C64 Top Sid Songs

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#PlayedPlaytime ∑TitleSubsongAuthor
1x01:012 Bad 2 Be Good1Stefan Westling (Fozzie)
1x00:55(untitled)1Stefan Westling (Fozzie)
1x00:42(untitled)1Stefan Westling (Fozzie)
1x00:53(untitled)1Stefan Westling (Fozzie)
1x01:01All That She Wants1Stefan Westling (Fozzie)
1x00:27Asstechno1Stefan Westling (Fozzie)
1x01:01Baia Con Dios1Stefan Westling (Fozzie)
1x00:24Beat Time1Stefan Westling (Fozzie)
1x00:58Blue Marlin1Stefan Westling (Fozzie)
10 2x01:52Cala Vinas1Stefan Westling (Fozzie)
11 1x00:35Digdug1Stefan Westling (Fozzie)
12 1x01:01Dreamworks1Stefan Westling (Fozzie)
13 1x01:13Eternal Lights1Stefan Westling (Fozzie)
14 1x00:55Falling1Stefan Westling (Fozzie)
15 2x01:42Falling Skyes1Stefan Westling (Fozzie)
16 1x00:51Fluteman1Stefan Westling (Fozzie)
17 1x01:01Fly1Stefan Westling (Fozzie)
18 1x01:01From Above1Stefan Westling (Fozzie)
19 1x00:59Gettin' Mad1Stefan Westling (Fozzie)
20 1x01:01Groove Game1Stefan Westling (Fozzie)
21 1x01:01Hip Hop Land1Stefan Westling (Fozzie)
22 1x01:01I'm Out of Ciggs1Stefan Westling (Fozzie)
23 3x03:20In Love with My 641Stefan Westling (Fozzie)
24 1x01:01Independence (part 4)1Stefan Westling (Fozzie)
25 1x01:01Independence (part 8)1Stefan Westling (Fozzie)
26 1x00:39Independence (part 9)1Stefan Westling (Fozzie)
27 1x00:55Introjam1Stefan Westling (Fozzie)
28 0x00:00It's a Sin1Stefan Westling (Fozzie)
29 1x00:28J├Ânsson Ligan Theme1Stefan Westling (Fozzie)
30 1x00:56Life1Stefan Westling (Fozzie)
31 1x02:35Lovetheme1Stefan Westling (Fozzie)
32 0x00:00Lunacy III (part C)1Stefan Westling (Fozzie)
33 3x02:39M.O.N. Remix1Stefan Westling (Fozzie)
34 1x00:27Marlboro1Stefan Westling (Fozzie)
35 0x00:00Mary Had a Boy1Stefan Westling (Fozzie)
36 1x01:01Mea Culpa (Enigma)1Stefan Westling (Fozzie)
37 1x00:36Moonlight #3 (tune 2)1Stefan Westling (Fozzie)
38 1x00:47Moonlight #5 (intro)1Stefan Westling (Fozzie)
39 1x00:32Mustrocone1Stefan Westling (Fozzie)
40 1x01:01Pandora1Stefan Westling (Fozzie)
41 4x03:21Raggaload1Stefan Westling (Fozzie)
42 0x00:00Rasputin1Stefan Westling (Fozzie)
43 1x00:45Refridgerator1Stefan Westling (Fozzie)
44 1x00:52Singalong1Stefan Westling (Fozzie)
45 2x01:47Smokalot1Stefan Westling (Fozzie)
46 0x00:00Snap Rythm1Stefan Westling (Fozzie)
47 1x00:39Stonefist's Hymn1Stefan Westling (Fozzie)
48 1x01:01Symphony1Stefan Westling (Fozzie)
49 1x00:54The Innovation1Stefan Westling (Fozzie)
50 2x01:44Trashtechno1Stefan Westling (Fozzie)
51 1x00:27Xract1Stefan Westling (Fozzie)
Total: 57x51:3