C64 Top Sid Songs

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#PlayedPlaytime ∑TitleSubsongAuthor
1x00:32(untitled)1Roman Majewski (Compod)
0x00:00A Summer to Remember1Roman Majewski (Compod)
1x01:16A View to a Kill1Roman Majewski (Compod)
1x01:16Abduction Feelings1Roman Majewski (Compod)
0x00:00Ace of Base1Roman Majewski (Compod)
1x00:20Albion (note)1Roman Majewski (Compod)
1x01:16All Saints' Day1Roman Majewski (Compod)
1x00:21Alphaville1Roman Majewski (Compod)
1x00:25Amazing Stories1Roman Majewski (Compod)
10 1x00:19Angel1Roman Majewski (Compod)
11 0x00:00Another Day in Paradise1Roman Majewski (Compod)
12 0x00:00Another Time1Roman Majewski (Compod)
13 1x01:16Anxiety1Roman Majewski (Compod)
14 1x01:16Apache1Roman Majewski (Compod)
15 1x01:16As If Nothing Had Happened1Roman Majewski (Compod)
16 1x01:16Bielyje Rozy1Roman Majewski (Compod)
17 2x02:33Big Trouble1Roman Majewski (Compod)
18 1x00:58Black Lack1Roman Majewski (Compod)
19 1x01:16Black Moon Rising1Roman Majewski (Compod)
20 1x01:16Brainchild1Roman Majewski (Compod)
21 1x01:16Calypso Part 11Roman Majewski (Compod)
22 1x01:11Cats1Roman Majewski (Compod)
23 1x01:16Chopin1Roman Majewski (Compod)
24 1x01:16Clear as Crystal1Roman Majewski (Compod)
25 1x01:16Clever Man1Roman Majewski (Compod)
26 1x00:45Coldiarus1Roman Majewski (Compod)
27 1x00:38Coldiarus2Roman Majewski (Compod)
28 0x00:00Coldiarus3Roman Majewski (Compod)
29 0x00:00Coldiarus4Roman Majewski (Compod)
30 0x00:00Coldiarus5Roman Majewski (Compod)
31 0x00:00Coma Light VIII (part 11)1Roman Majewski (Compod)
32 0x00:00Coma Light VIII (part 9)1Roman Majewski (Compod)
33 1x01:16Competition's Tune Part 11Roman Majewski (Compod)
34 2x01:48Competition's Tune Part 21Roman Majewski (Compod)
35 1x01:16Confusion1Roman Majewski (Compod)
36 1x00:31Cronor 11Roman Majewski (Compod)
37 1x01:16Cronor 21Roman Majewski (Compod)
38 1x01:16Crystal Sheep (tune 13)1Roman Majewski (Compod)
39 1x01:16Crystal Sheep (tune 3)1Roman Majewski (Compod)
40 1x00:57Crystal Sheep (tune 7)1Roman Majewski (Compod)
41 2x01:48Crystal Sheep III Intro1Roman Majewski (Compod)
42 1x00:47Cudowne Dziecko1Roman Majewski (Compod)
43 1x01:04Disco Mix1Roman Majewski (Compod)
44 1x01:05Disco One1Roman Majewski (Compod)
45 1x01:16Disco Remixes1Roman Majewski (Compod)
46 1x01:16Disco Two1Roman Majewski (Compod)
47 1x01:04DJ Bobo1Roman Majewski (Compod)
48 1x01:16Dolce far niente (tune 1)1Roman Majewski (Compod)
49 1x01:16Dolce far niente (tune 11)1Roman Majewski (Compod)
50 1x01:16Dream1Roman Majewski (Compod)
51 1x00:46Dream #3 (tune 1)1Roman Majewski (Compod)
52 0x00:00Dream #4 (tune 2)1Roman Majewski (Compod)
53 1x01:16Dream #5 (tune 3)1Roman Majewski (Compod)
54 1x01:16Dream 2 (magazine)1Roman Majewski (Compod)
55 1x01:16Dreamland1Roman Majewski (Compod)
56 1x01:16Dreamscape1Roman Majewski (Compod)
57 1x01:14Dubble1Roman Majewski (Compod)
58 1x00:48Dynasty1Roman Majewski (Compod)
59 1x01:16Dysan Sport1Roman Majewski (Compod)
