C64 Top Sid Songs

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#PlayedPlaytime ∑TitleSubsongAuthor
1x00:56(untitled)1Andrzej Kucharski (Akadem)
1x00:32(untitled)1Andrzej Kucharski (Akadem)
1x00:37Blues1Andrzej Kucharski (Akadem)
0x00:00Boogie1Andrzej Kucharski (Akadem)
0x00:00Brahms1Andrzej Kucharski (Akadem)
1x01:37Brillant Tune1Andrzej Kucharski (Akadem)
17x32:19Calypso1Andrzej Kucharski (Akadem)
11x17:03Caution Tools 1 (menu)1Andrzej Kucharski (Akadem)
1x00:53Charlston1Andrzej Kucharski (Akadem)
10 1x00:37Cool Musax1Andrzej Kucharski (Akadem)
11 0x00:00Cool Musax2Andrzej Kucharski (Akadem)
12 0x00:00Cool Musax3Andrzej Kucharski (Akadem)
13 0x00:00Cool Musax4Andrzej Kucharski (Akadem)
14 0x00:00Cool Musax5Andrzej Kucharski (Akadem)
15 1x00:45Corleth1Andrzej Kucharski (Akadem)
16 1x00:38Defiance (intro)1Andrzej Kucharski (Akadem)
17 1x00:42Earth1Andrzej Kucharski (Akadem)
18 0x00:00Flute1Andrzej Kucharski (Akadem)
19 18x30:55Good Bye C64-Scene1Andrzej Kucharski (Akadem)
20 1x00:43Grundy1Andrzej Kucharski (Akadem)
21 1x00:57Hawaii1Andrzej Kucharski (Akadem)
22 1x00:31Kashana1Andrzej Kucharski (Akadem)
23 1x01:27Magic1Andrzej Kucharski (Akadem)
24 0x00:00Muzyczka1Andrzej Kucharski (Akadem)
25 9x12:51Newest1Andrzej Kucharski (Akadem)
26 1x00:33Omnibus1Andrzej Kucharski (Akadem)
27 0x00:00Paralax1Andrzej Kucharski (Akadem)
28 1x00:23Passage1Andrzej Kucharski (Akadem)
29 0x00:00Rain1Andrzej Kucharski (Akadem)
30 0x00:00Reggae1Andrzej Kucharski (Akadem)
31 0x00:00Romance1Andrzej Kucharski (Akadem)
32 0x00:00Samba1Andrzej Kucharski (Akadem)
33 1x00:23Short Tune1Andrzej Kucharski (Akadem)
34 1x00:31Thunder1Andrzej Kucharski (Akadem)
35 1x00:21Titanic1Andrzej Kucharski (Akadem)
36 0x00:00Xanth1Andrzej Kucharski (Akadem)
Total: 73x106:14