C64 Top Sid Songs

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#PlayedPlaytime ∑TitleSubsongAuthor
2x02:58007-Retro Gold Love1Ari Yliaho (Agemixer)
2x01:192 Hours of Work1Ari Yliaho (Agemixer)
3x02:39Afterwinter1Ari Yliaho (Agemixer)
1x02:10Al-Qaekeuda1Ari Yliaho (Agemixer)
2x03:59Amalgahm1Ari Yliaho (Agemixer)
3x06:52Atlantis1Ari Yliaho (Agemixer)
2x04:54Audio Man1Ari Yliaho (Agemixer)
5x14:27Audio Man (in-game tune 1)1Ari Yliaho (Agemixer)
2x04:50Audio Man (in-game tune 2)1Ari Yliaho (Agemixer)
10 2x02:34Audio Man (the end)1Ari Yliaho (Agemixer)
11 4x07:18Azmagutah1Ari Yliaho (Agemixer)
12 3x03:38Azmagutah1Ari Yliaho (Agemixer)
13 0x00:00Bassonavajo1Ari Yliaho (Agemixer)
14 0x00:00Bassonavajo1Ari Yliaho (Agemixer)
15 0x00:00Bassonavajo 4x Speaker Fix1Ari Yliaho (Agemixer)
16 0x00:00Bassonavajo 4x Speaker Fix1Ari Yliaho (Agemixer)
17 4x05:28Beroot Olejuuri1Ari Yliaho (Agemixer)
18 3x10:10Breath of Fire1Ari Yliaho (Agemixer)
19 3x05:14Bronskizak1Ari Yliaho (Agemixer)
20 3x02:24Burp!1Ari Yliaho (Agemixer)
21 3x02:44Chase1Ari Yliaho (Agemixer)
22 1x03:32City Rythmicity1Ari Yliaho (Agemixer)
23 2x03:06Commando Remix1Ari Yliaho (Agemixer)
24 4x05:01Cyber Dream (intro)1Ari Yliaho (Agemixer)
25 3x03:31Da Shit (Eastwood Jack's Red..)1Ari Yliaho (Agemixer)
26 3x03:13Dark Space1Ari Yliaho (Agemixer)
27 2x04:43Das Hit1Ari Yliaho (Agemixer)
28 2x04:08Dash It1Ari Yliaho (Agemixer)
29 1x00:51Desert Queen1Ari Yliaho (Agemixer)
30 1x00:40Earle 19931Ari Yliaho (Agemixer)
31 1x02:09Early Summer1Ari Yliaho (Agemixer)
32 0x00:00Electrolytic Capacitor1Ari Yliaho (Agemixer)
33 1x01:19Endpart1Ari Yliaho (Agemixer)
34 2x02:12Eternal Light1Ari Yliaho (Agemixer)
35 1x01:17Extreme Silence1Ari Yliaho (Agemixer)
36 1x00:26Fat Phitness1Ari Yliaho (Agemixer)
37 14x25:46Figle 21Ari Yliaho (Agemixer)
38 1x01:08Figle One1Ari Yliaho (Agemixer)
39 1x00:49Fokotozo1Ari Yliaho (Agemixer)
40 1x02:24Freestyler1Ari Yliaho (Agemixer)
41 1x01:01Future CT1Ari Yliaho (Agemixer)
42 1x00:46Gameboy Tune1Ari Yliaho (Agemixer)
43 1x00:51Gate Opening1Ari Yliaho (Agemixer)
44 1x01:00Goozboot 51Ari Yliaho (Agemixer)
45 9x16:34GSM Interrupt1Ari Yliaho (Agemixer)
46 18x50:25Heartinfarct1Ari Yliaho (Agemixer)
47 1x01:42High Flight1Ari Yliaho (Agemixer)
48 1x03:12Iltasade1Ari Yliaho (Agemixer)
49 11x11:17Intro-11Ari Yliaho (Agemixer)
50 1x02:50JAQ1Ari Yliaho (Agemixer)
51 0x00:00JCH Uvsmain1Ari Yliaho (Agemixer)
52 2x03:32Just for You1Ari Yliaho (Agemixer)
53 2x02:28Kemiaa 21Ari Yliaho (Agemixer)
54 3x03:09Keu 20001Ari Yliaho (Agemixer)
55 1x00:29Kirsi1Ari Yliaho (Agemixer)
56 0x00:00Klapsutes1Ari Yliaho (Agemixer)
57 1x01:00Kummatti City1Ari Yliaho (Agemixer)
58 21x26:44Let Me Hear You Say Yeah1Ari Yliaho (Agemixer)
59 1x00:39Lightspeed1Ari Yliaho (Agemixer)
60 1x00:27Lion King1Ari Yliaho (Agemixer)
61 0x00:00Loadmusic1Ari Yliaho (Agemixer)
62 0x00:00Mary Calamaris1Ari Yliaho (Agemixer)
63 0x00:00Megajoule Muzis1Ari Yliaho (Agemixer)
