C64 Top Sid Songs

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#PlayedPlaytime ∑TitleSubsongAuthor
1x01:01Adrenalize1Jens Leiers (Decoy)
4x04:11Arctic1Jens Leiers (Decoy)
8x15:57Atomizer1Jens Leiers (Decoy)
0x00:00Believe1Jens Leiers (Decoy)
2x02:02Blowjob1Jens Leiers (Decoy)
3x03:03Bonustrack 11Jens Leiers (Decoy)
2x02:02Bonustrack 21Jens Leiers (Decoy)
2x02:02Bonustrack 31Jens Leiers (Decoy)
2x02:02Bonustrack 41Jens Leiers (Decoy)
10 2x01:58Brainkiller!1Jens Leiers (Decoy)
11 2x01:40Chainbreaker1Jens Leiers (Decoy)
12 2x02:02Change Ya Life1Jens Leiers (Decoy)
13 2x02:02Compozak1Jens Leiers (Decoy)
14 2x02:02Crystal1Jens Leiers (Decoy)
15 2x01:35Da Snatcher1Jens Leiers (Decoy)
16 2x02:02Destillery1Jens Leiers (Decoy)
17 2x01:36Destiny1Jens Leiers (Decoy)
18 2x02:02Dropout1Jens Leiers (Decoy)
19 2x02:02Drumpower1Jens Leiers (Decoy)
20 2x01:52E-scape from Reality1Jens Leiers (Decoy)
21 0x00:00E-Style1Jens Leiers (Decoy)
22 2x02:02E-volution1Jens Leiers (Decoy)
23 2x02:02Earless1Jens Leiers (Decoy)
24 2x01:38Ent. Spirit1Jens Leiers (Decoy)
25 6x04:37Excess Intro1Jens Leiers (Decoy)
26 2x02:02Excessive1Jens Leiers (Decoy)
27 2x02:02Exclusive for Nitro 11Jens Leiers (Decoy)
28 1x01:01Exclusive for Nitro 21Jens Leiers (Decoy)
29 2x02:02Fantasia1Jens Leiers (Decoy)
30 2x02:00Fast Menue1Jens Leiers (Decoy)
31 2x02:02Fear of Sword1Jens Leiers (Decoy)
32 7x07:55Feelings1Jens Leiers (Decoy)
33 2x01:53Filterbeatz1Jens Leiers (Decoy)
34 7x07:45Filterdancer1Jens Leiers (Decoy)
35 2x02:02Firework1Jens Leiers (Decoy)
36 2x00:50For Controversial1Jens Leiers (Decoy)
37 2x01:27Formic Acid1Jens Leiers (Decoy)
38 2x01:56Fruitbat1Jens Leiers (Decoy)
39 2x02:02Funky1Jens Leiers (Decoy)
40 2x02:02Gladiators1Jens Leiers (Decoy)
41 1x01:01Hardtrack1Jens Leiers (Decoy)
42 2x01:26Hypnosis1Jens Leiers (Decoy)
43 2x02:02Illuminatize1Jens Leiers (Decoy)
44 2x01:16In a Rush1Jens Leiers (Decoy)
45 2x02:02Ingenious1Jens Leiers (Decoy)
46 2x02:02Ingenious Brain1Jens Leiers (Decoy)
47 3x04:57Introzax1Jens Leiers (Decoy)
48 3x02:52Jam!1Jens Leiers (Decoy)
49 2x02:02Jamaica1Jens Leiers (Decoy)
50 2x01:19Kromozone1Jens Leiers (Decoy)
51 2x02:02Little Piece of Noise1Jens Leiers (Decoy)
52 2x01:07Love Sees No Color1Jens Leiers (Decoy)
53 2x02:50Magnolia Garden1Jens Leiers (Decoy)
54 2x01:20Masturbation1Jens Leiers (Decoy)
55 2x01:32Memorandum1Jens Leiers (Decoy)
56 2x02:02Muz 4 Domination1Jens Leiers (Decoy)
57 2x01:20Nitro1Jens Leiers (Decoy)
58 2x01:54Nitro #14 (intro)1Jens Leiers (Decoy)
59 2x02:02Nitro #17 (tune 1)1Jens Leiers (Decoy)
60 2x02:02Nitro #17 (tune 22)1Jens Leiers (Decoy)
61 2x02:02Nitro #17 (tune 4)1Jens Leiers (Decoy)
62 0x00:00Nitro #17 (tune 7)1Jens Leiers (Decoy)
63 2x01:34Nitro #18 (note)1Jens Leiers (Decoy)
64 2x02:02Omed Elttil A (tune 2)1Jens Leiers (Decoy)
65 4x06:22Oral Slam1Jens Leiers (Decoy)
66 2x02:02Outdoor1Jens Leiers (Decoy)
67 2x01:48Party People1Jens Leiers (Decoy)
68 1x01:01Planet 3031Jens Leiers (Decoy)
69 1x01:01Position 691Jens Leiers (Decoy)
70 2x01:29Presentation1Jens Leiers (Decoy)
71 6x05:04Psychosturbed1Jens Leiers (Decoy)
72 1x01:01Romantic Touch1Jens Leiers (Decoy)
73 2x01:41Silent Eclipse1Jens Leiers (Decoy)
74 2x01:17Skyhigh 21Jens Leiers (Decoy)
75 2x01:20Skyhigh Dreams1Jens Leiers (Decoy)
76 2x00:49Spherical1Jens Leiers (Decoy)
77 0x00:00Summer-Jam1Jens Leiers (Decoy)
78 0x00:00Sunrise Intro1Jens Leiers (Decoy)
79 0x00:00Sunrise Intro2Jens Leiers (Decoy)
80 0x00:00Sunrise Intro3Jens Leiers (Decoy)
81 0x00:00Sunrise Intro4Jens Leiers (Decoy)
82 0x00:00Sunrise Intro5Jens Leiers (Decoy)
83 2x02:02The Dreamer1Jens Leiers (Decoy)
84 1x01:01Tranceplant1Jens Leiers (Decoy)
85 1x01:01Tune for Nitro1Jens Leiers (Decoy)
86 1x00:21Weird Worlds (end)1Jens Leiers (Decoy)
Total: 176x176:41