C64 Top Sid Songs

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#Played Playtime ∑ Title SubsongAuthor
77001 0x  00:00New Year's Resolution1Vanja Utne (Mermaid)
77002 0x  00:00Ninja Duck1Vanja Utne (Mermaid)
77003 0x  00:00No Limit1Vanja Utne (Mermaid)
77004 0x  00:00Odyssey1Vanja Utne (Mermaid)
77005 0x  00:00Ökensand i Kalsongen1Vanja Utne (Mermaid)
77006 0x  00:00Pachelbel1Vanja Utne (Mermaid)
77007 0x  00:00Pantoffelmos me piskfinnar1Vanja Utne (Mermaid)
77008 0x  00:00Pantoffelmos me piskfinnar v21Vanja Utne (Mermaid)
77009 0x  00:00Paraplysang1Vanja Utne (Mermaid)
77010 0x  00:00Part 21Vanja Utne (Mermaid)
77011 0x  00:00Penguin Holiday1Vanja Utne (Mermaid)
77012 0x  00:00Petunia Pickles Pumpkin1Vanja Utne
77013 0x  00:00Petunia Pickles Pumpkin2Vanja Utne
77014 0x  00:00Petunia Pickles Pumpkin3Vanja Utne
77015 0x  00:00Pew Pew!1Vanja Utne (Mermaid)
77016 0x  00:00Phaleon1Vanja Utne (Mermaid)
77017 0x  00:00Plarp!1Vanja Utne (Mermaid)
77018 0x  00:00Plastic1Vanja Utne (Mermaid)
77019 0x  00:00Platune1Vanja Utne (Mermaid)
77020 0x  00:00Pompel1Vanja Utne (Mermaid)
77021 0x  00:00Pompel2Vanja Utne (Mermaid)
77022 0x  00:00Pompel3Vanja Utne (Mermaid)
77023 0x  00:00Pond Loader 11Vanja Utne
77024 0x  00:00Pond Loader 21Vanja Utne
77025 0x  00:00Purple Haze (Tonedeaf Punk Mix)1Vanja Utne (Mermaid)
77026 0x  00:00Rainy Day1Vanja Utne (Mermaid)
77027 0x  00:00Rainy Day2Vanja Utne (Mermaid)
77028 0x  00:00Random Acts of Cruelty1Vanja Utne (Mermaid)
77029 0x  00:00Relaxed1Vanja Utne (Mermaid)
77030 0x  00:00Relaxed2Vanja Utne (Mermaid)
77031 0x  00:00Requiem1Vanja Utne (Mermaid)
77032 0x  00:00Revolver1Vanja Utne (Mermaid)
77033 0x  00:00Rincewind1Vanja Utne (Mermaid)
77034 0x  00:00RJ1Vanja Utne (Mermaid)
77035 0x  00:00Robocod1Vanja Utne (Mermaid)
77036 0x  00:00Robof1Vanja Utne (Mermaid)
77037 0x  00:00Rock1Vanja Utne (Mermaid)
77038 0x  00:00Rock and Roll1Vanja Utne (Mermaid)
77039 0x  00:00Roman Tile1Vanja Utne (Dimmare)
77040 0x  00:00Saft1Vanja Utne (Mermaid)
77041 0x  00:00Saft2Vanja Utne (Mermaid)
77042 0x  00:00Saft3Vanja Utne (Mermaid)
77043 0x  00:00Saracens1Vanja Utne (Mermaid)
77044 0x  00:00Saracens2Vanja Utne (Mermaid)
77045 0x  00:00Secret Land1Vanja Utne (Mermaid)
77046 0x  00:00Secret Land2Vanja Utne (Mermaid)
77047 0x  00:00Secret Land3Vanja Utne (Mermaid)
77048 0x  00:00Seeing Stars1Vanja Utne (Mermaid)
77049 0x  00:00Shadowfire 20001Vanja Utne (Mermaid)
77050 0x  00:00Singel Snigel1Vanja Utne (Mermaid)
77051 0x  00:00Singles Collection v2 (intro)1Vanja Utne (Mermaid)
