C64 Top Sid Songs

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#PlayedPlaytime ∑TitleSubsongAuthor
2x02:4326001Figge Wasberger (Fegolhuzz)
2x03:528-Bitburgers1Figge Wasberger (Fegolhuzz)
0x00:0080's Ad1Figge Wasberger (Fegolhuzz)
2x02:13Al Gore Rythm1Figge Wasberger (Fegolhuzz)
1x00:59Another Time1Figge Wasberger (Fegolhuzz)
1x01:31Antikrundan Allstars1Figge Wasberger (Fegolhuzz)
1x01:31Aslång på Skansen1Figge Wasberger (Fegolhuzz)
1x00:24Aspelöv och Lindelöv1Figge Wasberger (Fegolhuzz)
1x01:26Axis of Evil 20071Figge Wasberger (Fegolhuzz)
10 2x01:29Babyshark1Figge Wasberger (Fegolhuzz)
11 1x01:31Bajstolle1Figge Wasberger (Fegolhuzz)
12 1x01:01Boten Anna1Figge Wasberger (Fegolhuzz)
13 1x00:47Braveheart1Figge Wasberger (Fegolhuzz)
14 2x00:40Buzzie Gets Drunk with Booze1Figge Wasberger (Fegolhuzz)
15 1x01:11Bytes-nerdig1Figge Wasberger (Fegolhuzz)
16 2x04:17Christmas 20121Figge Wasberger (Fegolhuzz)
17 1x00:48Cute One1Figge Wasberger (Fegolhuzz)
18 1x01:18Digital Underground1Figge Wasberger (Fegolhuzz)
19 1x00:56Dolly Song1Figge Wasberger (Fegolhuzz)
20 2x02:49Edison 2019 Invitation1Figge Wasberger (Fegolhuzz)
21 1x00:33Ett paket strösocker1Figge Wasberger (Fegolhuzz)
22 1x00:42Fruktansvart fula fikon1Figge Wasberger (Fegolhuzz)
23 7x10:32Gin and Electronic1Figge Wasberger (Fegolhuzz)
24 1x01:12Happy Naked Chicks with Booze1Figge Wasberger (Fegolhuzz)
25 1x01:06Hello World1Figge Wasberger (Fegolhuzz)
26 1x01:19Holy Gsus41Figge Wasberger (Fegolhuzz)
27 7x15:23I Just Had Hex on My Wavetable1Figge Wasberger (Fegolhuzz)
28 10x19:43Illegal Kalsongdata1Figge Wasberger (Fegolhuzz)
29 1x01:31Insert Song Title Here1Figge Wasberger (Fegolhuzz)
30 2x00:49Inspect Her Gadget1Figge Wasberger (Fegolhuzz)
31 2x02:34Jihad me at Hello1Figge Wasberger (Fegolhuzz)
32 2x01:57Klegg 4 President!1Figge Wasberger (Fegolhuzz)
33 2x02:11Mini1Figge Wasberger (Fegolhuzz)
34 2x02:42Need More NOPs1Figge Wasberger (Fegolhuzz)
35 3x04:43New Cases of Mystery Virus1Figge Wasberger (Fegolhuzz)
36 2x02:09Nightcall1Figge Wasberger (Fegolhuzz)
37 1x01:11Nordic Scene Review #81Figge Wasberger (Fegolhuzz)
38 1x01:11Nothing Compares 2 EU1Figge Wasberger (Fegolhuzz)
39 1x01:11Packa Bytes1Figge Wasberger (Fegolhuzz)
40 1x00:40Part of the Diskmaga-Scene1Figge Wasberger (Fegolhuzz)
41 1x01:11Piles of Excrement1Figge Wasberger (Fegolhuzz)
42 1x01:11POW!1Figge Wasberger (Fegolhuzz)
43 1x00:53Saturday Night Beaver1Figge Wasberger (Fegolhuzz)
44 1x01:11Skåneland 2 (tune 1)1Figge Wasberger (Fegolhuzz)
45 1x01:11Skåneland 2 (tune 3)1Figge Wasberger (Fegolhuzz)
46 1x01:11Skåneland 2 (tune 4)1Figge Wasberger (Fegolhuzz)
47 1x01:11Solskyddstraktor1Figge Wasberger (Fegolhuzz)
48 1x00:51Son of a Hoarder1Figge Wasberger (Fegolhuzz)
49 1x01:11Swedish Meatballs Sweet Revenge1Figge Wasberger (Fegolhuzz)
50 1x01:11Tac2sintolerant1Figge Wasberger (Fegolhuzz)
51 7x09:32The Last Truckstop 3 End Tune1Figge Wasberger (Fegolhuzz)
52 1x00:49The Social Demo (tune 1)1Figge Wasberger (Fegolhuzz)
53 1x01:11The Storm is Coming1Figge Wasberger (Fegolhuzz)
54 1x01:11There's a Moustache in My Beer1Figge Wasberger (Fegolhuzz)
55 1x01:11They Say So Much1Figge Wasberger (Fegolhuzz)
56 2x02:22Title in Progress1Figge Wasberger (Fegolhuzz)
57 1x01:11Tomtegrillen Brinner!1Figge Wasberger (Fegolhuzz)
58 1x01:11Trick or Treat1Figge Wasberger (Fegolhuzz)
59 1x01:11Tropical Batch1Figge Wasberger (Fegolhuzz)
60 1x01:11Två paket strösocker1Figge Wasberger (Fegolhuzz)
61 1x01:10What's Going On?1Figge Wasberger (Fegolhuzz)
62 0x00:00Yellow River1Figge Wasberger (Fegolhuzz)
63 2x02:49Yes, I was drunk last night1Figge Wasberger (Fegolhuzz)
Total: 105x140:56