60 1x01:16Dzieci1Roman Majewski (Compod)
61 1x01:16Egipska Opowiesc1Roman Majewski (Compod)
62 1x01:16Emotional Exchange1Roman Majewski (Compod)
63 1x01:16Enola Gay1Roman Majewski (Compod)
64 1x01:16Erotic Sleep1Roman Majewski (Compod)
65 1x01:16Faint1Roman Majewski (Compod)
66 1x00:54Fancy!1Roman Majewski (Compod)
67 1x01:16Fantasies1Roman Majewski (Compod)
68 1x01:16Farewell1Roman Majewski (Compod)
69 1x01:12Fatal Attraction1Roman Majewski (Compod)
70 1x00:33Fateful Sleep1Roman Majewski (Compod)
71 1x00:38Ferro1Roman Majewski (Compod)
72 1x01:16Fields1Roman Majewski (Compod)
73 1x01:16Fields2Roman Majewski (Compod)
74 2x01:42Fighter1Roman Majewski (Compod)
75 1x01:16Final1Roman Majewski (Compod)
76 1x00:34Flakes1Roman Majewski (Compod)
77 1x00:25For Loader 011Roman Majewski (Compod)
78 1x00:35For Loader 021Roman Majewski (Compod)
79 1x00:18For Loader 031Roman Majewski (Compod)
80 1x01:16Four Time1Roman Majewski (Compod)
81 1x01:16Future1Roman Majewski (Compod)
82 1x01:16Gateway1Roman Majewski (Compod)
83 0x00:00Gift for the Family1Roman Majewski (Compod)
84 1x01:16Gloomy Day1Roman Majewski (Compod)
85 1x01:16Glupia Zaba1Roman Majewski (Compod)
86 1x01:16Go West1Roman Majewski (Compod)
87 1x01:16Gold1Roman Majewski (Compod)
88 1x01:16Grajek1Roman Majewski (Compod)
89 1x01:16Hang Over1Roman Majewski (Compod)
90 1x01:16Hitch-Hike1Roman Majewski (Compod)
91 1x01:16Hold On1Roman Majewski (Compod)
92 1x01:16Hold the Dream1Roman Majewski (Compod)
93 1x01:16Holiday1Roman Majewski (Compod)
94 1x01:16Horrible (tune 1)1Roman Majewski (Compod)
95 1x01:16Horrible (tune 2)1Roman Majewski (Compod)
96 1x01:16Horrible (tune 8)1Roman Majewski (Compod)
97 1x00:35Hospitable House1Roman Majewski (Compod)
98 0x00:00House1Roman Majewski (Compod)
99 1x00:18Hunter1Roman Majewski (Compod)
100 0x00:00I Am Very Sorry1Roman Majewski (Compod)
101 0x00:00I Don't Know1Roman Majewski (Compod)
102 1x00:21I Love My Girl1Roman Majewski (Compod)
103 0x00:00I'd Do Anything for Love1Roman Majewski (Compod)
104 0x00:00Identity Card1Roman Majewski (Compod)
105 0x00:00If Only1Roman Majewski (Compod)
106 0x00:00In Token of Friendship1Roman Majewski (Compod)
107 1x00:36Infatuate1Roman Majewski (Compod)
108 0x00:00Insectiside1Roman Majewski (Compod)
109 0x00:00Inventor1Roman Majewski (Compod)
110 0x00:00It's Luck!1Roman Majewski (Compod)
111 0x00:00It's Mad World1Roman Majewski (Compod)
112 0x00:00Jasnowlosa1Roman Majewski (Compod)
113 0x00:00Kan Tech1Roman Majewski (Compod)
114 0x00:00Keep of Dancing1Roman Majewski (Compod)
115 1x00:26Keeper1Roman Majewski (Compod)
116 0x00:00Kolorowe Kredki!1Roman Majewski (Compod)
117 1x00:20Koreks1Roman Majewski (Compod)
118 1x00:26L'Amour Braque1Roman Majewski (Compod)
119 0x00:00La Isla Bonita1Roman Majewski (Compod)
120 1x00:16Love Forever1Roman Majewski (Compod)
121 0x00:00Love Letter1Roman Majewski (Compod)
122 1x00:51Lovesick1Roman Majewski (Compod)
123 1x01:16Magic of the Universe (preview)1Roman Majewski (Compod)