77052 0x  00:00Sixx'l F1Vanja Utne (Mermaid)
77053 0x  00:00Skranglesang1Vanja Utne (Mermaid)
77054 0x  00:00Sloom1Vanja Utne (Mermaid)
77055 0x  00:00Smådjurens Sommarfest1Vanja Utne (Mermaid)
77056 0x  00:00Snorkfunk1Vanja Utne (Mermaid)
77057 0x  00:00Snusbrun Intro1Vanja Utne (Mermaid)
77058 0x  00:00So Hard1Vanja Utne (Mermaid)
77059 0x  00:00Spaceman Splorf: Planet of Doom1Vanja Utne (Mermaid)
77060 0x  00:00Spaceman Splorf: Planet of Doom2Vanja Utne (Mermaid)
77061 0x  00:00Spaceman Splorf: Planet of Doom3Vanja Utne (Mermaid)
77062 0x  00:00Spaceman Splorf: Planet of Doom4Vanja Utne (Mermaid)
77063 0x  00:00Spaceman Splorf: Planet of Doom5Vanja Utne (Mermaid)
77064 0x  00:00Spaceman Splorf: Planet of Doom6Vanja Utne (Mermaid)
77065 0x  00:00Spaceman Splorf: Planet of Doom7Vanja Utne (Mermaid)
77066 0x  00:00Spaceman Splorf: Planet of Doom8Vanja Utne (Mermaid)
77067 0x  00:00Speed1Vanja Utne (Mermaid)
77068 0x  00:00Starpaws 20011Vanja Utne (Mermaid)
77069 0x  00:00Summerdemotunes1Vanja Utne (Mermaid)
77070 0x  00:00Summerdemotunes2Vanja Utne (Mermaid)
77071 0x  00:00Summer Day1Vanja Utne (Mermaid)
77072 0x  00:00Summer Day2Vanja Utne (Mermaid)
77073 0x  00:00Summer Day3Vanja Utne (Mermaid)
77074 0x  00:00Summer Day4Vanja Utne (Mermaid)
77075 0x  00:00Summer Day5Vanja Utne (Mermaid)
77076 0x  00:00Sun1Vanja Utne (Mermaid)
77077 0x  00:00Sunmix1Vanja Utne (Mermaid)
77078 0x  00:00Sunmix2Vanja Utne (Mermaid)
77079 0x  00:00Super Bonkey Kong1Vanja Utne
77080 0x  00:00Super Bonkey Kong2Vanja Utne
77081 0x  00:00Super Bonkey Kong3Vanja Utne
77082 0x  00:00Super Bonkey Kong4Vanja Utne
77083 0x  00:00Super Bonkey Kong5Vanja Utne
77084 0x  00:00Super Bonkey Kong6Vanja Utne
77085 0x  00:00Super Bonkey Kong7Vanja Utne
77086 0x  00:00Super Bonkey Kong8Vanja Utne
77087 0x  00:00Super Bonkey Kong9Vanja Utne
77088 0x  00:00Super Bonkey Kong10Vanja Utne
77089 0x  00:00Super Bonkey Kong11Vanja Utne
77090 0x  00:00Super Ski1Vanja Utne
77091 0x  00:00Super Ski2Vanja Utne
77092 0x  00:00Super Ski3Vanja Utne
77093 0x  00:00Super Ski4Vanja Utne
77094 0x  00:00Super Ski5Vanja Utne
77095 0x  00:00Tag My Rat1Vanja Utne (Mermaid)
77096 0x  00:00Tallefjant1Vanja Utne (Mermaid)
77097 0x  00:00Tease1Vanja Utne (Mermaid)
77098 0x  00:00Teknuh1Vanja Utne (Mermaid)
77099 0x  00:00Testtunes1Vanja Utne (Mermaid)
77100 0x  00:00Testtunes2Vanja Utne (Mermaid)
77101 0x  00:00Testtunes3Vanja Utne (Mermaid)
77102 0x  00:00Testtunes4Vanja Utne (Mermaid)
77103 0x  00:00Testtunes5Vanja Utne (Mermaid)
