C64 Top Sid Songs

This is what people actually listen to using SidTool. Links require SidTool to function properly. Click any songtitle to launch the specified Sid in SidTool. Click songnumber for Sid Details. Click composer name for list of SIDs. As the data grows, features will be added.

#Played Playtime ∑ Title SubsongAuthor
77001 0x  00:00Oljeberget1Tobias Svensson (Zzap69)
77002 0x  00:00One Bit Wonder1Tobias Svensson (Zzap69)
77003 0x  00:00Opera Rothelius1Tobias Svensson (Zzap69)
77004 0x  00:00Orkanen1Tobias Svensson (Zzap69)
77005 0x  00:00Pale Blue Dot1Tobias Svensson (Zzap69)
77006 0x  00:00Pepparkaka1Tobias Svensson (Zzap69)
77007 0x  00:00Porrdisko1Tobias Svensson (Zzap69)
77008 0x  00:00Return of the Iceman1Tobias Svensson (Zzap69)
77009 0x  00:00Sculpting the Data1Tobias Svensson (Zzap69)
77010 0x  00:00Skovballe Hangover1Tobias Svensson (Zzap69)
77011 0x  00:00Snoring Laughter1Tobias Svensson (Zzap69)
77012 0x  00:00Sonar Control1Tobias Svensson (Zzap69)
77013 0x  00:00Stuck1Tobias Svensson (Zzap69)
77014 0x  00:00St. Arse Fis - Anthem1Tobias Svensson (Zzap69)
77015 0x  00:00Tack Edvin1Tobias Svensson (Zzap69)
77016 0x  00:00Things You Did1Tobias Svensson (Zzap69)
77017 0x  00:00Thumb Mitten1Tobias Svensson (Zzap69)
77018 0x  00:00Urtsabukkah1Tobias Svensson (Zzap69)
77019 0x  00:00Wafadrive in 1011Tobias Svensson (Zzap69)
77020 0x  00:00The Wall1Tobias Svensson (Zzap69)
77021 0x  00:00Zyron Est Fart1Tobias Svensson (Zzap69)
77022 0x  00:00Zyron i farten1Tobias Svensson (Zzap69)
77023 0x  00:00Emphatic #4 (intro)1Nathan Watkins (ZZR)
77024 0x  00:00First Experiment1Nathan Watkins (ZZR)
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