124 1x00:20Mamamia1Roman Majewski (Compod)
125 1x00:34Marker1Roman Majewski (Compod)
126 3x03:34Masterjam1Roman Majewski (Compod)
127 1x00:44Mega Sharp Recital1Roman Majewski (Compod)
128 0x00:00Mendacious1Roman Majewski (Compod)
129 0x00:00Military '921Roman Majewski (Compod)
130 0x00:00Misfortune1Roman Majewski (Compod)
131 1x00:20Mono-X1Roman Majewski (Compod)
132 0x00:00Moon Party1Roman Majewski (Compod)
133 1x00:34Muisyle1Roman Majewski (Compod)
134 1x01:16Music 11Roman Majewski (Compod)
135 1x01:01Music 21Roman Majewski (Compod)
136 1x00:38Music 31Roman Majewski (Compod)
137 1x01:16Music 41Roman Majewski (Compod)
138 0x00:00Music 51Roman Majewski (Compod)
139 1x00:43Music 61Roman Majewski (Compod)
140 1x00:39My World1Roman Majewski (Compod)
141 1x00:22Naj Story1Roman Majewski (Compod)
142 1x01:16Nastolatka1Roman Majewski (Compod)
143 1x01:16Nessun Dorma1Roman Majewski (Compod)
144 1x01:16Nie Placz Kiedy Odjade1Roman Majewski (Compod)
145 1x01:16Nightclub1Roman Majewski (Compod)
146 1x00:33No Limit Mix! C641Roman Majewski (Compod)
147 1x01:16No More1Roman Majewski (Compod)
148 1x01:16Nocturno1Roman Majewski (Compod)
149 0x00:00Nocturno2Roman Majewski (Compod)
150 0x00:00Nocturno3Roman Majewski (Compod)
151 0x00:00Nocturno4Roman Majewski (Compod)
152 0x00:00Nocturno5Roman Majewski (Compod)
153 0x00:00Nocturno6Roman Majewski (Compod)
154 0x00:00Nocturno7Roman Majewski (Compod)
155 0x00:00Nocturno8Roman Majewski (Compod)
156 0x00:00Object of Art1Roman Majewski (Compod)
157 0x00:00Oh Carol1Roman Majewski (Compod)
158 1x02:10Old Style1Roman Majewski (Compod)
159 1x00:18On the Line1Roman Majewski (Compod)
160 1x00:44On the Sly1Roman Majewski (Compod)
161 1x01:30One Night1Roman Majewski (Compod)
162 1x01:42Pentel1Roman Majewski (Compod)
163 1x00:15Philosophy of Life1Roman Majewski (Compod)
164 0x00:00Pils1Roman Majewski (Compod)
165 0x00:00Plasmus1Roman Majewski (Compod)
166 0x00:00Popeye Remix1Roman Majewski (Compod)
167 0x00:00Positive Logic1Roman Majewski (Compod)
168 0x00:00Preparatory School1Roman Majewski (Compod)
169 0x00:00Prex-61Roman Majewski (Compod)
170 1x00:43Project 01 (C.C.Catch)1Roman Majewski (Compod)
171 1x00:34Project 021Roman Majewski (Compod)
172 0x00:00Project 031Roman Majewski (Compod)
173 0x00:00Project 041Roman Majewski (Compod)
174 0x00:00Project 051Roman Majewski (Compod)
175 0x00:00Project 061Roman Majewski (Compod)
176 0x00:00Project 071Roman Majewski (Compod)
177 0x00:00Project 081Roman Majewski (Compod)
178 0x00:00Project 091Roman Majewski (Compod)
179 0x00:00Project 101Roman Majewski (Compod)
180 0x00:00Project 111Roman Majewski (Compod)
181 0x00:00Public1Roman Majewski (Compod)
182 0x00:00Pusta Plaza1Roman Majewski (Compod)
183 0x00:00Quick1Roman Majewski (Compod)
184 1x00:48Racing1Roman Majewski (Compod)
185 1x00:27Ratboy Preview1Roman Majewski (Compod)
186 1x01:21Rave Party1Roman Majewski (Compod)
187 1x01:15Recollection1Roman Majewski (Compod)
