- Fixed bug which prevented chart links to open properly


- Fixed bug where window position might be saved at unreachable position
- Fixed bug when importing Top 100 playlist from website


- Sidtool Options working as intended again. (Hat tip u/pezz)
- Search Database updated to HVSC #75


The more people report bugs, the better SidTool gets. This release courtesy of: u/tobozo, u/48SH9BkX.

- Building search database in the background took way too long. Process changed back to mainthread again and optimized.
- SidTool ZIP file now contains search database for HVSC #74 anyway so people dont have to fool around with this.
- Added proper notification when SidTool initialisation fails
- Added proper notification when user does NOT select C64Music folder from HVSC


- sidtool.ini file now saved in users folder
- Version check upgraded
- Fixed minor bug on subsong display
- New option to always start at subsong #1
- STIL no longer updates on changing subsong
- DoubleClick on selected Sid now starts it (again)
- Fixed Bug when Next Sid was due but nothing selected
- Peililintu lost interest, thus SidTool no longer OS.
- Discord server closed due to related inactivity

SidTool 2.1.0

- Added menu shortcut keys
- fixed About box UI
- Options and SidDeatils now in typesafe class
- Fixed potential exception with missing setting in ini
- Fixed issue where Stop didn't work (hopefully)
- Building search database now done in background, no longer freezing SidTool up.
- Made setting HVSC path mandatory (obviously)

SidTool 2.0.9

- Sid Context menu: Copy path & Hash added
- Next/Prev Subtune buttons now only stop if there is another subsong
- Usage data request now async to prevent hanging
- Bugfix cancel save causing UHE

With this release, the ToDo List is almost complete, thus update cycles will be longer.

SidTool - Maintenance release

- Much code cleanup & refactoring - Please report any bugs/errors you encounter
- Bugfix for uncommon folder names
- Bugfix when closing SidTool without having played anything
- Bugfix for folder containing spaces (Thanks Isildur)
- Bugfix always shuffling when clicking next in Playlist
- Bugfix for sidtool protocol
- Bugfix for preferred emu in options not being used
- Bugfix for search
- Sidfiles using 3 Chips (*_3SID) now fallback to VSID as Sidplay does not support these
- More file/folder checks to prevent ugly UHE notifications
- STIL Info moved between Info & Controls to make room for tabs in upcoming major update
- Switched default player to sidplay
- Sids now counted on Start
- GUI Improvement: Shuffle buttons no longer block each other
- Minor improvements to website

SidTool 2.0.8

- Active composer folder now displaying after shuffle
- Active song title added to window title
- Fixed Bug in Search Regex ( Now 30+ hits compared to 1 for "Shining 8" search)
- Webpage: List of all songs for composers available from charts
- SidTool now autosaves Playlist on adding a song
- Override Playtime now only affects songs longer than setting
- Amount of Sids in each folder now displaying in folder view
- Added online version check
- Some minor fixes/checks

If you encounter any bugs and/or feature requests please send email to madman [sid]

Cloanto C64 & Amiga Forever 9 released

Cloanto released C64 Forever 9 and Amiga Forever 9

Reached milestone of 3000 Sids played!

Today, 11th of March, almost 3 weeks after the initial release, people have listened to 3000 Sidtunes for 247856 seconds. Thats 4130 minutes or almost 70 hours.

SidTool 2.0.7

- Fixed SidList context menu misposition
- GUI Improvement: Shufflebutton color changes when active
- Added Sid Details link to context menu & proper homepage script
- Proper text alignment in About Window
- Playlist now sortable by clicking columns
- Playlist scrolls active Sid into view
- Fixed bug when global shuffling search results
- Fixed bug using Next button when shuffling Playlist
- Fixed bug in playback data collection
- Fixed bug that kept vsid from showing up
- Sidtool now starts up with last opened folder
- Sidtool now remembers position and window size

SidTool 2.0.5

- Added option to show launched Emulators for setting them up
- Automatically play Subsongs next when available
- Search improved: Now uses space as wildcard, thus enabling multi word searches
- Updated EULA in About window
- Some minor GUI fixes

SidTool 2.0.2

- Added support for Subsongs and Shuffle Links in sidtool:// protocol and context menu
- Database structure changed
- Little changes to usage data/playing info
- Some minor bug fixes & changes

Version 1 for Windows Vista and earlier available here