C64 Top Sid Songs

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#PlayedPlaytime ∑TitleSubsongAuthor
1x00:161200 A.D.1Dennis Lindroos (Deadman)
0x00:00BeatBox Pack #1 Remix (tune 1)1Dennis Lindroos (Deadman)
0x00:00BeatBox Pack #1 Remix (tune 2)1Dennis Lindroos (Deadman)
0x00:00Chord Change1Dennis Lindroos (Deadman)
0x00:00Colossus Chess (Atari ST)1Dennis Lindroos (Deadman)
1x01:11Dena's Drummakers 11Dennis Lindroos (Deadman)
1x00:45Dena's Drummakers 21Dennis Lindroos (Deadman)
1x01:06Dena's Drummakers 31Dennis Lindroos (Deadman)
1x00:29Force1Dennis Lindroos (Deadman)
10 0x00:00Force (extended mix)1Dennis Lindroos (Deadman)
11 1x01:03Future Bugs1Dennis Lindroos (Deadman)
12 0x00:00Future Bugs2Dennis Lindroos (Deadman)
13 1x00:40Future Bugs3Dennis Lindroos (Deadman)
14 0x00:00Future Bugs4Dennis Lindroos (Deadman)
15 1x00:32Future Bugs5Dennis Lindroos (Deadman)
16 0x00:00Future Bugs6Dennis Lindroos (Deadman)
17 1x00:24Future Bugs7Dennis Lindroos (Deadman)
18 0x00:00Future Bugs8Dennis Lindroos (Deadman)
19 1x00:56Genesis Remix1Dennis Lindroos (Deadman)
20 0x00:00High-Tech Hippies Remix1Dennis Lindroos (Deadman)
21 1x00:40Home Computer Remix1Dennis Lindroos (Deadman)
22 1x01:21Human-Wolf Remix1Dennis Lindroos (Deadman)
23 2x02:57Hybris Remix1Dennis Lindroos (Deadman)
24 1x01:10Kapriolen (new edit)1Dennis Lindroos (Deadman)
25 1x01:16Kling Klang Inspired1Dennis Lindroos (Deadman)
26 0x00:00Kling Klang Inspired2Dennis Lindroos (Deadman)
27 0x00:00Kling Klang Inspired3Dennis Lindroos (Deadman)
28 0x00:00Kling Klang Inspired4Dennis Lindroos (Deadman)
29 0x00:00Kling Klang Inspired5Dennis Lindroos (Deadman)
30 0x00:00L.E.D. Storm (Atari ST)1Dennis Lindroos (Deadman)
31 1x00:48L.E.D. Storm Amiga Remix1Dennis Lindroos (Deadman)
32 1x00:43L.E.D. Storm Reprise1Dennis Lindroos (Deadman)
33 1x00:45Millennium Oddities1Dennis Lindroos (Deadman)
34 0x00:00Millennium Oddities2Dennis Lindroos (Deadman)
35 1x00:33Millennium Oddities3Dennis Lindroos (Deadman)
36 0x00:00Millennium Oddities4Dennis Lindroos (Deadman)
37 1x01:11Millennium Oddities5Dennis Lindroos (Deadman)
38 1x00:34Millennium Oddities6Dennis Lindroos (Deadman)
39 1x00:50Millennium Oddities7Dennis Lindroos (Deadman)
40 0x00:00Millennium Oddities8Dennis Lindroos (Deadman)
41 0x00:00Millennium Oddities9Dennis Lindroos (Deadman)
42 1x00:41Qix1Dennis Lindroos (Deadman)
43 1x01:20Raw Recruits Remix1Dennis Lindroos (Deadman)
44 1x01:20Rock Music1Dennis Lindroos (Deadman)
45 1x01:18Rollerboard tune 2 Remix1Dennis Lindroos (Deadman)
46 1x01:01Settlers Remix1Dennis Lindroos (Deadman)
47 0x00:00Sk-81Dennis Lindroos (Deadman)
48 0x00:00Sound-mon Collection #1 (tune 11Dennis Lindroos (Deadman)
49 0x00:00Sound-mon Collection #1 (tune 21Dennis Lindroos (Deadman)
50 0x00:00Sound-mon Collection #1 (tune 31Dennis Lindroos (Deadman)
