C64 Top Sid Songs

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#PlayedPlaytime ∑TitleSubsongAuthor
1x03:0625 Hurts1Jason Page
1x02:17Albino 41Jason Page
1x03:52Cosmic Force1Jason Page
2x08:26Eighth1Jason Page
1x06:44Eleventh1Jason Page
1x06:35Fifth1Jason Page
1x00:24First1Jason Page
2x04:59Forth1Jason Page
1x00:21Head the Ball1Jason Page
10 0x00:00Head the Ball2Jason Page
11 0x00:00Head the Ball3Jason Page
12 0x00:00Head the Ball4Jason Page
13 0x00:00Head the Ball5Jason Page
14 2x04:41Hybris1Jason Page
15 0x00:00Ivan 'Ironman' S. Super Off Roa1Jason Page
16 0x00:00Ivan 'Ironman' S. Super Off Roa2Jason Page
17 0x00:00Ivan 'Ironman' S. Super Off Roa3Jason Page
18 0x00:00Ivan 'Ironman' S. Super Off Roa4Jason Page
19 0x00:00Ivan 'Ironman' S. Super Off Roa5Jason Page
20 0x00:00Ivan 'Ironman' S. Super Off Roa6Jason Page
21 0x00:00Last Ninja1Jason Page
22 0x00:00Last Ninja 2 Remake1Jason Page
23 4x06:43Mutants Revisited1Jason Page
24 3x09:10Nicotine Pang1Jason Page
25 1x03:19Ninth1Jason Page
26 1x00:51Orion1Jason Page
27 0x00:00Orion2Jason Page
28 0x00:00Orion3Jason Page
29 0x00:00Orion4Jason Page
30 1x00:22Poppy Locky1Jason Page
31 1x00:28Rainbow Islands1Jason Page
32 0x00:00Rainbow Islands2Jason Page
33 0x00:00Rainbow Islands3Jason Page
34 0x00:00Rainbow Islands4Jason Page
35 0x00:00Rainbow Islands5Jason Page
36 0x00:00Rainbow Islands6Jason Page
37 0x00:00Rainbow Islands7Jason Page
38 0x00:00Rainbow Islands8Jason Page
39 0x00:00Rainbow Islands9Jason Page
40 0x00:00Rainbow Islands10Jason Page
41 0x00:00Rainbow Islands11Jason Page
42 0x00:00Rainbow Islands12Jason Page
43 0x00:00Rainbow Islands13Jason Page
44 4x01:16Sanxion Remix1Jason Page
45 2x02:38Saw Loser1Jason Page
46 1x01:04Second1Jason Page
47 1x05:29Seventh1Jason Page
48 1x00:55Sixth1Jason Page
49 0x00:00Stir Crazy featuring Bobo1Jason Page
50 0x00:00Stir Crazy featuring Bobo2Jason Page
51 2x04:13Tenth1Jason Page
52 3x07:54Third1Jason Page
53 3x04:52Turrican - Rise of the Machine1Jason Page
54 6x08:49Turrican Amiga Port1Jason Page
55 1x03:48Twelfth1Jason Page
Total: 48x103:16