C64 Top Sid Songs

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#PlayedPlaytime ∑TitleSubsongAuthor
1x00:474 Chit Chat1Marcin Kubica (Booker)
1x01:01A Day After1Marcin Kubica (Booker)
0x00:00A Drugn' Day1Marcin Kubica (Booker)
1x01:11A Few Patterns1Marcin Kubica (Booker)
1x01:01A Proud of Fools1Marcin Kubica (Booker)
1x00:15An Old-Styled1Marcin Kubica (Booker)
1x01:00Anti-Brutal Tekkhno1Marcin Kubica (Booker)
1x00:35Are You Satisfied?1Marcin Kubica (Booker)
1x00:19Attah 11Marcin Kubica (Booker)
10 0x00:00Attah 21Marcin Kubica (Booker)
11 0x00:00Attah 51Marcin Kubica (Booker)
12 0x00:00Attah 61Marcin Kubica (Booker)
13 0x00:00Attah 71Marcin Kubica (Booker)
14 1x00:32Background Pleasure1Marcin Kubica (Booker)
15 0x00:00Benefactor Level 11Marcin Kubica (Booker)
16 0x00:00Boesendo1Marcin Kubica (Booker)
17 0x00:00Bossa'ntro1Marcin Kubica (Booker)
18 1x00:20Catch Me1Marcin Kubica (Booker)
19 0x00:00Catch Me2Marcin Kubica (Booker)
20 0x00:00Chujnia jak chuj1Marcin Kubica (Booker)
21 0x00:00Chujnia jak chuj2Marcin Kubica (Booker)
22 1x00:30Chujovy Crap-Zak1Marcin Kubica (Booker)
23 0x00:00Classic Mix1Marcin Kubica (Booker)
24 1x00:39Conquestiva1Marcin Kubica (Booker)
25 1x00:17Crack the Eggshell1Marcin Kubica (Booker)
26 0x00:00Crap-Zak1Marcin Kubica (Booker)
27 1x00:32Crazy World 3 (part 1)1Marcin Kubica (Booker)
28 1x01:01Crazy World 3 (part 5)1Marcin Kubica (Booker)
29 1x00:17Cream1Marcin Kubica (Booker)
30 1x00:15Cyberide v21Marcin Kubica (Booker)
31 1x00:58Da Blue Moose's Dream Tune1Marcin Kubica (Booker)
32 1x00:43Dead Funk1Marcin Kubica (Booker)
33 2x02:10Die Pretzel1Marcin Kubica (Booker)
34 1x00:49Digi Collection1Marcin Kubica (Booker)
35 1x00:36Dope1Marcin Kubica (Booker)
36 0x00:00Dope - Part Deux1Marcin Kubica (Booker)
37 0x00:00Dope - Part Drei1Marcin Kubica (Booker)
38 1x00:56Doubledecker1Marcin Kubica (Booker)
39 3x02:56Droop Intoo1Marcin Kubica (Booker)
40 1x00:47Droop'O'Funk1Marcin Kubica (Booker)
41 0x00:00Drunk Cat1Marcin Kubica (Booker)
42 0x00:00Dump1Marcin Kubica (Booker)
43 4x07:07Elysium1Marcin Kubica (Booker)
44 1x00:23Elysium (2x)1Marcin Kubica (Booker)
45 1x00:48Encephalomalacia (hard version)1Marcin Kubica (Booker)
46 2x02:21Excercise Tune1Marcin Kubica (Booker)
47 1x01:54Forbidden Frequency1Marcin Kubica (Booker)
48 0x00:00Forever Reverse1Marcin Kubica (Booker)
49 1x00:35Funky1Marcin Kubica (Booker)
50 0x00:00Groovaslautha1Marcin Kubica (Booker)
51 1x00:19Hajpa Hajpa1Marcin Kubica (Booker)
52 0x00:00Headache1Marcin Kubica (Booker)
53 1x00:31Hz Jazz1Marcin Kubica (Booker)
54 1x00:47I Don't Believe1Marcin Kubica (Booker)
55 1x00:31Icu1Marcin Kubica (Booker)
56 0x00:00Infect1Marcin Kubica (Booker)
57 1x00:26Jazzo1Marcin Kubica (Booker)
58 1x00:16Kaine Kaczor1Marcin Kubica (Booker)
59 1x00:17Klopstajlo1Marcin Kubica (Booker)
60 1x00:30Lemmie Eat the Rastertime1Marcin Kubica (Booker)
61 1x00:47Man on the M00N1Marcin Kubica (Booker)
62 1x00:18Margaryna1Marcin Kubica (Booker)
63 1x00:30My Glamrous Life1Marcin Kubica (Booker)
64 1x00:19Obsession!1Marcin Kubica (Booker)
65 1x00:27Palle's Theme 21Marcin Kubica (Booker)
66 1x00:18Passanger of Time 11Marcin Kubica (Booker)
67 0x00:00Physloscibe Trap1Marcin Kubica (Booker)
68 1x00:23Piggy'z Dance Tune1Marcin Kubica (Booker)
69 0x00:00Popyjava Pyjakoof1Marcin Kubica (Booker)
70 0x00:00Poranek Piernika1Marcin Kubica (Booker)
71 0x00:00Poranek Piernika2Marcin Kubica (Booker)
72 1x00:36Putative Life1Marcin Kubica (Booker)
73 0x00:00Rozbujnicek1Marcin Kubica (Booker)
74 1x00:25Saturday1Marcin Kubica (Booker)
75 1x00:19Sightseeing 4th Dimension1Marcin Kubica (Booker)
76 0x00:00Silesian Dancer1Marcin Kubica (Booker)
77 0x00:00Smells Like Sucks1Marcin Kubica (Booker)
78 0x00:00Space Balls1Marcin Kubica (Booker)
79 0x00:00Status Okay1Marcin Kubica (Booker)
80 0x00:00Stereo Pendejo1Marcin Kubica (Booker)
81 1x00:26Straight to Ruurlo1Marcin Kubica (Booker)
82 1x01:01Syfilisif1Marcin Kubica (Booker)
83 1x00:49Syntax Kangaroo1Marcin Kubica (Booker)
84 0x00:00Technological Death1Marcin Kubica (Booker)
85 1x00:15Trip2Sky1Marcin Kubica (Booker)
86 1x00:38Under the Ground (preview)1Marcin Kubica (Booker)
87 0x00:00Under the Ground (preview)2Marcin Kubica (Booker)
88 0x00:00Under the Ground (preview)3Marcin Kubica (Booker)
89 0x00:00Under the Ground (preview)4Marcin Kubica (Booker)
90 0x00:00Under the Ground (preview)5Marcin Kubica (Booker)
91 0x00:00Usura1Marcin Kubica (Booker)
92 1x00:16Vandalism News #37 (intro)1Marcin Kubica (Booker)
93 0x00:00Warm Ice1Marcin Kubica (Booker)
94 0x00:00X Jazz1Marcin Kubica (Booker)
95 0x00:00Zorba the Greek1Marcin Kubica (Booker)
Total: 62x44:59