C64 Top Sid Songs

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#PlayedPlaytime ∑TitleSubsongAuthor
2x01:142 Demos1John Lamers (Jac)
1x00:24Airwolf1John Lamers (Jac)
1x00:21Beatalo1John Lamers (Jac)
0x00:00Celebration (tune 03)1John Lamers (Jac)
1x00:24Celebration (tune 10)1John Lamers (Jac)
0x00:00Contact1John Lamers (Jac)
1x00:37Contest Demo (tune 1)1John Lamers (Jac)
1x00:26Crazy (tune 5)1John Lamers (Jac)
0x00:00Crazy Sprites1John Lamers (Jac)
10 1x00:27Game Mix 11John Lamers (Jac)
11 1x00:19Game Mix 21John Lamers (Jac)
12 0x00:00Game Mix 31John Lamers (Jac)
13 0x00:00Game Mix 4 (tune 2)1John Lamers (Jac)
14 0x00:00Game Mix 51John Lamers (Jac)
15 0x00:00Game Mix 61John Lamers (Jac)
16 0x00:00Game Mix 71John Lamers (Jac)
17 5x06:30Helloween (tune 5)1John Lamers (Jac)
18 1x00:47In Ze Mixz (tune 2)1John Lamers (Jac)
19 0x00:00Jac Meets Hubbard1John Lamers (Jac)
20 1x00:15Life Intro1John Lamers (Jac)
21 1x00:33Max1John Lamers (Jac)
22 0x00:00No Swet1John Lamers (Jac)
23 1x00:27No Way1John Lamers (Jac)
24 0x00:00Oxygene1John Lamers (Jac)
25 1x01:00Real Riffs1John Lamers (Jac)
26 0x00:00Releasable (tune 1)1John Lamers (Jac)
27 1x00:22Riffsinus (tune 1)1John Lamers (Jac)
28 1x00:49Riffsinus (tune 2)1John Lamers (Jac)
29 1x01:00Rough Riffs (part 1)1John Lamers (Jac)
30 0x00:00Rough Riffs (part 2)1John Lamers (Jac)
31 1x01:00Scroolio1John Lamers (Jac)
32 1x00:59Short Mix 21John Lamers (JAC)
33 0x00:00Snake Move1John Lamers (Jac)
34 1x00:32Survival (part 2)1John Lamers (Jac)
35 0x00:00Survival (part 3)1John Lamers (Jac)
36 1x01:00Survival (part 4)1John Lamers (Jac)
37 1x00:43The Late Add... (part 3)1John Lamers (Jac)
38 1x00:43Tillsammans (part 3)1John Lamers (Jac)
39 1x01:00TNR Funeral1John Lamers (Jac)
40 1x00:57Westertainment (tune 2)1John Lamers (Jac)
Total: 30x22:49