C64 Top Sid Songs

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#PlayedPlaytime ∑TitleSubsongAuthor
1x01:5812 Bar Blues1Dwayne Bakewell (Morbid)
1x00:34A Tribute to MON1Dwayne Bakewell (Morbid)
0x00:00Acid Dance1Dwayne Bakewell (Morbid)
6x07:35Action G.1Dwayne Bakewell (Morbid)
1x00:38Analogica1Dwayne Bakewell (Morbid)
1x00:34Anitech1Dwayne Bakewell (Morbid)
1x00:56Attacker1Dwayne Bakewell (Morbid)
1x01:15Attitude1Dwayne Bakewell (Morbid)
0x00:00Axel F (v2)1Dwayne Bakewell (Morbid)
10 1x00:37Big City1Dwayne Bakewell (Morbid)
11 1x02:01Black Sun1Dwayne Bakewell (Morbid)
12 1x01:32Blue Magic1Dwayne Bakewell (Morbid)
13 1x02:01Charisma1Dwayne Bakewell (Morbid)
14 1x01:10Chronic Music 11Dwayne Bakewell (Morbid)
15 0x00:00Chronic Music 21Dwayne Bakewell (Morbid)
16 0x00:00Chronic Music 31Dwayne Bakewell (Morbid)
17 1x00:35Confusion1Dwayne Bakewell (Morbid)
18 1x01:21Crappy Rap1Dwayne Bakewell (Morbid)
19 1x01:21Dancing1Dwayne Bakewell (Morbid)
20 1x01:21Dawn Patrol1Dwayne Bakewell (Morbid)
21 1x01:21Decider1Dwayne Bakewell (Morbid)
22 1x01:07Demon Attack1Dwayne Bakewell (Morbid)
23 1x01:21Depression1Dwayne Bakewell (Morbid)
24 1x01:21Don't Cry1Dwayne Bakewell (Morbid)
25 1x01:21Dozer1Dwayne Bakewell (Morbid)
26 3x08:42Driven Mad1Dwayne Bakewell (Morbid)
27 0x00:00Eardrum Massacre (menu)1Dwayne Bakewell (Morbid)
28 0x00:00Eternal Fall1Dwayne Bakewell (Morbid)
29 0x00:00EvS Cover1Dwayne Bakewell (Morbid)
30 0x00:00Exclusive for RRR1Dwayne Bakewell (Morbid)
31 1x01:21Experiment #11Dwayne Bakewell (Morbid)
32 1x01:21Experiment #21Dwayne Bakewell (Morbid)
33 3x04:22Feelin' Blue1Dwayne Bakewell (Morbid)
34 1x01:21For Nitro #211Dwayne Bakewell (Morbid)
35 2x01:59Forte1Dwayne Bakewell (Morbid)
36 1x00:39Friday Night1Dwayne Bakewell (Morbid)
37 1x00:49Funky Man1Dwayne Bakewell (Morbid)
38 2x01:49Fury1Dwayne Bakewell (Morbid)
39 1x01:21Fury v21Dwayne Bakewell (Morbid)
40 2x01:41Game Intro1Dwayne Bakewell (Morbid)
41 2x02:16Game Intro 21Dwayne Bakewell (Morbid)
42 2x01:47Gold Line1Dwayne Bakewell (Morbid)
43 1x01:21Goodbye1Dwayne Bakewell (Morbid)
44 2x01:32Gremlins1Dwayne Bakewell (Morbid)
45 3x03:50Happy Song1Dwayne Bakewell (Morbid)
46 1x01:04Heal the World1Dwayne Bakewell (Morbid)
47 0x00:00Helloween1Dwayne Bakewell (Morbid)
48 1x01:21House 931Dwayne Bakewell (Morbid)
49 1x01:21Illusions1Dwayne Bakewell (Morbid)
50 2x02:00Internal Tune #11Dwayne Bakewell (Morbid)
51 2x02:02Internal Tune #21Dwayne Bakewell (Morbid)
52 2x02:42Intro Music1Dwayne Bakewell (Morbid)
53 2x02:17Introzak 21Dwayne Bakewell (Morbid)
54 1x01:21Jazzy Thing1Dwayne Bakewell (Morbid)
55 1x00:38Jeroen Tel Cover1Dwayne Bakewell (Morbid)
56 1x01:21Ladeda1Dwayne Bakewell (Morbid)
57 0x00:00Lambada1Dwayne Bakewell (Morbid)
58 0x00:00Laxity1Dwayne Bakewell (Morbid)
59 1x00:58Lost Friend1Dwayne Bakewell (Morbid)
