C64 Top Sid Songs

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#PlayedPlaytime ∑TitleSubsongAuthor
2x00:3812 Bars1Timo Taipalus (Abaddon)
0x00:00Ants1Timo Taipalus (Abaddon)
2x02:45Apina1Timo Taipalus (Abaddon)
0x00:00Be What You Is1Timo Taipalus (Abaddon)
2x01:04Blackjack1Timo Taipalus (Abaddon)
0x00:00Boogie Factor Intro1Timo Taipalus (Abaddon)
1x00:34Burt R.1Timo Taipalus (Abaddon)
2x01:27Buttache1Timo Taipalus (Abaddon)
1x00:21Contraband1Timo Taipalus (Abaddon)
10 2x02:20Demotune 11Timo Taipalus (Abaddon)
11 1x00:29Demotune 21Timo Taipalus (Abaddon)
12 1x01:02Demotune 31Timo Taipalus (Abaddon)
13 1x00:25Disillusionment1Timo Taipalus (Abaddon)
14 1x00:51Draxxed1Timo Taipalus (Abaddon)
15 2x02:26Drunk1Timo Taipalus (Abaddon)
16 1x01:05Elastic1Timo Taipalus (Abaddon)
17 2x04:53Eliminator (mix)1Timo Taipalus (Abaddon)
18 1x02:56F.F.F. (chaingun mix)1Timo Taipalus (Abaddon)
19 1x00:26First C64 Tune1Timo Taipalus (Abaddon)
20 1x00:42First C64 Tune Remake1Timo Taipalus (Abaddon)
21 2x01:34For My Movie1Timo Taipalus (Abaddon)
22 2x01:04For Sale1Timo Taipalus (Abaddon)
23 3x02:01Four Walls1Timo Taipalus (Abaddon)
24 1x00:23Frankie1Timo Taipalus (Abaddon)
25 1x00:59Full Moon Raker1Timo Taipalus (Abaddon)
26 1x02:04Funky1Timo Taipalus (Abaddon)
27 1x02:14Hamlet1Timo Taipalus (Abaddon)
28 1x00:28House Party1Timo Taipalus (Abaddon)
29 1x01:18I Am Strong1Timo Taipalus (Abaddon)
30 1x00:24I Like Cheese1Timo Taipalus (Abaddon)
31 4x13:16I'm a Freak1Timo Taipalus (Abaddon)
32 1x00:38In Booze We Trust1Timo Taipalus (Abaddon)
33 1x02:38In Deep Freeze1Timo Taipalus (Abaddon)
34 1x01:03Introtest1Timo Taipalus (Abaddon)
35 1x01:11It's All in Your Head1Timo Taipalus (Abaddon)
36 1x00:55Join the Cosmic Caravan1Timo Taipalus (Abaddon)
37 1x00:46Joystick Cramp1Timo Taipalus (Abaddon)
38 2x01:23Kaappi1Timo Taipalus (Abaddon)
39 2x00:55Kalmankone1Timo Taipalus (Abaddon)
40 1x00:43Kerma1Timo Taipalus (Abaddon)
41 1x01:38Leech Funeral1Timo Taipalus (Abaddon)
42 1x00:37Legends Never Die (part 2)1Timo Taipalus (Abaddon)
43 0x00:00Lola Store1Timo Taipalus (Abaddon)
44 1x01:02Man of the 90s1Timo Taipalus (Abaddon)
45 1x00:38Mass Driver1Timo Taipalus (Abaddon)
46 1x01:28Monotonique1Timo Taipalus (Abaddon)
47 1x01:02Mr. Solid1Timo Taipalus (Abaddon)
48 1x00:37Mudbone1Timo Taipalus (Abaddon)
49 1x00:47Nobuo Uematsu Cover1Timo Taipalus (Abaddon)
50 1x00:38Nytune1Timo Taipalus (Abaddon)
51 1x00:39One More Time1Timo Taipalus (Abaddon)
52 1x00:27Out of Contex (tune 4)1Timo Taipalus (Abaddon)
53 1x01:19Patricia1Timo Taipalus (Abaddon)
54 0x00:00Pinocchio1Timo Taipalus (Abaddon)
55 1x00:29Plastic Cannon1Timo Taipalus (Abaddon)
56 1x01:21Pocket Idol1Timo Taipalus (Abaddon)
57 0x00:00Pointless1Timo Taipalus (Abaddon)
58 0x00:00Pollyhunter1Timo Taipalus (Abaddon)
59 0x00:00Private Pleasure1Timo Taipalus (Abaddon)
60 0x00:00Ragga1Timo Taipalus (Abaddon)
61 0x00:00Ragga v21Timo Taipalus (Abaddon)
62 0x00:00Redgoon1Timo Taipalus (Abaddon)
63 0x00:00Reflection1Timo Taipalus (Abaddon)
64 0x00:00Right for Me1Timo Taipalus (Abaddon)
65 0x00:00Roots (tune 2)1Timo Taipalus (Abaddon)
66 0x00:00Roots (tune 3)1Timo Taipalus (Abaddon)
67 0x00:00Roots to Robots1Timo Taipalus (Abaddon)
68 0x00:00Ruskea1Timo Taipalus (Abaddon)
69 0x00:00Sailing1Timo Taipalus (Abaddon)
70 0x00:00Shaddup Already1Timo Taipalus (Abaddon)
71 0x00:00Shaft Preview1Timo Taipalus (Abaddon)
72 0x00:00Shower of Love1Timo Taipalus (Abaddon)
73 0x00:00Slide1Timo Taipalus (Abaddon)
74 0x00:00Sloppy Seconds1Timo Taipalus (Abaddon)
75 0x00:00Starfish1Timo Taipalus (Abaddon)
76 0x00:00Starfish2Timo Taipalus (Abaddon)
77 0x00:00Subtlety is not My Business1Timo Taipalus (Abaddon)
78 1x01:16Suddenly1Timo Taipalus (Abaddon)
79 0x00:00Super Huey Remake1Timo Taipalus (Abaddon)
80 0x00:00Swingcat1Timo Taipalus (Abaddon)
81 0x00:00Taxman1Timo Taipalus (Abaddon)
82 1x00:23The Passing Time1Timo Taipalus (Abaddon)
83 0x00:00The Wrath of Yamo1Timo Taipalus (Abaddon)
84 0x00:00The Wrath of Yamo2Timo Taipalus (Abaddon)
85 0x00:00Time After1Timo Taipalus (Abaddon)
86 0x00:00Time Before Time1Timo Taipalus (Abaddon)
87 0x00:00Trouble Every Day1Timo Taipalus (Abaddon)
88 0x00:00Vaakataso1Timo Taipalus (Abaddon)
89 0x00:00Weed Input1Timo Taipalus (Abaddon)
90 0x00:00Xoo Divided1Timo Taipalus (Abaddon)
91 0x00:00You1Timo Taipalus (Abaddon)
92 0x00:00You Are the Sunshine of My Life1Timo Taipalus (Abaddon)
93 1x00:28Zoo to Yoo1Timo Taipalus (Abaddon)
Total: 70x75:10