C64 Top Sid Songs

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#PlayedPlaytime ∑TitleSubsongAuthor
2x01:51808 Love1Markus Klein (LMan)
3x02:51Age We Aceeed1Markus Klein (LMan)
1x00:36Age We Aceeed (SCC Extended)1Markus Klein (LMan)
4x04:17Amazing Discoveries1Markus Klein (LMan)
1x00:55Axel F.1Markus Klein (LMan)
4x04:12Blade Runner Main Titles1Markus Klein (LMan)
2x01:53Blue Monday1Markus Klein (LMan)
1x01:23Boombox Alley1Markus Klein (LMan)
14x19:38Brave Men in Tights1Markus Klein (LMan)
10 0x00:00Cantina Band1Markus Klein (LMan)
11 0x00:00Cantina Band2Markus Klein (LMan)
12 24x62:52Clubster1Markus Klein (LMan)
13 0x00:00Commando Remake1Markus Klein (LMan)
14 2x00:48Concert Logo Commofalco1Markus Klein (LMan)
15 4x06:30Concert Thrust Main1Markus Klein (LMan)
16 1x00:42Concert Thrust Prelude1Markus Klein (LMan)
17 1x00:18Confusion 2015 Remix1Markus Klein (LMan)
18 3x02:39Could be Cool1Markus Klein (LMan)
19 4x06:44Cream of the Earth1Markus Klein (LMan)
20 39x83:58Crystal Dawn1Markus Klein (LMan)
21 0x00:00Dancehall1Markus Klein (LMan)
22 4x08:17Deep Kiss1Markus Klein (LMan)
23 3x05:31Deep Kiss (SCC Extended)1Markus Klein (LMan)
24 22x56:03Devoid of1Markus Klein (LMan)
25 3x02:00Dimensions1Markus Klein (LMan)
26 4x06:51Fantasmolytic (tune 4)1Markus Klein (LMan)
27 4x03:01Giana Sisters DS1Markus Klein (LMan)
28 5x13:25Hazy Shack1Markus Klein (LMan)
29 5x08:03Hell Yeah1Markus Klein (LMan)
30 5x08:20Hello, Weenies1Markus Klein (LMan)
31 20x52:50Hi Fi Sky1Markus Klein (LMan)
32 6x08:58La Mer1Markus Klein (LMan)
33 2x04:36La Mer (SCC Extended)1Markus Klein (LMan)
34 2x02:13M.U.L.E Remake1Markus Klein (LMan)
35 2x04:45Mellowhouse1Markus Klein (LMan)
36 3x05:55Microgroove1Markus Klein (LMan)
37 1x04:01Milk and Honey1Markus Klein (LMan)
38 3x07:55Mo's Techno Logy1Markus Klein (LMan)
39 1x04:01Mo's Techno Logy (SCC Extended)1Markus Klein (LMan)
40 2x03:35Monofail1Markus Klein (LMan)
41 2x08:02My Club House1Markus Klein (LMan)
42 3x07:05My Life1Markus Klein (LMan)
43 3x01:26New Teller1Markus Klein (LMan)
44 3x04:48Overdrive1Markus Klein (LMan)
45 3x02:17Phoneophobia1Markus Klein (LMan)
46 3x07:32Rastaline Dub1Markus Klein (LMan)
47 3x04:12Rebel Rebel1Markus Klein (LMan)
48 3x04:30Rivalry (tune 3)1Markus Klein (LMan)
49 3x05:37Robot Sensuality1Markus Klein (LMan)
50 4x08:13SID Chip Club (menu)1Markus Klein (LMan)
51 2x01:29Star Wars - Cloud City1Markus Klein (LMan)
52 2x01:45Star Wars - Leia's Theme1Markus Klein (LMan)
53 1x00:23Take a Chance on Me1Markus Klein (LMan)
54 1x00:22The Chase (Midnight Express)1Markus Klein (LMan)
55 0x00:00The Jazzman1Markus Klein (LMan)
56 6x04:22The Tuneful Eight (tune 1)1Markus Klein (LMan)
57 3x01:39The Tuneful Eight (tune 2)1Markus Klein (LMan)
58 3x02:27The Tuneful Eight (tune 3)1Markus Klein (LMan)
59 1x00:22The Tuneful Eight (tune 4)1Markus Klein (LMan)
60 1x00:19Vandalissimo1Markus Klein (LMan)
61 3x05:15Venus Falling1Markus Klein (LMan)
62 0x00:00Venus Falling (SCC Extended)1Markus Klein (LMan)
63 0x00:00Vortex1Markus Klein (LMan)
64 0x00:00Who Do You Think You Are1Markus Klein (LMan)
65 2x04:18Wowzer1Markus Klein (LMan)
Total: 262x488:50