C64 Top Sid Songs

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#PlayedPlaytime ∑TitleSubsongAuthor
2x02:37(untitled)1Ákos Makrai (Cane)
2x03:28(untitled)1Ákos Makrai (Cane)
1x01:31Accord1Ákos Makrai (Cane)
1x01:31Actually1Ákos Makrai (Cane)
2x03:56Azure1Ákos Makrai (Cane)
2x03:17Bahamas1Ákos Makrai (Cane)
2x03:28Bassliner1Ákos Makrai (Cane)
1x00:33Beach1Ákos Makrai (Cane)
3x07:40Brainball1Ákos Makrai (Cane)
10 2x03:51Celesta1Ákos Makrai (Cane)
11 4x05:34Cheeze1Ákos Makrai (Cane)
12 2x03:12Competition1Ákos Makrai (Cane)
13 2x02:17Cowboy Kid1Ákos Makrai (Cane)
14 2x05:08Crystals1Ákos Makrai (Cane)
15 2x01:44Death's Logoshow1Ákos Makrai (Cane)
16 2x03:05DJ-Dancer1Ákos Makrai (Cane)
17 2x05:48Dojostyle1Ákos Makrai (Cane)
18 7x10:50Doubler1Ákos Makrai (Cane)
19 2x03:10Electrixy1Ákos Makrai (Cane)
20 2x07:09Fairplay 11Ákos Makrai (Cane)
21 3x07:20Fairplay 21Ákos Makrai (Cane)
22 2x03:09Go for It1Ákos Makrai (Cane)
23 2x02:38Grandgong1Ákos Makrai (Cane)
24 8x12:10Harmonix1Ákos Makrai (Cane)
25 2x03:12Headway1Ákos Makrai (Cane)
26 2x02:32Heavybeat1Ákos Makrai (Cane)
27 2x01:42I Give It!1Ákos Makrai (Cane)
28 2x02:44Impulse1Ákos Makrai (Cane)
29 2x05:18In Action1Ákos Makrai (Cane)
30 2x02:15Intro1Ákos Makrai (Cane)
31 3x02:12Introzak1Ákos Makrai (Cane)
32 2x03:24Killing Fields1Ákos Makrai (Cane)
33 0x00:00Killing Fields2Ákos Makrai (Cane)
34 2x00:35Killing Fields3Ákos Makrai (Cane)
35 8x13:20Labour 41Ákos Makrai (Cane)
36 2x04:00Liberator (title)1Ákos Makrai (Cane)
37 1x02:04Liberator 21Ákos Makrai (Cane)
38 2x02:57Mars Disco1Ákos Makrai (Cane)
39 1x01:27Naughty1Ákos Makrai (Cane)
40 2x01:47Nightclub1Ákos Makrai (Cane)
41 1x00:23No Limits1Ákos Makrai (Cane)
42 2x04:21Notemusic1Ákos Makrai (Cane)
43 2x02:21Notezak1Ákos Makrai (Cane)
44 1x00:36Old Action1Ákos Makrai (Cane)
45 2x00:41Old days1Ákos Makrai (Cane)
46 1x00:50Pardey Zak1Ákos Makrai (Cane)
47 1x01:26Penguin1Ákos Makrai (Cane)
48 2x03:46Perfecto1Ákos Makrai (Cane)
49 2x04:19Phobos1Ákos Makrai (Cane)
50 2x04:10Pro-Tones1Ákos Makrai (Cane)
51 8x08:50Request1Ákos Makrai (Cane)
52 2x02:06Shogunnie1Ákos Makrai (Cane)
53 2x02:18Shortwave1Ákos Makrai (Cane)
54 2x03:50SidRiders1Ákos Makrai (Cane)
55 2x03:40Skatejazz1Ákos Makrai (Cane)
56 1x04:42Sonic (part 5)1Ákos Makrai (Cane)
57 2x02:25Starlight1Ákos Makrai (Cane)
58 2x01:24Success1Ákos Makrai (Cane)
59 2x02:22Techno Mix1Ákos Makrai (Cane)
60 2x02:17The Lander1Ákos Makrai (Cane)
61 1x01:41The Mixer1Ákos Makrai (Cane)
62 2x03:45True-Rule1Ákos Makrai (Cane)
Total: 139x216:48