188 1x00:59Relay Race1Roman Majewski (Compod)
189 1x01:21Revel1Roman Majewski (Compod)
190 1x01:21Russia1Roman Majewski (Compod)
191 1x00:41Scatman's World1Roman Majewski (Compod)
192 1x01:12Secret1Roman Majewski (Compod)
193 1x01:21Separate World1Roman Majewski (Compod)
194 1x01:21Separation1Roman Majewski (Compod)
195 1x01:20Shockwaves1Roman Majewski (Compod)
196 1x01:21Sivir 5 Part 11Roman Majewski (Compod)
197 1x01:02Sivir 5 Part 21Roman Majewski (Compod)
198 1x01:21Six Four1Roman Majewski (Compod)
199 2x01:20Sleeping Partner1Roman Majewski (Compod)
200 1x00:59Small Kids1Roman Majewski (Compod)
201 1x01:21Spiaca Krolewna1Roman Majewski (Compod)
202 1x01:21Spy1Roman Majewski (Compod)
203 1x00:47Sterix1Roman Majewski (Compod)
204 1x01:21Still of the Night1Roman Majewski (Compod)
205 1x01:03Stinking Smuggling1Roman Majewski (Compod)
206 1x01:20Strait-Jacket1Roman Majewski (Compod)
207 1x00:28Substantial Meal1Roman Majewski (Compod)
208 1x01:21Sweet Hearts Dance1Roman Majewski (Compod)
209 1x01:21System 351Roman Majewski (Compod)
210 1x01:21System P3651Roman Majewski (Compod)
211 1x01:21Take Me to Heaven1Roman Majewski (Compod)
212 1x00:59TAT Intro1Roman Majewski (Compod)
213 1x01:21Techno Mix '931Roman Majewski (Compod)
214 1x00:26Teddy Bear1Roman Majewski (Compod)
215 1x01:21Tell Me Why1Roman Majewski (Compod)
216 1x01:21Tested1Roman Majewski (Compod)
217 1x00:48Thank God!1Roman Majewski (Compod)
218 1x01:16The Big Blue1Roman Majewski (Compod)
219 1x01:03The Cop1Roman Majewski (Compod)
220 1x01:16The Door Was Ajar1Roman Majewski (Compod)
221 1x01:16The Goa1Roman Majewski (Compod)
222 1x00:28The Octagon1Roman Majewski (Compod)
223 0x00:00The Piano1Roman Majewski (Compod)
224 1x01:21The Silk Road1Roman Majewski (Compod)
225 1x01:21Tol & Tol1Roman Majewski (Compod)
226 1x01:13Tomorrow Never Comes1Roman Majewski (Compod)
227 1x01:21Top One Mix1Roman Majewski (Compod)
228 0x00:00Torreado1Roman Majewski (Compod)
229 1x01:20Torreado (v2)1Roman Majewski (Compod)
230 1x01:21Trance 4 Agniesia1Roman Majewski (Compod)
231 1x01:21Trance in my Heart!1Roman Majewski (Compod)
232 1x01:21Trance Technology1Roman Majewski (Compod)
233 1x01:21Trancemania!1Roman Majewski (Compod)
234 1x00:59True Devotion1Roman Majewski (Compod)
235 1x01:21True Tension1Roman Majewski (Compod)
236 1x01:21Ways of Love1Roman Majewski (Compod)
237 1x01:21Well1Roman Majewski (Compod)
238 2x01:56Weselna1Roman Majewski (Compod)
239 1x00:47What Else1Roman Majewski (Compod)
240 0x00:00What Is This?1Roman Majewski (Compod)
241 1x01:05Who's That Girl ?1Roman Majewski (Compod)
242 0x00:00Wild Party1Roman Majewski (Compod)
243 1x01:21Without a Trace1Roman Majewski (Compod)
244 1x00:28Without You1Roman Majewski (Compod)
245 0x00:00Wolanie Przez Cisze1Roman Majewski (Compod)
246 1x00:32World Gone Wild1Roman Majewski (Compod)
247 1x01:21Wszystko Sie Zmienilo1Roman Majewski (Compod)
248 1x00:40You Can Make It!1Roman Majewski (Compod)
Total: 191x199:18