C64 Top Sid Songs

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#PlayedPlaytime ∑TitleSubsongAuthor
1x00:4801/19891Jesper Olsen (JO)
0x00:002 Cool Ones1Jesper Olsen (JO)
0x00:002 Cool Ones2Jesper Olsen (JO)
2x01:265 Minutes Crap1Jesper Olsen (JO)
1x01:10(untitled)1Jesper Olsen (JO)
0x00:00A(r)cade Sprint1Jesper Olsen (JO)
0x00:00A(r)cade Sprint2Jesper Olsen (JO)
0x00:00A(r)cade Sprint3Jesper Olsen (JO)
0x00:00A(r)cade Sprint4Jesper Olsen (JO)
10 0x00:00A(r)cade Sprint5Jesper Olsen (JO)
11 0x00:00A(r)cade Sprint6Jesper Olsen (JO)
12 0x00:00A(r)cade Sprint7Jesper Olsen (JO)
13 0x00:00Airwolf Theme1Jesper Olsen (JO)
14 1x00:15Airwolf!1Jesper Olsen (JO)
15 1x00:28Amok Title1Jesper Olsen (JO)
16 1x00:25Bad Again1Jesper Olsen (JO)
17 0x00:00Bad Track1Jesper Olsen (JO)
18 0x00:00Bad Track2Jesper Olsen (JO)
19 0x00:00Bad Track3Jesper Olsen (JO)
20 1x00:20Bakery Rock!1Jesper Olsen (JO)
21 1x00:26Basic Tune1Jesper Olsen (JO)
22 1x00:50Battle Pac1Jesper Olsen (JO)
23 0x00:00Battle Pac2Jesper Olsen (JO)
24 1x00:42Beat!1Jesper Olsen (JO)
25 3x03:24Better/Weird1Jesper Olsen (JO)
26 1x00:15Billie Jean (unfinished)1Jesper Olsen (JO)
27 1x00:26Catcher (tune 1)1Jesper Olsen (JO)
28 1x00:50Col1Jesper Olsen (JO)
29 1x01:10Comic Bakery Remix1Jesper Olsen (JO)
30 1x01:10Commando Theme Remix1Jesper Olsen (JO)
31 0x00:00Contex1Jesper Olsen (JO)
32 1x01:10Crocket's Theme1Jesper Olsen (JO)
33 1x00:47Cyb Test1Jesper Olsen (JO)
34 1x00:43Delirious V (second part)1Jesper Olsen (JO)
35 1x01:10Destiny (v1)1Jesper Olsen (JO)
36 0x00:00Destiny (v1)2Jesper Olsen (JO)
37 1x00:51Destiny (v2)1Jesper Olsen (JO)
38 0x00:00Destiny (v2)2Jesper Olsen (JO)
39 0x00:00Destiny (v3)1Jesper Olsen (JO)
40 0x00:00Destiny (v3)2Jesper Olsen (JO)
41 0x00:00Destiny (v3)3Jesper Olsen (JO)
42 1x00:34Disco Flip1Jesper Olsen (JO)
43 0x00:00Dos1Jesper Olsen (JO)
44 1x00:25Dreams1Jesper Olsen (JO)
45 1x00:48Fast'n'Lame1Jesper Olsen (JO)
46 1x01:08First Digi1Jesper Olsen (JO)
47 1x00:58For MON Tune1Jesper Olsen (JO)
48 0x00:00Frighthour1Jesper Olsen (JO)
49 0x00:00Gamekiller 1989 Remix1Jesper Olsen (JO)
50 4x04:02Gamlere1Jesper Olsen (JO)
51 0x00:00Gamlere2Jesper Olsen (JO)
52 0x00:00Gamlere3Jesper Olsen (JO)
53 1x00:43Gamlest1Jesper Olsen (JO)
54 0x00:00Gamlest2Jesper Olsen (JO)
55 0x00:00Grid1Jesper Olsen (JO)
56 0x00:00Hi-Score1Jesper Olsen (JO)
57 0x00:00Highlands1Jesper Olsen (JO)
58 1x00:14Hit It1Jesper Olsen (JO)
59 0x00:00Hrmm...1Jesper Olsen (JO)
60 1x01:10Impressive1Jesper Olsen (JO)
61 1x00:40Intro Music 31Jesper Olsen (JO)
62 0x00:00Intro Tune 11Jesper Olsen (JO)
63 0x00:00Jaws Imitation1Jesper Olsen (JO)
64 1x00:46JO goes Myth!1Jesper Olsen (JO)
65 0x00:00JO Test 11Jesper Olsen (JO)
66 0x00:00JO Test 21Jesper Olsen (JO)
67 2x01:48JT House (S-Express)1Jesper Olsen (JO)
68 0x00:00Lame1Jesper Olsen (JO)
69 1x01:10Le Action1Jesper Olsen (JO)
70 1x01:10Le Cool1Jesper Olsen (JO)
71 1x01:10Little Game Tune1Jesper Olsen (JO)
72 1x00:23Megabad1Jesper Olsen (JO)
73 1x00:32Megafast1Jesper Olsen (JO)
74 1x00:25Moon Patrol1Jesper Olsen (JO)
75 5x06:14Music Demo1Jesper Olsen (JO)
76 1x00:37No Good1Jesper Olsen (JO)
77 1x01:10No Name1Jesper Olsen (JO)
78 2x01:17Ny (unfinished)1Jesper Olsen (JO)
79 1x00:47Ode to Rob's Race1Jesper Olsen (JO)
80 1x00:48Old1Jesper Olsen (JO)
81 1x01:10Pice of Mind1Jesper Olsen (JO)
82 3x02:58Pice of Mind 21Jesper Olsen (JO)
83 1x01:03Psycho1Jesper Olsen (JO)
84 1x01:10Rautaudan (preview)1Jesper Olsen (JO)
85 1x01:10Rautaudaw1Jesper Olsen (JO)
86 0x00:00Rautaudaw2Jesper Olsen (JO)
87 0x00:00Rautaudaw3Jesper Olsen (JO)
88 0x00:00Rautaudaw4Jesper Olsen (JO)
89 0x00:00Rautaudaw5Jesper Olsen (JO)
90 1x00:53Rob Lam Fejl1Jesper Olsen (JO)
91 1x01:10Sex'n'Crime #101Jesper Olsen (JO)
92 1x01:10Sex'n'Crime #20 (intro)1Jesper Olsen (JO)
93 4x03:50Sex'n'Crime #51Jesper Olsen (JO)
94 0x00:00Short Jingle1Jesper Olsen (JO)
95 1x00:48Some of...1Jesper Olsen (JO)
96 0x00:00Some Sanne1Jesper Olsen (JO)
97 1x01:10Soporific1Jesper Olsen (JO)
98 4x04:35Soporific 21Jesper Olsen (JO)
99 1x01:10Soundtrack 11Jesper Olsen (JO)
100 0x00:00Soundtrack 12Jesper Olsen (JO)
101 0x00:00Soundtrack 13Jesper Olsen (JO)
102 0x00:00Soundtrack 14Jesper Olsen (JO)
103 0x00:00Soundtrack 15Jesper Olsen (JO)
104 1x00:55Tune1Jesper Olsen (JO)
105 1x01:10Tweety's Tweedledeed!1Jesper Olsen (JO)
106 5x07:20Ultima 11Jesper Olsen (JO)
107 1x00:42Wraxirmer part 51Jesper Olsen (JO)
Total: 86x80:9