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SidTool was a project of mine back in 2007 to get started developing in .NET Framework. It has been discontinued for some years now, due to lack of time, but mainly because of loss of sourcecode due to HDD wreckage. So always have a backup, right ;)
It has been succeeded in 2021 by SidTool 2 which has been rewritten almost from scratch and can be downloaded here. However, Version 1 is still fully functional even on Windows 10 assuming you have the proper .NET Framework installed. Just rename the "Songlength.md5" in the Documents folder of your HVSC back to "Songlength.txt" to have Songlength support.
If you want to leave a message, please email madman [sid] sidtool.de for bug reports and/or feature requests.
Happy SIDing!

Madman, February 2019

Features & Download

SIDTool is a SID Player or SID Emulator Frontend for Windows with new and unique features that no other SID tool for windows offers:

  • First tool to support WinVice for playing SIDs
  • Support Sidplay2 for playback
  • Support TinySID for playback
  • Support Hoxs64 for playback
  • HardSID support via TinySID
  • Easy access to the entire High Voltage Sid Collection
  • Easy single-click interface
  • Songlength database support integration
  • Continuous play to discover SIDs unknown to you
  • Shuffle Funktion (Plays random SIDs)
  • Playlist support with ability to add certain subsongs
  • Experimental sid2midi support
  • Advanced search function for filenames, STIL and SID-Header
  • STIL display
  • Build on .NET framework 2.0 (required)

Download here

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