C64 Top Sid Songs

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#PlayedPlaytime ∑TitleSubsongAuthor
1x01:01Absolutely Fabulous1Stefan Berglind (Doxx)
1x01:01Ambient Mouse1Stefan Berglind (Doxx)
3x01:52August-Rankings1Stefan Berglind (Doxx)
2x01:43Bassy Introtune1Stefan Berglind (Doxx)
2x01:23Blue Dos (t0nt)!1Stefan Berglind (Doxx)
3x02:51Blueprint1Stefan Berglind (Doxx)
3x02:21Bofty Bah!1Stefan Berglind (Doxx)
3x03:53Captain Nemo1Stefan Berglind (Doxx)
3x01:59Caramba!1Stefan Berglind (Doxx)
10 1x00:46Carl the Hedgehog1Stefan Berglind (Doxx)
11 3x04:59Competition tune1Stefan Berglind (Doxx)
12 2x01:24Contact Holder1Stefan Berglind (Doxx)
13 2x02:06Crawling Clazze1Stefan Berglind (Doxx)
14 6x12:16Encode the shit!1Stefan Berglind (Doxx)
15 2x01:13Fear Mix1Stefan Berglind (Doxx)
16 3x02:44Floating by..1Stefan Berglind (Doxx)
17 3x02:50Fly Free!1Stefan Berglind (Doxx)
18 3x02:08Got to sleep1Stefan Berglind (Doxx)
19 2x02:31Heli Rescue1Stefan Berglind (Doxx)
20 2x01:00Hendrix Live1Stefan Berglind (Doxx)
21 2x02:28Hockeyfrilla1Stefan Berglind (Doxx)
22 1x01:01In trance (2nait)1Stefan Berglind (Doxx)
23 3x02:20Italiano1Stefan Berglind (Doxx)
24 2x02:01Jerryfish1Stefan Berglind (Doxx)
25 1x01:01Last X-mas remix1Stefan Berglind (Doxx)
26 2x02:12Love Is in the Air1Stefan Berglind (Doxx)
27 1x01:01Love Is in the Air v21Stefan Berglind (Doxx)
28 2x01:26Massive Attack!1Stefan Berglind (Doxx)
29 4x04:23Megaunit Muzak1Stefan Berglind (Doxx)
30 2x01:21Mr Hertz1Stefan Berglind (Doxx)
31 2x01:17My Life Mix1Stefan Berglind (Doxx)
32 3x01:36Mystery 2 intromusic1Stefan Berglind (Doxx)
33 1x01:01No Limit!1Stefan Berglind (Doxx)
34 2x02:24Nuclear Disaster1Stefan Berglind (Doxx)
35 3x06:45Piano WMP1Stefan Berglind (Doxx)
36 2x02:33Radiodunk1Stefan Berglind (Doxx)
37 2x01:50Rakel Intromuzak1Stefan Berglind (Doxx)
38 2x01:33Redda Barnen1Stefan Berglind (Doxx)
39 2x01:23Reggiehall1Stefan Berglind (Doxx)
40 1x02:35Release it!1Stefan Berglind (Doxx)
41 1x00:16Remixed Ralph1Stefan Berglind (Doxx)
42 3x02:52Sadness part I1Stefan Berglind (Doxx)
43 2x03:05Sadness part II1Stefan Berglind (Doxx)
44 2x01:00Sadness part III1Stefan Berglind (Doxx)
45 0x00:00Sadness part IV1Stefan Berglind (Doxx)
46 1x01:01Shortfonk!1Stefan Berglind (Doxx)
47 1x00:50Skyhigh Tune1Stefan Berglind (Doxx)
48 2x02:37Soul Sister1Stefan Berglind (Doxx)
49 1x01:01Speedy Carl1Stefan Berglind (Doxx)
50 1x01:01Stand by Me1Stefan Berglind (Doxx)
51 1x00:33Strange Attractor1Stefan Berglind (Doxx)
52 0x00:00Swingaling1Stefan Berglind (Doxx)
53 0x00:00Techno BAH!1Stefan Berglind (Doxx)
54 2x01:57The Bassbumper1Stefan Berglind (Doxx)
55 2x02:01The Black Hole1Stefan Berglind (Doxx)
56 2x01:20The Eargasm1Stefan Berglind (Doxx)
57 2x01:42The Headache1Stefan Berglind (Doxx)
58 2x01:24The Slipmat1Stefan Berglind (Doxx)
59 0x00:00The Whalestory1Stefan Berglind (Doxx)
60 0x00:00The Winner!1Stefan Berglind (Doxx)
61 0x00:00Turn Page1Stefan Berglind (Doxx)
62 0x00:00Two Channels1Stefan Berglind (Doxx)
63 0x00:00Up the Country1Stefan Berglind (Doxx)
64 0x00:00Viet Cong1Stefan Berglind (Doxx)
Total: 115x116:52