C64 Top Sid Songs

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#PlayedPlaytime ∑TitleSubsongAuthor
0x00:00Anticipation1Tobias Göhlke (Toggle)
0x00:00Boreal Sunrise1Tobias Göhlke (Toggle)
0x00:00Bring Mich Nach Hause, Spider1Tobias Göhlke (Toggle)
2x01:01Cheers & Tributes1Tobias Göhlke (Toggle)
0x00:00Cute Bundle of Fluff1Tobias Göhlke (Toggle)
0x00:00Defier of Deadlines1Tobias Göhlke (Toggle)
0x00:00Euphoria1Tobias Göhlke (Toggle)
0x00:00Fireflies1Tobias Göhlke (Toggle)
0x00:00Flowing Slowly1Tobias Göhlke (Toggle)
10 0x00:00Flowing Slowly (extended)1Tobias Göhlke (Toggle)
11 1x02:00Glacial Blues1Tobias Göhlke (Toggle)
12 1x02:37Homecoming1Tobias Göhlke (Toggle)
13 1x00:31Irrlicht1Tobias Göhlke (Toggle)
14 0x00:00Jaded1Tobias Göhlke (Toggle)
15 17x67:08Kicks Like a M.U.L.E.1Tobias Göhlke (Toggle)
16 0x00:00Little Heart1Tobias Göhlke (Toggle)
17 0x00:00Manfred Trance1Tobias Göhlke (Toggle)
18 0x00:00Nappy Go Lucky1Tobias Göhlke (Toggle)
19 0x00:00Oakyard Memories1Tobias Göhlke (Toggle)
20 0x00:00Pantheon1Tobias Göhlke (Toggle)
21 0x00:00Pompeii1Tobias Göhlke (Toggle)
22 0x00:00Quietus1Tobias Göhlke (Toggle)
23 0x00:00Redshift1Tobias Göhlke (Toggle)
24 0x00:00Redshift Infinite1Tobias Göhlke (Toggle)
25 0x00:00Rogaland1Tobias Göhlke (Toggle)
26 0x00:00Rogaland Revisited1Tobias Göhlke (Toggle)
27 0x00:00Selenopolis1Tobias Göhlke (Toggle)
28 0x00:00Selenopolis 2.01Tobias Göhlke (Toggle)
29 0x00:00Sparkle1Tobias Göhlke (Toggle)
30 0x00:00Tidal Waves1Tobias Göhlke (Toggle)
31 2x01:19Ursa Minor1Tobias Göhlke (Toggle)
32 0x00:00Wintry Haze1Tobias Göhlke (Toggle)
33 1x00:48Wintry Haze (demo edit)1Tobias Göhlke (Toggle)
Total: 25x75:24