51 0x00:00Sound-mon Collection #1 (tune 41Dennis Lindroos (Deadman)
52 0x00:00Sound-mon Collection #1 (tune 51Dennis Lindroos (Deadman)
53 1x00:17Space Lab Remix1Dennis Lindroos (Deadman)
54 0x00:00Space Lab Remix2Dennis Lindroos (Deadman)
55 0x00:00Space Lab Remix3Dennis Lindroos (Deadman)
56 0x00:00The Model Remix1Dennis Lindroos (Deadman)
57 0x00:00Tighten Up Remix1Dennis Lindroos (Deadman)
58 0x00:00Tim Follin Music Coll. (intro)1Dennis Lindroos (Deadman)
59 0x00:00Tim Follin Music Coll. (tune 4)1Dennis Lindroos (Deadman)
60 2x01:01Tribute to Yip1Dennis Lindroos (Deadman)
61 1x00:33Tubular Bells Remix1Dennis Lindroos (Deadman)
62 0x00:00Ubik-Musik Collection I1Dennis Lindroos (Deadman)
63 0x00:00Ubik-Musik Collection I2Dennis Lindroos (Deadman)
64 0x00:00Ubik-Musik Collection I3Dennis Lindroos (Deadman)
65 0x00:00Ubik-Musik Collection I4Dennis Lindroos (Deadman)
66 1x00:22Ubik-Musik Collection I5Dennis Lindroos (Deadman)
67 0x00:00Ubik-Musik Collection I6Dennis Lindroos (Deadman)
68 1x00:42Ubik-Musik Collection I7Dennis Lindroos (Deadman)
69 1x00:54Ubik-Musik Collection I8Dennis Lindroos (Deadman)
70 1x01:01Ubik-Musik Collection I9Dennis Lindroos (Deadman)
71 0x00:00Ubik-Musik Collection I10Dennis Lindroos (Deadman)
72 0x00:00Ubik-Musik Collection I11Dennis Lindroos (Deadman)
73 0x00:00Ubik-Musik Collection I12Dennis Lindroos (Deadman)
74 0x00:00Ubik-Musik Collection I13Dennis Lindroos (Deadman)
75 0x00:00Ubik-Musik Collection I14Dennis Lindroos (Deadman)
76 0x00:00Ubik-Musik Collection I15Dennis Lindroos (Deadman)
77 0x00:00Ubik-Musik Collection I16Dennis Lindroos (Deadman)
78 0x00:00Ubik-Musik Collection I17Dennis Lindroos (Deadman)
79 0x00:00Ubik-Musik Collection I18Dennis Lindroos (Deadman)
80 1x00:43Ubik-Musik Collection II1Dennis Lindroos (Deadman)
81 1x00:23Ubik-Musik Collection II2Dennis Lindroos (Deadman)
82 0x00:00Ubik-Musik Collection II3Dennis Lindroos (Deadman)
83 0x00:00Ubik-Musik Collection II4Dennis Lindroos (Deadman)
84 0x00:00Ubik-Musik Collection II5Dennis Lindroos (Deadman)
85 0x00:00Ubik-Musik Collection II6Dennis Lindroos (Deadman)
86 0x00:00Ubik-Musik Collection II7Dennis Lindroos (Deadman)
87 0x00:00Ubik-Musik Collection II8Dennis Lindroos (Deadman)
88 0x00:00Ubik-Musik Collection II9Dennis Lindroos (Deadman)
89 0x00:00Ubik-Musik Collection II10Dennis Lindroos (Deadman)
90 0x00:00Ubik-Musik Collection II11Dennis Lindroos (Deadman)
91 0x00:00Ubik-Musik Collection III1Dennis Lindroos (Deadman)
92 0x00:00Ubik-Musik Collection III2Dennis Lindroos (Deadman)
93 0x00:00Ubik-Musik Collection III3Dennis Lindroos (Deadman)
94 3x03:33Ubik-Musik Collection III4Dennis Lindroos (Deadman)
95 0x00:00Ubik-Musik Collection III5Dennis Lindroos (Deadman)
96 0x00:00Ubik-Musik Collection III6Dennis Lindroos (Deadman)
97 0x00:00Ubik-Musik Collection III7Dennis Lindroos (Deadman)
