C64 Top Sid Songs

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#PlayedPlaytime ∑TitleSubsongAuthor
3x02:184 My Friend Unlock1Stefan Sebastian (Brizz)
1x01:014 Vitality1Stefan Sebastian (Brizz)
1x00:57(untitled)1Stefan Sebastian (Brizz)
1x00:34(untitled)1Stefan Sebastian (Brizz)
1x00:53(untitled)1Stefan Sebastian (Brizz)
1x01:31Arachnophobia #1 (intro)1Stefan Sebastian (Brizz)
1x01:31Braintoolz #11Stefan Sebastian (Brizz)
1x01:31Braintoolz #1 (note)1Stefan Sebastian (Brizz)
1x00:57Braintoolz #21Stefan Sebastian (Brizz)
10 1x01:31Braintoolz #2 (note)1Stefan Sebastian (Brizz)
11 0x00:00Castle of Dreamin' (tune 2)1Stefan Sebastian (Brizz)
12 1x01:11Contrast of Mine1Stefan Sebastian (Brizz)
13 1x01:31Dizzy's Quest1Stefan Sebastian (Brizz)
14 1x01:31Doublespeedmu61Stefan Sebastian (Brizz)
15 3x09:45Driven #191Stefan Sebastian (Brizz)
16 1x01:31Experiences 21Stefan Sebastian (Brizz)
17 1x01:31For Bugjam1Stefan Sebastian (Brizz)
18 1x00:44For High-Tech1Stefan Sebastian (Brizz)
19 1x01:31For Nitro1Stefan Sebastian (Brizz)
20 1x00:37Fun-Collection 8 (note)1Stefan Sebastian (Brizz)
21 1x00:18Hardvibes (tune 1)1Stefan Sebastian (Brizz)
22 1x00:58Hardvibes (tune 2)1Stefan Sebastian (Brizz)
23 1x01:31Nr. 0301Stefan Sebastian (Brizz)
24 1x00:59Nr. 0491Stefan Sebastian (Brizz)
25 1x01:31Obsession (end)1Stefan Sebastian (Brizz)
26 0x00:00Obsession (intro)1Stefan Sebastian (Brizz)
27 1x00:44Obsession (tune 1)1Stefan Sebastian (Brizz)
28 1x01:31Obsession (tune 2)1Stefan Sebastian (Brizz)
29 1x01:31Organic1Stefan Sebastian (Brizz)
30 2x02:11Palladium #3 (tune 1)1Stefan Sebastian (Brizz)
31 1x00:30Palladium #3 (tune 2)1Stefan Sebastian (Brizz)
32 1x01:31Palladium #4 (tune 1)1Stefan Sebastian (Brizz)
33 1x01:31Palladium #4 (tune 2)1Stefan Sebastian (Brizz)
34 1x01:31Panic Noter1Stefan Sebastian (Brizz)
35 1x01:31Passport to Life1Stefan Sebastian (Brizz)
36 1x01:31Snyderdome (note)1Stefan Sebastian (Brizz)
37 1x01:31Sonic Impression1Stefan Sebastian (Brizz)
38 1x01:31Think Why?1Stefan Sebastian (Brizz)
39 0x00:00Threestone1Stefan Sebastian (Brizz)
40 0x00:00Vitality Tune1Stefan Sebastian (Brizz)
41 1x01:31Westsight1Stefan Sebastian (Brizz)
42 1x01:31Xclusiv for Digital Talk1Stefan Sebastian (Brizz)
Total: 43x57:59