C64 Top Sid Songs

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#PlayedPlaytime ∑TitleSubsongAuthor
1x00:494 Count Zero1Peter Siekmann (Devilock)
1x00:264 Doom1Peter Siekmann (Devilock)
0x00:004 Greenfrog1Peter Siekmann (Devilock)
0x00:00A Storm is Coming1Peter Siekmann (Devilock)
1x00:22Afterlife1Peter Siekmann (Devilock)
0x00:00Alle Meine Entchen (in Major)1Peter Siekmann (Devilock)
0x00:00Alle Meine Entchen (in Minor)1Peter Siekmann (Devilock)
0x00:00Anbieren1Peter Siekmann (Devilock)
0x00:00Biene Maja1Peter Siekmann (Devilock)
10 1x00:24Call of DOTY1Peter Siekmann (Devilock)
11 1x00:37Cause of Death1Peter Siekmann (Devilock)
12 0x00:00Comaland Opening1Peter Siekmann (Devilock)
13 1x00:22Confidence1Peter Siekmann (Devilock)
14 1x00:27Convalescence1Peter Siekmann (Devilock)
15 1x00:24Cyber Intro1Peter Siekmann (Devilock)
16 0x00:00Deutschland (muss sterben)1Peter Siekmann (Devilock)
17 0x00:00Devilock Jokes1Peter Siekmann (Devilock)
18 0x00:00Extraterrestric Sympho1Peter Siekmann (Devilock)
19 0x00:00Falling1Peter Siekmann (Devilock)
20 1x01:01Fractal Infinity1Peter Siekmann (Devilock)
21 1x00:22Frost Point1Peter Siekmann (Devilock)
22 1x00:25Fuzzy Fusion1Peter Siekmann (Devilock)
23 0x00:00Fuzzy Fusion (reprise)1Peter Siekmann (Devilock)
24 0x00:00Game Over!1Peter Siekmann (Devilock)
25 1x00:37Gamezax1Peter Siekmann (Devilock)
26 0x00:00Get Ready!1Peter Siekmann (Devilock)
27 0x00:00Gravity Lens1Peter Siekmann (Devilock)
28 0x00:00Greenfrog Contact Note1Peter Siekmann (Devilock)
29 0x00:00Happy Birthday1Peter Siekmann (Devilock)
30 1x00:27Indestructible1Peter Siekmann (Devilock)
31 1x00:33Intro Zak 11Peter Siekmann (Devilock)
32 1x00:53Intro Zak 2 (for 711)1Peter Siekmann (Devilock)
33 8x06:11Intro Zak 3 (for 711)1Peter Siekmann (Devilock)
34 1x00:16Irish1Peter Siekmann (Devilock)
35 0x00:00Juliet1Peter Siekmann (Devilock)
36 0x00:00Juliet End1Peter Siekmann (Devilock)
37 1x01:01Lameness Since 19911Peter Siekmann (Devilock)
38 0x00:00Lauter1Peter Siekmann (Devilock)
39 2x02:18Lighthouse1Peter Siekmann (Devilock)
40 1x00:28Like the Wind1Peter Siekmann (Devilock)
41 1x00:15Madley (short version)1Peter Siekmann (Devilock)
42 0x00:00Mozart1Peter Siekmann (Devilock)
43 0x00:00Mr. Bojangles1Peter Siekmann (Devilock)
44 0x00:00My First Zak1Peter Siekmann (Devilock)
45 1x00:32Myztix1Peter Siekmann (Devilock)
46 1x00:44Night Turn1Peter Siekmann (Devilock)
47 2x01:05Nordlicht1Peter Siekmann (Devilock)
48 1x01:01Outpost1Peter Siekmann (Devilock)
49 1x00:58Outpost II - Disorder1Peter Siekmann (Devilock)
50 2x01:38Paralyse1Peter Siekmann (Devilock)
51 1x01:01Quasar1Peter Siekmann (Devilock)
52 5x04:08Raster-arse1Peter Siekmann (Devilock)
53 2x05:02Resurrection1Peter Siekmann (Devilock)
54 2x05:02Saufzucht! (tune 2)1Peter Siekmann (Devilock)
55 2x05:02Scale of Recreation1Peter Siekmann (Devilock)
56 3x06:33Shapeshifter1Peter Siekmann (Devilock)
57 0x00:00Shit Happens (tune 5)1Peter Siekmann (Devilock)
58 1x01:01Skaoz1Peter Siekmann (Devilock)
59 1x01:01Somewhere Only We Know1Peter Siekmann (Devilock)
60 1x01:01Starquest1Peter Siekmann (Devilock)
61 3x01:22Starquest (remix)1Peter Siekmann (Devilock)
62 0x00:00Sub Effect1Peter Siekmann (Devilock)
63 2x04:53Technology1Peter Siekmann (Devilock)
64 0x00:00Terminator 2 Soundtrack1Peter Siekmann (Devilock)
65 1x01:01Tetroid1Peter Siekmann (Devilock)
66 1x00:55The Dolphins Know1Peter Siekmann (Devilock)
67 0x00:00The End 11Peter Siekmann (Devilock)
68 0x00:00The End 21Peter Siekmann (Devilock)
69 0x00:00The Evil 401Peter Siekmann (Devilock)
70 1x00:19The Twister1Peter Siekmann (Devilock)
71 2x00:55X-Ray Mirror (Technology 2)1Peter Siekmann (Devilock)
72 0x00:00XMasJam'941Peter Siekmann (Devilock)
73 1x00:59You1Peter Siekmann (Devilock)
74 1x00:54You (remix)1Peter Siekmann (Devilock)
Total: 67x65:45