98 0x00:00Ubik-Musik Collection III8Dennis Lindroos (Deadman)
99 0x00:00Ubik-Musik Collection III9Dennis Lindroos (Deadman)
100 0x00:00Ubik-Musik Collection III10Dennis Lindroos (Deadman)
101 0x00:00Ubik-Musik Collection III11Dennis Lindroos (Deadman)
102 0x00:00Ubik-Musik Collection III12Dennis Lindroos (Deadman)
103 0x00:00Ubik-Musik Collection III13Dennis Lindroos (Deadman)
104 0x00:00Ubik-Musik Collection IV1Dennis Lindroos (Deadman)
105 0x00:00Ubik-Musik Collection IV2Dennis Lindroos (Deadman)
106 1x00:37Ubik-Musik Collection IV3Dennis Lindroos (Deadman)
107 0x00:00Ubik-Musik Collection IV4Dennis Lindroos (Deadman)
108 0x00:00Ubik-Musik Collection IV5Dennis Lindroos (Deadman)
109 0x00:00Ubik-Musik Collection IV6Dennis Lindroos (Deadman)
110 0x00:00Ubik-Musik Collection IV7Dennis Lindroos (Deadman)
111 0x00:00Ubik-Musik Collection IV8Dennis Lindroos (Deadman)
112 0x00:00Ubik-Musik Collection IV9Dennis Lindroos (Deadman)
113 0x00:00Ubik-Musik Collection IV10Dennis Lindroos (Deadman)
114 0x00:00Ubik-Musik Collection IV11Dennis Lindroos (Deadman)
115 3x02:54Ubik-Musik Collection V1Dennis Lindroos (Deadman)
116 1x00:15Ubik-Musik Collection V2Dennis Lindroos (Deadman)
117 1x00:22Ubik-Musik Collection V3Dennis Lindroos (Deadman)
118 0x00:00Ubik-Musik Collection V4Dennis Lindroos (Deadman)
119 1x01:01Ubik-Musik Collection V5Dennis Lindroos (Deadman)
120 2x03:51Ubik-Musik Collection V6Dennis Lindroos (Deadman)
121 0x00:00Ubik-Musik Collection V7Dennis Lindroos (Deadman)
122 0x00:00Ubik-Musik Collection V8Dennis Lindroos (Deadman)
123 0x00:00Ubik-Musik Collection V9Dennis Lindroos (Deadman)
124 1x00:18Ubik-Musik Collection V10Dennis Lindroos (Deadman)
125 0x00:00Ubik-Musik Collection V11Dennis Lindroos (Deadman)
126 1x00:17Ubik-Musik Collection VI1Dennis Lindroos (Deadman)
127 0x00:00Ubik-Musik Collection VI2Dennis Lindroos (Deadman)
128 0x00:00Ubik-Musik Collection VI3Dennis Lindroos (Deadman)
129 0x00:00Ubik-Musik Collection VI4Dennis Lindroos (Deadman)
130 0x00:00Ubik-Musik Collection VI5Dennis Lindroos (Deadman)
131 1x00:32Ubik-Musik Collection VI6Dennis Lindroos (Deadman)
132 0x00:00Ubik-Musik Collection VI7Dennis Lindroos (Deadman)
133 0x00:00Ubik-Musik Collection VI8Dennis Lindroos (Deadman)
134 0x00:00Ubik-Musik Collection VI9Dennis Lindroos (Deadman)
135 1x00:18Ubik-Musik Collection VI10Dennis Lindroos (Deadman)
136 0x00:00Ubik-Musik Collection VI11Dennis Lindroos (Deadman)
137 0x00:00Ubik-Musik Collection VI12Dennis Lindroos (Deadman)
138 1x00:15Ubik-Musik Collection VII1Dennis Lindroos (Deadman)
139 0x00:00Ubik-Musik Collection VII2Dennis Lindroos (Deadman)
140 1x00:24Ubik-Musik Collection VII3Dennis Lindroos (Deadman)
141 0x00:00Ubik-Musik Collection VII4Dennis Lindroos (Deadman)
142 1x00:42Vaptune1Dennis Lindroos (Deadman)
143 0x00:00W.A.R. Remix1Dennis Lindroos (Deadman)
Total: 57x47:5