C64 Top Sid Songs

This is what people actually listen to using SidTool. Links require SidTool to function properly. Click any songtitle to launch the specified Sid in SidTool. Click songnumber for Sid Details. As the info grows, features will be added. Yes, there are all the 77k+ Sids listed here.

#PlayedPlaytime ∑TitleSubsongAuthor
1x00:16200mph 24/71Riku Ö (Flotsam)
2x00:44200mph 24/7 101%1Riku Ö (Flotsam)
2x01:02Aluminium Hearts in Love1Riku Ö (Flotsam)
1x00:20Aurora Dreams - Sequence 11Riku Ö (Flotsam)
1x00:30Banana Island Song1Riku Ö (Flotsam)
3x04:11Coconut Island1Riku Ö (Flotsam)
5x13:10En Chaleur1Riku Ö (Flotsam)
0x00:00Escherian Stairwell1Riku Ö (Flotsam)
3x03:20Escherian Stairwell Frantic Mix1Riku Ö (Flotsam)
10 0x00:00Escherian Stairwell Frantic Mix2Riku Ö (Flotsam)
11 0x00:00Escherian Stairwell Frantic Mix3Riku Ö (Flotsam)
12 0x00:00Greetings from 90's!1Riku Ö (Flotsam)
13 2x01:20Honey1Riku Ö (Flotsam)
14 3x03:36Icosahedron1Riku Ö (Flotsam)
15 3x01:42Kinesys 65101Riku Ö (Flotsam)
16 3x03:26Korvatunturi1Riku Ö (Flotsam)
17 3x03:44Mega... Bugs!1Riku Ö (Flotsam)
18 2x00:42Memories1Riku Ö (Flotsam)
19 1x03:29Mission Solaire1Riku Ö (Flotsam)
20 1x00:15Shadows Falling1Riku Ö (Flotsam)
21 2x00:32SidDivers Theme1Riku Ö (Flotsam)
22 1x00:22Theme for Mother1Riku Ö (Flotsam)
23 2x02:43ZumZum Zam1Riku Ö (Flotsam)
Total: 41x45:24