C64 Top Sid Songs

This is what people actually listen to using SidTool. Links require SidTool to function properly. Click any songtitle to launch the specified Sid in SidTool. Click songnumber for Sid Details. As the info grows, features will be added. Yes, there are all the 77k+ Sids listed here.

#PlayedPlaytime ∑TitleSubsongAuthor
0x00:00Atmosphere1Alexander Wiklund (Wiklund)
0x00:00Blaster1Alexander Wiklund (Wiklund)
0x00:00Cheese1Alexander Wiklund (Wiklund)
0x00:00Club Eleven1Alexander Wiklund (Wiklund)
0x00:00Crackmo1Alexander Wiklund (Wiklund)
0x00:00Diskmag Dance1Alexander Wiklund (Wiklund)
0x00:00Djuchi Brothers1Alexander Wiklund (Wiklund)
10x14:25Dunk Brothers1Alexander Wiklund (Wiklund)
0x00:00Ennio Morricone1Alexander Wiklund (Wiklund)
10 0x00:00Euro Trash1Alexander Wiklund (Wiklund)
11 0x00:00Facemorph1Alexander Wiklund (Wiklund)
12 0x00:00Gravity1Alexander Wiklund (Wiklund)
13 0x00:00Hello Metalux1Alexander Wiklund (Wiklund)
14 0x00:00K9 V Orange Main Sequence1Alexander Wiklund (Wiklund)
15 0x00:00Lash (tune 2)1Alexander Wiklund (Wiklund)
16 0x00:00Master Sarge1Alexander Wiklund (Wiklund)
17 2x03:05Megamix1Alexander Wiklund (Wiklund)
18 0x00:00Mer jul1Alexander Wiklund (Wiklund)
19 0x00:00Multiverse1Alexander Wiklund (Wiklund)
20 0x00:00Nice Pantaloons1Alexander Wiklund (Wiklund)
21 0x00:00Okkie's Mustache1Alexander Wiklund (Wiklund)
22 0x00:00Oldskool Heroes1Alexander Wiklund (Wiklund)
23 0x00:00One Day in November1Alexander Wiklund (Wiklund)
24 0x00:00One Night Work1Alexander Wiklund (Wiklund)
25 0x00:00One Quarter (tune 1)1Alexander Wiklund (Wiklund)
26 0x00:00Revisioned1Alexander Wiklund (Wiklund)
27 0x00:00Road Trip1Alexander Wiklund (Wiklund)
28 0x00:00Scrollwars - Intro1Alexander Wiklund (Wiklund)
29 0x00:00SEC-T 20131Alexander Wiklund (Wiklund)
30 0x00:00Shake and Bake1Alexander Wiklund (Wiklund)
31 9x16:12Six Hours1Alexander Wiklund (Wiklund)
32 0x00:00Sparetime1Alexander Wiklund (Wiklund)
33 0x00:00Tasmanian Jazzcat1Alexander Wiklund (Wiklund)
34 0x00:00Techno Viking1Alexander Wiklund (Wiklund)
35 0x00:00Tequilarace1Alexander Wiklund (Wiklund)
36 0x00:00The Last Truckstop 3 (tune 1)1Alexander Wiklund (Wiklund)
37 0x00:00The Last Truckstop 3 (tune 2)1Alexander Wiklund (Wiklund)
38 0x00:00We Are Demo (tune 4)1Alexander Wiklund (Wiklund)
39 0x00:00We Are Mature (tune 2)1Alexander Wiklund (Wiklund)
40 0x00:00We Are Mature (tune 3)1Alexander Wiklund (Wiklund)
41 0x00:00We Are Mature (tune 4)1Alexander Wiklund (Wiklund)
42 0x00:00X-mas 2017 (tune 1)1Alexander Wiklund (Wiklund)
Total: 21x33:42