64 0x00:00Melodus1Ari Yliaho (Agemixer)
65 0x00:00Missed Life 21Ari Yliaho (Agemixer)
66 0x00:00Moonspire 2 (preview)1Ari Yliaho (Agemixer)
67 0x00:00Moonspire 2 (preview)1Ari Yliaho (Agemixer)
68 0x00:00Moonspire 2 (preview)2Ari Yliaho (Agemixer)
69 0x00:00Moonspire 2 (preview)2Ari Yliaho (Agemixer)
70 0x00:00Moonspire-The Draxx War(preview1Ari Yliaho (Agemixer)
71 0x00:00Myblock... One Block1Ari Yliaho (Agemixer)
72 0x00:00N'Trans1Ari Yliaho (Agemixer)
73 1x01:34National Park (jonga mix)1Ari Yliaho (Agemixer)
74 3x05:36Nightshift1Ari Yliaho (Agemixer)
75 1x01:23Old City1Ari Yliaho (Agemixer)
76 0x00:00Oldies1Ari Yliaho (Agemixer)
77 1x01:22Oldies 21Ari Yliaho (Agemixer)
78 1x00:29Oldskoolcrayfish1Ari Yliaho (Agemixer)
79 1x01:21On Dangerous Ground1Ari Yliaho (Agemixer)
80 1x00:36Patakakkonen1Ari Yliaho (Agemixer)
81 0x00:00Picket Fences1Ari Yliaho (Agemixer)
82 1x00:24Prognosis1Ari Yliaho (Agemixer)
83 1x02:26Quartz Intrace1Ari Yliaho (Agemixer)
84 1x01:03Random Bed1Ari Yliaho (Agemixer)
85 1x02:08Rapping Radical v21Ari Yliaho (Agemixer)
86 1x02:03Robocop 3 remake1Ari Yliaho (Agemixer)
87 1x00:54Rythmistix1Ari Yliaho (Agemixer)
88 1x00:27Simple Sample1Ari Yliaho (Agemixer)
89 2x02:07Sit in My Underwear Drinking...1Ari Yliaho (Agemixer)
90 18x34:08Skyflares in Horizon1Ari Yliaho (Agemixer)
91 1x00:45Slow Melody 21Ari Yliaho (Agemixer)
92 2x00:50Slowari Melody1Ari Yliaho (Agemixer)
93 1x00:48So Bitter Life1Ari Yliaho (Agemixer)
94 1x00:37Sonic Fox Digging Digital1Ari Yliaho (Agemixer)
95 1x00:23Sonic Fox Digging Digital 21Ari Yliaho (Agemixer)
96 2x02:58Sonic Fox Fighting Forever1Ari Yliaho (Agemixer)
97 1x00:23Soundly Computer1Ari Yliaho (Agemixer)
98 1x01:42Speedway1Ari Yliaho (Agemixer)
99 1x00:21Stream1Ari Yliaho (Agemixer)
100 3x02:23Strobosphere1Ari Yliaho (Agemixer)
101 0x00:00Strobosphere 2 - Halfway There1Ari Yliaho (Agemixer)
102 0x00:00Summer Touch1Ari Yliaho (Agemixer)
103 0x00:00Summer Touch 21Ari Yliaho (Agemixer)
104 0x00:00Syksyn Sävel1Ari Yliaho (Agemixer)
105 0x00:00Tango Talvi-iltana1Ari Yliaho (Agemixer)
106 0x00:00Tarzan-lento1Ari Yliaho (Agemixer)
107 5x09:37The Last Wader1Ari Yliaho (Agemixer)
108 1x02:11The Rainbow1Ari Yliaho (Agemixer)
109 0x00:00Tiny Heart (In Farct remix)1Ari Yliaho (Agemixer)
110 0x00:00Tired 2 Love1Ari Yliaho (Agemixer)
111 0x00:00Triblet One1Ari Yliaho (Agemixer)
112 0x00:00Tropical Seaside1Ari Yliaho (Agemixer)
113 1x01:25Turbo Flight1Ari Yliaho (Agemixer)
114 1x00:55Ukka Bukkake1Ari Yliaho (Agemixer)
115 0x00:00Vetkutin 11Ari Yliaho (Agemixer)
116 1x01:16Voe Taevas1Ari Yliaho (Agemixer)
117 1x00:58Vulcanus1Ari Yliaho (Agemixer)
118 1x00:22Wader 21Ari Yliaho (Agemixer)
119 0x00:00Wader Shores1Ari Yliaho (Agemixer)
120 0x00:00What's This1Ari Yliaho (Agemixer)
121 0x00:00Wild Summer1Ari Yliaho (Agemixer)
122 0x00:00X-Files remix1Ari Yliaho (Agemixer)
123 51x77:40Zenerdiodi1Ari Yliaho (Agemixer)
Total: 278x441:34