C64 Top Sid Songs

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#PlayedPlaytime ∑TitleSubsongAuthor
4x03:58$50 Shades of Gradius1Markus Jentsch (c0zmo)
1x00:21Airwolf Theme1Markus Jentsch (c0zmo)
2x00:51Archon Reimagined1Markus Jentsch (c0zmo)
2x01:11Arkanoid Remake1Markus Jentsch (c0zmo)
0x00:00Autumn Skies1Markus Jentsch (c0zmo)
2x00:51Autumn Skies2Markus Jentsch (c0zmo)
2x01:02Ben Daglish Tribute1Markus Jentsch (c0zmo)
0x00:00Blissed Out1Markus Jentsch (c0zmo)
2x01:49Blissed Out2Markus Jentsch (c0zmo)
10 1x00:42Boulder Dash Remake1Markus Jentsch (c0zmo)
11 0x00:00Concert (tune 5)1Markus Jentsch (c0zmo)
12 2x05:11Drinking Buddies1Markus Jentsch (c0zmo)
13 4x04:08Elite Remake1Markus Jentsch (c0zmo)
14 1x00:26Game Art Beyond (intro)1Markus Jentsch (c0zmo)
15 2x01:47Katakis Remake1Markus Jentsch (c0zmo)
16 2x02:03Last Ninja Remix-Remix1Markus Jentsch (c0zmo)
17 0x00:00Oldschool Heaven1Markus Jentsch (c0zmo)
18 1x01:31Oldschool Heaven2Markus Jentsch (c0zmo)
19 1x01:31Out Run1Markus Jentsch (c0zmo)
20 3x03:25Performers Demo 20181Markus Jentsch (c0zmo)
21 1x00:49Pirates (Bach Prelude C Minor)1Markus Jentsch (c0zmo)
22 1x01:31R-Type Amiga Title Remake1Markus Jentsch (c0zmo)
23 1x01:31Space Harrier Remake1Markus Jentsch (c0zmo)
24 1x01:16Space Oddity1Markus Jentsch (c0zmo)
25 2x02:39The First Storm1Markus Jentsch (c0zmo)
26 2x03:22The First Storm2Markus Jentsch (c0zmo)
27 0x00:00The Treasure is All Mine1Markus Jentsch (c0zmo)
28 1x01:31The Treasure is All Mine2Markus Jentsch (c0zmo)
29 1x00:47Times of Lore1Markus Jentsch (c0zmo)
30 2x01:37To Be on Top1Markus Jentsch (c0zmo)
31 0x00:00Transforming1Markus Jentsch (c0zmo)
32 1x01:31Transforming2Markus Jentsch (c0zmo)
33 1x01:31Vandalism News #71 (intro)1Markus Jentsch (c0zmo)
34 1x01:31Wizard of Wor1Markus Jentsch (c0zmo)
35 1x01:31Zeitanomalie 41Markus Jentsch (c0zmo)
36 1x01:08Zeitanomalie 51Markus Jentsch (c0zmo)
37 0x00:00Zeitanomalie III1Markus Jentsch (c0zmo)
Total: 49x53:2