C64 Top Sid Songs

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#PlayedPlaytime ∑TitleSubsongAuthor
2x04:4616drumsteel13eight1Jake Manley (Jellica)
1x03:0516eightspeedwomot1Jake Manley (Jellica)
3x04:271heavy41Jake Manley (Jellica)
3x09:117funk44vers21Jake Manley (Jellica)
3x04:53Ac4slow25hone1Jake Manley (Jellica)
3x06:17Anag8mixxxx4acidtwo1Jake Manley (Jellica)
3x05:01Another Rave 4x11Jake Manley (Jellica)
3x04:30Balb1Jake Manley (Jellica)
2x03:57Centre Letters Rmx1Jake Manley (Jellica)
10 1x00:33Cpremizx8two1Jake Manley (Jellica)
11 4x05:34Floating1Jake Manley (Jellica)
12 5x04:39Flying though Space1Jake Manley (Jellica)
13 2x04:34Go8mis5x81Jake Manley (Jellica)
14 2x04:38Justx541Jake Manley (Jellica)
15 5x08:36Lscmii1Jake Manley (Jellica)
16 3x06:41Maybe1Jake Manley (Jellica)
17 3x06:29Monotecarrrggggx3tempo21Jake Manley (Jellica)
18 3x06:06Party Bit1Jake Manley (Jellica)
19 2x02:14Penguin Huddle1Jake Manley (Jellica)
20 2x01:52Pleasant Evening Bird Disco1Jake Manley (Jellica)
21 1x01:30Retrotech Romance(hidden tune 11Jake Manley (Jellica)
22 1x01:30Retrotech Romance(hidden tune 21Jake Manley (Jellica)
23 1x01:30Sack1Jake Manley (Jellica)
24 1x01:30Talotoo1Jake Manley (Jellica)
25 1x01:30Teilmins21Jake Manley (Jellica)
26 1x01:30Trape31Jake Manley (Jellica)
27 1x01:30Triboscusx11Jake Manley (Jellica)
28 1x01:30Trihingsss1Jake Manley (Jellica)
29 2x00:58Twenty Five71Jake Manley (Jellica)
Total: 65x111:1