C64 Top Sid Songs

This is what people actually listen to using SidTool. Links require SidTool to function properly. Click any songtitle to launch the specified Sid in SidTool. Click songnumber for Sid Details. Click composer name for list of SIDs. As the data grows, features will be added.

#Played Playtime ∑ Title SubsongAuthor
77001 0x  00:00Euh (tune 5)1Stefan (HSG)
77002 0x  00:00SuperTed - The Search for Spot1Ben Hayes
77003 0x  00:00Alien's Symphony1Ron Grahnert (Odysseus)
77004 0x  00:00Mystery13Jan Zimmermann
77005 0x  00:00Edelin Tales Theme1Gaetano Chiummo
77006 0x  00:00Goosebusters3Geoff Follin
77007 0x  00:00Stranger1Janne Kurunsaari (Hidden)
77008 0x  00:00House Beat1Marco Swagerman (MC)
77009 0x  00:00Thalamusik Remix1Nick Torkington (Tork)
77010 0x  00:00Carnage1Andrew Rodger
77011 0x  00:00Singles Collection v2 (intro)1Vanja Utne (Mermaid)
77012 0x  00:00Perlewyg1Andy Vaisey
77013 0x  00:00Aerobics1Bill Mauchly
77014 0x  00:00Game On (1992/02)6Thomas Detert
77015 0x  00:00Gyropod1Paul Hodgson
77016 0x  00:00Crystal Castles6(unknown)
77017 0x  00:00Crush (level 2 tunes)2Tufan Uysal (SoNiC)
77018 0x  00:00Harmony1Daniel Hansson (Matrix)
77019 0x  00:00Corazon1Ari-Pekka Paljakka (Zardax)
77020 0x  00:00Ghost Town 641Jan Rödig (Spider Jerusalem)
77021 0x  00:00Goonies (tape version)17John A. Fitzpatrick
77022 0x  00:00Cohen's Towers5Frank Cohen
77023 0x  00:00Pieces5Balázs Bócsa
77024 0x  00:00Rad-X1Alex Brem (freQvibez)
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