C64 Top Sid Songs

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#PlayedPlaytime ∑TitleSubsongAuthor
0x00:00Anus Bananus1Arjen Bokhoven (Harlequin)
0x00:00Are You Paranoia Too?1Arjen Bokhoven (Harlequin)
0x00:00Aso1Arjen Bokhoven (Harlequin)
0x00:00Axel F1Arjen Bokhoven (Harlequin)
0x00:00Baggy Pants1Arjen Bokhoven (Harlequin)
0x00:00Bamiga Sector1Arjen Bokhoven (Harlequin)
0x00:00Bamiga Sector 11Arjen Bokhoven (Harlequin)
0x00:00Banana Attak1Arjen Bokhoven (Harlequin)
0x00:00Be Positive1Arjen Bokhoven (Harlequin)
10 0x00:00Brite Lite1Arjen Bokhoven (Harlequin)
11 0x00:00Cap's House1Arjen Bokhoven (Harlequin)
12 0x00:00Competition (tune 1)1Arjen Bokhoven (Harlequin)
13 0x00:00Contest Logo1Arjen Bokhoven (Harlequin)
14 0x00:00Deee-pressed1Arjen Bokhoven (Harlequin)
15 0x00:00Deflektor1Arjen Bokhoven (Harlequin)
16 0x00:00Dickroach1Arjen Bokhoven (Harlequin)
17 5x05:15Dikke Lulomhap1Arjen Bokhoven (Harlequin)
18 0x00:00Doom Jazz 11Arjen Bokhoven (Harlequin)
19 0x00:00Down 21Arjen Bokhoven (Harlequin)
20 0x00:00Dramatical1Arjen Bokhoven (Harlequin)
21 0x00:00Evacuation1Arjen Bokhoven (Harlequin)
22 0x00:00Exposed Mind1Arjen Bokhoven (Harlequin)
23 0x00:00F.A.M. Menu1Arjen Bokhoven (Harlequin)
24 0x00:00Fanatik1Arjen Bokhoven (Harlequin)
25 0x00:00Fledderdeboet!1Arjen Bokhoven (Harlequin)
26 0x00:00Flexible (tune 3)1Arjen Bokhoven (Harlequin)
27 0x00:00Flexible (tune 7)1Arjen Bokhoven (Harlequin)
28 0x00:00For Verdict1Arjen Bokhoven (Harlequin)
29 0x00:00For X-Rated1Arjen Bokhoven (Harlequin)
30 0x00:00Go Haywire1Arjen Bokhoven (Harlequin)
31 0x00:00Good Vibes1Arjen Bokhoven (Harlequin)
32 0x00:00Happy Scout1Arjen Bokhoven (Harlequin)
33 0x00:00Happy Yogurt1Arjen Bokhoven (Harlequin)
34 0x00:00Heartbeat1Arjen Bokhoven (Harlequin)
35 0x00:00Hoempapajaja1Arjen Bokhoven (Harlequin)
36 0x00:00House Dump1Arjen Bokhoven (Harlequin)
37 0x00:00Ik Ben Leem1Arjen Bokhoven (Harlequin)
38 0x00:00Intro Zak 11Arjen Bokhoven (Harlequin)
39 0x00:00It's Here!!1Arjen Bokhoven (Harlequin)
40 0x00:00Joe Peezcake1Arjen Bokhoven (Harlequin)
41 0x00:00Just Tappin'1Arjen Bokhoven (Harlequin)
42 0x00:00Keep It Up1Arjen Bokhoven (Harlequin)
43 0x00:00Kill the DJ1Arjen Bokhoven (Harlequin)
44 0x00:00Kutvuurpijl1Arjen Bokhoven (Harlequin)
45 0x00:00Lache1Arjen Bokhoven (Harlequin)
46 0x00:00Lekker Disko1Arjen Bokhoven (Harlequin)
47 0x00:00Lippotronclit!1Arjen Bokhoven (Harlequin)
48 0x00:00Lload 11Arjen Bokhoven (Harlequin)
49 0x00:00Load Song (short)1Arjen Bokhoven (Harlequin)
50 0x00:00Logo for FTS1Arjen Bokhoven (Harlequin)
51 0x00:00Love-Sale1Arjen Bokhoven (Harlequin)
