C64 Top Sid Songs

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#PlayedPlaytime ∑TitleSubsongAuthor
1x00:14Abnormal1Marcel Sasik (Imaic)
0x00:00Always Death1Marcel Sasik (Imaic)
0x00:00Bad Day1Marcel Sasik (Imaic)
1x01:00Bassdrums1Marcel Sasik (Imaic)
1x00:41Best Friends1Marcel Sasik (Imaic)
1x01:00Blob1Marcel Sasik (Imaic)
0x00:00Blob2Marcel Sasik (Imaic)
0x00:00Blob3Marcel Sasik (Imaic)
0x00:00Blob4Marcel Sasik (Imaic)
10 0x00:00Blob5Marcel Sasik (Imaic)
11 0x00:00Blob6Marcel Sasik (Imaic)
12 0x00:00Blob7Marcel Sasik (Imaic)
13 0x00:00Blob8Marcel Sasik (Imaic)
14 0x00:00Blob9Marcel Sasik (Imaic)
15 0x00:00Blob10Marcel Sasik (Imaic)
16 0x00:00Blob11Marcel Sasik (Imaic)
17 1x01:00Blood Hand1Marcel Sasik (Imaic)
18 0x00:00Blood Hand2Marcel Sasik (Imaic)
19 1x01:00Blue Eye1Marcel Sasik (Imaic)
20 1x00:21Brutal Techno1Marcel Sasik (Imaic)
21 1x01:00Bye Bye Baby1Marcel Sasik (Imaic)
22 1x01:00Chaos on the Head1Marcel Sasik (Imaic)
23 1x01:00Children1Marcel Sasik (Imaic)
24 1x00:56Choose This1Marcel Sasik (Imaic)
25 1x00:23Claun1Marcel Sasik (Imaic)
26 1x00:33Collors1Marcel Sasik (Imaic)
27 1x01:00Cool Tune1Marcel Sasik (Imaic)
28 1x01:00Day of Love1Marcel Sasik (Imaic)
29 1x00:14Death World1Marcel Sasik (Imaic)
30 1x01:00Demo End1Marcel Sasik (Imaic)
31 0x00:00Desert1Marcel Sasik (Imaic)
32 1x01:00Disco Fun1Marcel Sasik (Imaic)
33 1x01:00Doctor Dream1Marcel Sasik (Imaic)
34 1x01:00Don't Cry1Marcel Sasik (Imaic)
35 1x00:26Drastic Vision1Marcel Sasik (Imaic)
36 1x00:23Dreams1Marcel Sasik (Imaic)
37 1x01:00Dumi1Marcel Sasik (Imaic)
38 0x00:00Dumi2Marcel Sasik (Imaic)
39 1x00:52Dummer1Marcel Sasik (Imaic)
40 1x00:48Eyes1Marcel Sasik (Imaic)
41 1x01:00Fantastic Dreams1Marcel Sasik (Imaic)
42 1x01:00Fireman1Marcel Sasik (Imaic)
43 1x01:00For Friends1Marcel Sasik (Imaic)
44 1x01:00Freedom1Marcel Sasik (Imaic)
45 1x01:00From Heart1Marcel Sasik (Imaic)
46 1x01:00Goodbye My Love1Marcel Sasik (Imaic)
47 1x00:33Hallucinacion1Marcel Sasik (Imaic)
48 1x00:42Hard Problem1Marcel Sasik (Imaic)
49 6x09:43Hawai Music1Marcel Sasik (Imaic)
50 0x00:00Hex1Marcel Sasik (Imaic)
51 0x00:00Hex2Marcel Sasik (Imaic)
52 0x00:00Hex3Marcel Sasik (Imaic)
53 1x01:00I Love Football1Marcel Sasik (Imaic)
54 1x01:00I'm Back1Marcel Sasik (Imaic)
55 1x01:00Imaic Collection 6 (intro)1Marcel Sasik (Imaic)
56 1x01:00Imc Rules1Marcel Sasik (Imaic)
57 1x01:00In Game1Marcel Sasik (Imaic)