77104 0x  00:00Testtunes6Vanja Utne (Mermaid)
77105 0x  00:00Testtunes7Vanja Utne (Mermaid)
77106 0x  00:00Testtunes8Vanja Utne (Mermaid)
77107 0x  00:00Thalamix1Vanja Utne (Mermaid)
77108 0x  00:00Thalamix II1Vanja Utne (Mermaid)
77109 0x  00:00This Hole in my Heart1Vanja Utne (Mermaid)
77110 0x  00:00Tune1Vanja Utne (Mermaid)
77111 0x  00:00Twain1Vanja Utne (Mermaid)
77112 0x  00:00Twain2Vanja Utne (Mermaid)
77113 0x  00:00Twilight Rider1Vanja Utne (Mermaid)
77114 0x  00:00T R I P theme1Vanja Utne (Mermaid)
77115 0x  00:00T R I P theme2Vanja Utne (Mermaid)
77116 0x  00:00T R I P theme3Vanja Utne (Mermaid)
77117 0x  00:00T R I P theme4Vanja Utne (Mermaid)
77118 0x  00:00T R I P theme5Vanja Utne (Mermaid)
77119 0x  00:00T R I P theme6Vanja Utne (Mermaid)
77120 0x  00:00T R I P theme7Vanja Utne (Mermaid)
77121 0x  00:00T R I P theme8Vanja Utne (Mermaid)
77122 0x  00:00Useless1Vanja Utne (Mermaid)
77123 0x  00:00Useless1Vanja Utne (Mermaid)
77124 0x  00:00Useless2Vanja Utne (Mermaid)
77125 0x  00:00Vajonneena1Vanja Utne (Mermaid)
77126 0x  00:00Vektor1Vanja Utne (Mermaid)
77127 0x  00:00Virus v11Vanja Utne (Mermaid)
77128 0x  00:00Virus v21Vanja Utne (Mermaid)
77129 0x  00:00Wastelands1Vanja Utne (Mermaid)
77130 0x  00:00Way of the Exploding Duck1Vanja Utne (Mermaid)
77131 0x  00:00Weemoed1Vanja Utne (Mermaid)
77132 0x  00:00Whatever1Vanja Utne (Mermaid)
77133 0x  00:00White Rabbit, Dark Shadows1Vanja Utne (Mermaid)
77134 0x  00:00White Rabbit, Dark Shadows2Vanja Utne (Mermaid)
77135 0x  00:00White Rabbit, Dark Shadows3Vanja Utne (Mermaid)
77136 0x  00:00Winky Blinky1Vanja Utne
77137 0x  00:00Winter Day1Vanja Utne (Mermaid)
77138 0x  00:00Yellow1Vanja Utne (Mermaid)
77139 0x  00:00Ypsilon1Vanja Utne (Mermaid)
77140 0x  00:00Zeta1Vanja Utne (Mermaid)
77141 0x  00:00The A-Team theme1Andrew Fisher (Merman)
77142 0x  00:00The A-Team theme1Andrew Fisher (Merman)
77143 0x  00:00Acquiesce1Andrew Fisher (Merman)
77144 0x  00:00Adobe1Andrew Fisher (Merman)
77145 0x  00:00Adventure1Andrew Fisher (Merman)
77146 0x  00:00Aggro1Andrew Fisher (Merman)
77147 0x  00:00All You Need Is Love1Andrew Fisher (Merman)
77148 0x  00:00Alpine1Andrew Fisher (Merman)
77149 0x  00:00Andante1Andrew Fisher (Merman)
77150 0x  00:00Angela1Andrew Fisher (Merman)
77151 0x  00:00Another One Bites the Dust1Andrew Fisher (Merman)
77152 0x  00:00At the Hop1Andrew Fisher (Merman)
77153 0x  00:00Auf Wiedersehen Pet1Andrew Fisher (Merman)
77154 0x  00:00Autumn1Andrew Fisher (Merman)