60 0x00:00Mad Drummer1Dwayne Bakewell (Morbid)
61 1x00:26Midnight Symphony1Dwayne Bakewell (Morbid)
62 1x01:02Misfortune1Dwayne Bakewell (Morbid)
63 0x00:00Misfortune2Dwayne Bakewell (Morbid)
64 0x00:00Misfortune3Dwayne Bakewell (Morbid)
65 0x00:00Misfortune4Dwayne Bakewell (Morbid)
66 0x00:00Misfortune5Dwayne Bakewell (Morbid)
67 0x00:00Misfortune6Dwayne Bakewell (Morbid)
68 0x00:00Misfortune7Dwayne Bakewell (Morbid)
69 0x00:00Misfortune8Dwayne Bakewell (Morbid)
70 1x01:21Misfortune (for Domination)1Dwayne Bakewell (Morbid)
71 1x01:21Mission1Dwayne Bakewell (Morbid)
72 1x01:21MON Tribute1Dwayne Bakewell (Morbid)
73 1x01:21Monty on the Run1Dwayne Bakewell (Morbid)
74 1x01:02New Wave1Dwayne Bakewell (Morbid)
75 2x02:18Ocean Loader Remix1Dwayne Bakewell (Morbid)
76 1x01:21Overdrive1Dwayne Bakewell (Morbid)
77 1x00:24Peter Gunn1Dwayne Bakewell (Morbid)
78 0x00:00Purple Rain1Dwayne Bakewell (Morbid)
79 1x01:21Rainbow Connection1Dwayne Bakewell (Morbid)
80 2x04:30Reyn O. Cover1Dwayne Bakewell (Morbid)
81 1x00:40Rubber Duckie1Dwayne Bakewell (Morbid)
82 1x01:21Scalework1Dwayne Bakewell (Morbid)
83 1x01:09Scarface1Dwayne Bakewell (Morbid)
84 1x01:08Sesame Street1Dwayne Bakewell (Morbid)
85 1x00:31Shatter Lands1Dwayne Bakewell (Morbid)
86 0x00:00Shatter Lands2Dwayne Bakewell (Morbid)
87 0x00:00Shatter Lands3Dwayne Bakewell (Morbid)
88 0x00:00Short House1Dwayne Bakewell (Morbid)
89 2x02:17Skyline1Dwayne Bakewell (Morbid)
90 1x00:51Small Intro1Dwayne Bakewell (Morbid)
91 1x00:49Smashed1Dwayne Bakewell (Morbid)
92 1x01:03Split Second1Dwayne Bakewell (Morbid)
93 1x00:40Strike Force Introtune1Dwayne Bakewell (Morbid)
94 1x00:32Strike Force Introtune v21Dwayne Bakewell (Morbid)
95 1x00:25Stripper1Dwayne Bakewell (Morbid)
96 1x00:40Summer Heat1Dwayne Bakewell (Morbid)
97 0x00:00Sunny Day1Dwayne Bakewell (Morbid)
98 1x01:21Super Hang on Remix1Dwayne Bakewell (Morbid)
99 1x01:21Supremacy (for Domination #06)1Dwayne Bakewell (Morbid)
100 1x01:06Survival1Dwayne Bakewell (Morbid)
101 1x01:21Swift Kick1Dwayne Bakewell (Morbid)
102 1x01:21Tech Head1Dwayne Bakewell (Morbid)
103 1x00:54Techno Inc.1Dwayne Bakewell (Morbid)
104 1x00:35Techno Inc. 21Dwayne Bakewell (Morbid)
105 3x03:10The Fallen1Dwayne Bakewell (Morbid)
106 1x00:24The Finale1Dwayne Bakewell (Morbid)
107 2x01:53The Groove1Dwayne Bakewell (Morbid)
108 2x01:46The Intro1Dwayne Bakewell (Morbid)
109 1x01:21The Journey1Dwayne Bakewell (Morbid)
110 1x01:20The Oldstyle1Dwayne Bakewell (Morbid)
111 0x00:00The Sunset1Dwayne Bakewell (Morbid)
112 0x00:00Thunder March1Dwayne Bakewell (Morbid)
113 1x01:21Toccata1Dwayne Bakewell (Morbid)
114 0x00:00Toccata (v2)1Dwayne Bakewell (Morbid)
115 0x00:00Toccata (v3)1Dwayne Bakewell (Morbid)
116 1x00:38TRC/SCS Intro1Dwayne Bakewell (Morbid)
117 0x00:00Vextacy1Dwayne Bakewell (Morbid)
118 0x00:00Zoolook1Dwayne Bakewell (Morbid)
Total: 116x135:2