58 0x00:00Intro Collection1Marcel Sasik (Imaic)
59 1x00:45Intro-Chaos1Marcel Sasik (Imaic)
60 0x00:00Little Remix1Marcel Sasik (Imaic)
61 1x01:00Long Time1Marcel Sasik (Imaic)
62 1x01:00Long Way1Marcel Sasik (Imaic)
63 1x01:00Lovly Baby1Marcel Sasik (Imaic)
64 1x00:14Magic Note1Marcel Sasik (Imaic)
65 1x01:00Mandarine1Marcel Sasik (Imaic)
66 1x00:42Maniacs Killing1Marcel Sasik (Imaic)
67 1x01:00Mars Music1Marcel Sasik (Imaic)
68 1x01:00Megamix1Marcel Sasik (Imaic)
69 0x00:00Merry Christmas Mix 11Marcel Sasik (Imaic)
70 1x01:00Merry Christmas Mix 21Marcel Sasik (Imaic)
71 1x01:00No Problemo1Marcel Sasik (Imaic)
72 1x01:00Note Song1Marcel Sasik (Imaic)
73 1x01:00Numm1Marcel Sasik (Imaic)
74 1x00:18OK!1Marcel Sasik (Imaic)
75 1x01:00Profesional1Marcel Sasik (Imaic)
76 1x01:00Propigy1Marcel Sasik (Imaic)
77 0x00:00Pubertal1Marcel Sasik (Imaic)
78 1x01:00Puzzi Music1Marcel Sasik (Imaic)
79 1x00:25Quantix1Marcel Sasik (Imaic)
80 1x01:00Raining Here1Marcel Sasik (Imaic)
81 1x01:00Raveland1Marcel Sasik (Imaic)
82 1x01:00Relax Tune1Marcel Sasik (Imaic)
83 1x01:00Robert Miles1Marcel Sasik (Imaic)
84 1x01:00Robotica1Marcel Sasik (Imaic)
85 1x01:00Skarpedy #1 (tune 4)1Marcel Sasik (Imaic)
86 1x01:00Skarpedy (intro)1Marcel Sasik (Imaic)
87 1x01:00Sleep Good Love1Marcel Sasik (Imaic)
88 1x01:00Sloveder1Marcel Sasik (Imaic)
89 1x00:58Small Boy Whith Bike1Marcel Sasik (Imaic)
90 1x00:45Snow Muzak1Marcel Sasik (Imaic)
91 1x01:00Soldiers1Marcel Sasik (Imaic)
92 1x01:00Spritual1Marcel Sasik (Imaic)
93 1x01:00Starnight1Marcel Sasik (Imaic)
94 1x01:00Summer Music1Marcel Sasik (Imaic)
95 1x01:00Summer Time1Marcel Sasik (Imaic)
96 1x01:00Super 'MBS'1Marcel Sasik (Imaic)
97 1x01:00Super Intro1Marcel Sasik (Imaic)
98 1x00:58Super Zak1Marcel Sasik (Imaic)
99 0x00:00Techno Music1Marcel Sasik (Imaic)
100 0x00:00Tekkno1Marcel Sasik (Imaic)
101 1x01:00Tekkno Boom1Marcel Sasik (Imaic)
102 1x01:00Top Secret1Marcel Sasik (Imaic)
103 1x01:00Total Chaos1Marcel Sasik (Imaic)
104 1x01:00Tu Di Diom1Marcel Sasik (Imaic)
105 1x00:16Why You?1Marcel Sasik (Imaic)
106 1x00:18Work in White House1Marcel Sasik (Imaic)
107 1x00:15World1Marcel Sasik (Imaic)
108 1x00:33Wroam Music1Marcel Sasik (Imaic)
109 0x00:00Wrooam1Marcel Sasik (Imaic)
110 0x00:00Wrooam2Marcel Sasik (Imaic)
111 0x00:00Wrooam3Marcel Sasik (Imaic)
112 0x00:00Wrooam4Marcel Sasik (Imaic)
113 1x01:00Zodiac1Marcel Sasik (Imaic)
Total: 90x82:16