77155 0x  00:00AY-OK1Andrew Fisher (Merman)
77156 0x  00:00Baby It's You1Andrew Fisher (Merman)
77157 0x  00:00Back in the USSR1Andrew Fisher (Merman)
77158 0x  00:00Back to the 80's1Andrew Fisher (Merman)
77159 0x  00:00Badhead1Andrew Fisher (Merman)
77160 0x  00:00Baggy Trousers1Andrew Fisher (Merman)
77161 0x  00:00Baggy Trousers'991Andrew Fisher (Merman)
77162 0x  00:00Bang1Andrew Fisher (Merman)
77163 0x  00:00Bang'99 remix1Andrew Fisher (Merman)
77164 0x  00:00Bank Holiday1Andrew Fisher (Merman)
77165 0x  00:00Banshee1Andrew Fisher (Merman)
77166 0x  00:00Baroque1Andrew Fisher (Merman)
77167 0x  00:00Barren Land1Andrew Fisher (Merman)
77168 0x  00:00Basket Case1Andrew Fisher (Merman)
77169 0x  00:00Bead1Andrew Fisher (Merman)
77170 0x  00:00Bed's Too Big Without You1Andrew Fisher (Merman)
77171 0x  00:00Beg1Andrew Fisher (Merman)
77172 0x  00:00Beginning1Andrew Fisher (Merman)
77173 0x  00:00Behind My Camel1Andrew Fisher (Merman)
77174 0x  00:00Best Days1Andrew Fisher (Merman)
77175 0x  00:00Beta1Andrew Fisher (Merman)
77176 0x  00:00Be My Girl1Andrew Fisher (Merman)
77177 0x  00:00Birthday1Andrew Fisher (Merman)
77178 0x  00:00Blackbird1Andrew Fisher (Merman)
77179 0x  00:00Bleak1Andrew Fisher (Merman)
77180 0x  00:00Bliss1Andrew Fisher (Merman)
77181 0x  00:00The Blues Brothers Album Part 11Andrew Fisher (Merman)
77182 0x  00:00The Blues Brothers Album Part 12Andrew Fisher (Merman)
77183 0x  00:00The Blues Brothers Album Part 13Andrew Fisher (Merman)
77184 0x  00:00The Blues Brothers Album Part 14Andrew Fisher (Merman)
77185 0x  00:00The Blues Brothers Album Part 15Andrew Fisher (Merman)
77186 0x  00:00The Blues Brothers Album Part 21Andrew Fisher (Merman)
77187 0x  00:00The Blues Brothers Album Part 22Andrew Fisher (Merman)
77188 0x  00:00The Blues Brothers Album Part 23Andrew Fisher (Merman)
77189 0x  00:00The Blues Brothers Album Part 24Andrew Fisher (Merman)
77190 0x  00:00The Blues Brothers Album Part 25Andrew Fisher (Merman)
77191 0x  00:00Bohemian Rhapsody1Andrew Fisher (Merman)
77192 0x  00:00Bombs Away1Andrew Fisher (Merman)
77193 0x  00:00Bonus Bit1Andrew Fisher (Merman)
77194 0x  00:00Borderline1Andrew Fisher (Merman)
77195 0x  00:00Born in the 50's1Andrew Fisher (Merman)
77196 0x  00:00Born Under a Bad Sign1Andrew Fisher (Merman)
77197 0x  00:00Bouncy1Andrew Fisher (Merman)
77198 0x  00:00Bouncy Loader1Andrew Fisher (Merman)
77199 0x  00:00Bouree1Andrew Fisher (Merman)
77200 0x  00:00Brand New Year1Andrew Fisher (Merman)
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