta)
111 1x00:58No Limits1Alexander Rotzsch (Fanta)
112 1x01:07Numero 11Alexander Rotzsch (Fanta)
113 1x01:03Numero 101Alexander Rotzsch (Fanta)
114 1x01:31Numero 111Alexander Rotzsch (Fanta)
115 1x01:27Numero 121Alexander Rotzsch (Fanta)
116 1x00:57Numero 131Alexander Rotzsch (Fanta)
117 1x00:39Numero 141Alexander Rotzsch (Fanta)
118 1x00:51Numero 151Alexander Rotzsch (Fanta)
119 1x01:31Numero 161Alexander Rotzsch (Fanta)
120 1x00:53Numero 181Alexander Rotzsch (Fanta)
121 1x00:49Numero 191Alexander Rotzsch (Fanta)
122 1x00:25Numero 21Alexander Rotzsch (Fanta)
123 1x01:31Numero 201Alexander Rotzsch (Fanta)
124 1x00:58Numero 211Alexander Rotzsch (Fanta)
125 1x01:31Numero 221Alexander Rotzsch (Fanta)
126 1x00:46Numero 31Alexander Rotzsch (Fanta)
127 1x00:37Numero 41Alexander Rotzsch (Fanta)
128 1x00:21Numero 51Alexander Rotzsch (Fanta)
129 0x00:00Numero 61Alexander Rotzsch (Fanta)
130 0x00:00Numero 71Alexander Rotzsch (Fanta)
131 0x00:00Numero 81Alexander Rotzsch (Fanta)
132 0x00:00Numero 91Alexander Rotzsch (Fanta)
133 1x01:31Ode to O'Neill1Alexander Rotzsch (Fanta)
134 2x01:59One Hit Wonder1Alexander Rotzsch (Fanta)
135 1x01:31Only Crap1Alexander Rotzsch (Fanta)
136 1x01:31Oracle 31Alexander Rotzsch (Fanta)
137 2x01:56Oracle 3 (End)1Alexander Rotzsch (Fanta)
138 1x00:54Oracle 3 (Loader)1Alexander Rotzsch (Fanta)
139 1x01:10Orimar Dna Sirhc1Alexander Rotzsch (Fanta)
140 1x00:54Panta Rhei1Alexander Rotzsch (Fanta)
141 1x01:17Policeman1Alexander Rotzsch (Fanta)
142 1x00:27Policeman v11Alexander Rotzsch (Fanta)
143 1x00:55Quicky1Alexander Rotzsch (Fanta)
144 3x01:20Radio 641Alexander Rotzsch (Fanta)
145 0x00:00Random1Alexander Rotzsch (Fanta)
146 0x00:00Random 21Alexander Rotzsch (Fanta)
147 1x01:26Rapping Bytes1Alexander Rotzsch (Fanta)
148 0x00:00Red Alert1Alexander Rotzsch (Fanta)
149 0x00:00Relaxing Bytes1Alexander Rotzsch (Fanta)
150 9x08:35Relightening1Alexander Rotzsch (Fanta)
151 1x00:39Remember1Alexander Rotzsch (Fanta)
152 4x06:02Resistor1Alexander Rotzsch (Fanta)
153 1x01:10Respect1Alexander Rotzsch (Fanta)
154 1x00:32Rolling Heads1Alexander Rotzsch (Fanta)
155 1x00:34Schoko Wölkchen1Alexander Rotzsch (Fanta)
156 1x00:53Schöller1Alexander Rotzsch (Fanta)
157 1x00:16Sequenzer Killer1Alexander Rotzsch (Fanta)
158 1x00:23Silver Star1Alexander Rotzsch (Fanta)
159 1x00:23Snifters1Alexander Rotzsch (Fanta)
160 1x00:20Space Cowboy1Alexander Rotzsch (Fanta)
161 1x00:40Speedroad1Alexander Rotzsch (Fanta)
162 0x00:00Spinboard1Alexander Rotzsch (Fanta)
163 0x00:00Starlight1Alexander Rotzsch (Fanta)
164 1x00:20Stop Nazism1Alexander Rotzsch (Fanta)
165 1x01:18Synopsis1Alexander Rotzsch (Fanta)
166 0x00:00Technotronic1Alexander Rotzsch (Fanta)
167 2x01:46The Big Jump1Alexander Rotzsch (Fanta)
168 1x00:26The House1Alexander Rotzsch (Fanta)
169 1x00:42The House2Alexander Rotzsch (Fanta)
170 1x00:21The House3Alexander Rotzsch (Fanta)
171 1x00:39The House4Alexander Rotzsch (Fanta)
172 0x00:00The House5Alexander Rotzsch (Fanta)
173 1x01:13The House6Alexander Rotzsch (Fanta)
174 1x00:40The House7Alexander Rotzsch (Fanta)
175 1x01:11The Pop Inside1Alexander Rotzsch (Fanta)
176 1x00:43Too Bad1Alexander Rotzsch (Fanta)
177 1x00:18Too Short1Alexander Rotzsch (Fanta)
178 1x00:20Touch Down1Alexander Rotzsch (Fanta)
179 0x00:00Toxyc Agent1Alexander Rotzsch (Fanta)
180 1x00:26Toxyc End1Alexander Rotzsch (Fanta)
181 1x00:41Toxyc Taste1Alexander Rotzsch (Fanta)
182 1x00:30Toy Palace1Alexander Rotzsch (Fanta)
183 1x01:31Trip to Nowhere1Alexander Rotzsch (Fanta)
184 1x00:37Trooze1Alexander Rotzsch (Fanta)
185 1x00:49Ugga-Ugga Groove1Alexander Rotzsch (Fanta)
186 1x00:45V21Alexander Rotzsch (Fanta)
187 7x11:13Watery1Alexander Rotzsch (Fanta)
188 0x00:00While Fleeing1Alexander Rotzsch (Fanta)
189 9x14:11Whiz Kid1Alexander Rotzsch (Fanta)
190 1x00:28Wonky Worms1Alexander Rotzsch (Fanta)
191 0x00:00Wonky Worms2Alexander Rotzsch (Fanta)
Total: 298x370:30