52 0x00:00Mad Bassness1Arjen Bokhoven (Harlequin)
53 0x00:00Mamba End (issue #25)1Arjen Bokhoven (Harlequin)
54 0x00:00Midweek Pleasure1Arjen Bokhoven (Harlequin)
55 3x06:17Mindless1Arjen Bokhoven (Harlequin)
56 0x00:00Minimal Subject1Arjen Bokhoven (Harlequin)
57 1x00:59Minjas1Arjen Bokhoven (Harlequin)
58 0x00:00Mootsart1Arjen Bokhoven (Harlequin)
59 0x00:00Muziek1Arjen Bokhoven (Harlequin)
60 0x00:00Natural Mystics Song 11Arjen Bokhoven (Harlequin)
61 0x00:00Newjack Swing1Arjen Bokhoven (Harlequin)
62 0x00:00Notion1Arjen Bokhoven (Harlequin)
63 0x00:00Notion (part 2)1Arjen Bokhoven (Harlequin)
64 0x00:00Notion (part 6)1Arjen Bokhoven (Harlequin)
65 0x00:00Nuclear X-Perience1Arjen Bokhoven (Harlequin)
66 0x00:00Ome Billem1Arjen Bokhoven (Harlequin)
67 0x00:00Pain Dealer1Arjen Bokhoven (Harlequin)
68 0x00:00Penguin Bits1Arjen Bokhoven (Harlequin)
69 0x00:00Poep Roerder1Arjen Bokhoven (Harlequin)
70 0x00:00Power Shower1Arjen Bokhoven (Harlequin)
71 0x00:00Raspberry Pie1Arjen Bokhoven (Harlequin)
72 0x00:00Reckless1Arjen Bokhoven (Harlequin)
73 0x00:00Remix 11Arjen Bokhoven (Harlequin)
74 0x00:00Retro-Lamers1Arjen Bokhoven (Harlequin)
75 0x00:00Rielekste Lied1Arjen Bokhoven (Harlequin)
76 0x00:00Roots Per Minute (part 5)1Arjen Bokhoven (Harlequin)
77 0x00:00Schaambeatlip!1Arjen Bokhoven (Harlequin)
78 0x00:00Sex'n'Booze1Arjen Bokhoven (Harlequin)
79 0x00:00Shabazzed!1Arjen Bokhoven (Harlequin)
80 0x00:00Silicon Intro1Arjen Bokhoven (Harlequin)
81 0x00:00Silicon Ltd.1Arjen Bokhoven (Harlequin)
82 0x00:00Slappy Funk1Arjen Bokhoven (Harlequin)
83 0x00:00Sleepy1Arjen Bokhoven (Harlequin)
84 0x00:00SM Tune 11Arjen Bokhoven (Harlequin)
85 0x00:00Solid Matter1Arjen Bokhoven (Harlequin)
86 0x00:00Solid Matter 1 (magazine)1Arjen Bokhoven (Harlequin)
87 1x03:08Sperm Worm1Arjen Bokhoven (Harlequin)
88 0x00:00Stalker Preview - Level 11Arjen Bokhoven (Harlequin)
89 0x00:00Stalker Preview - Main1Arjen Bokhoven (Harlequin)
90 0x00:00Stoned Rock1Arjen Bokhoven (Harlequin)
91 0x00:00Super Bonebreak Cut1Arjen Bokhoven (Harlequin)
92 0x00:00Superfreak1Arjen Bokhoven (Harlequin)
93 0x00:00Tem (preview)1Arjen Bokhoven (Harlequin)
94 0x00:00The Cloud1Arjen Bokhoven (Harlequin)
95 0x00:00The Worx1Arjen Bokhoven (Harlequin)
96 0x00:00This is Acid1Arjen Bokhoven (Harlequin)
97 0x00:00Too Late for Goodbyes1Arjen Bokhoven (Harlequin)
98 0x00:00Two Breasts1Arjen Bokhoven (Harlequin)
99 0x00:00Underdog 51Arjen Bokhoven (Harlequin)
100 0x00:00Warmonger1Arjen Bokhoven (Harlequin)
101 0x00:00Why...1Arjen Bokhoven (Harlequin)
Total: 10x15:39