C64 Top Sid Songs

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#PlayedPlaytime ∑TitleSubsongAuthor
1x01:01!!!1Richard Rinn (Deek)
1x01:014 Tunes1Richard Rinn (Deek)
1x00:504 Tunes2Richard Rinn (Deek)
0x00:004 Tunes3Richard Rinn (Deek)
0x00:004 Tunes4Richard Rinn (Deek)
1x00:3280-F1Richard Rinn (Deek)
1x00:19Badoo Moo Meeh Uuh Umm1Richard Rinn (Deek)
1x01:01BibbleBum (worktune)1Richard Rinn (Deek)
1x01:01Bitz1Richard Rinn (Deek)
10 3x01:51Broken Bottles1Richard Rinn (Deek)
11 1x00:55Butt Slap1Richard Rinn (Deek)
12 1x01:01Colditz (title)1Richard Rinn (Deek)
13 1x01:01Contact Me1Richard Rinn (Deek)
14 1x01:01Crimson1Richard Rinn (Deek)
15 1x01:01CRMS91 V01Richard Rinn (Deek)
16 1x00:39Dead Tunes1Richard Rinn (Deek)
17 1x00:45Deadtunes (version 2)1Richard Rinn (Deek)
18 1x00:53Deexity1Richard Rinn (Deek)
19 1x01:00Delirious 9 (tune 2)1Richard Rinn (Deek)
20 0x00:00Delirious II (tune 6)1Richard Rinn (Deek)
21 1x00:52Demo Tune 91Richard Rinn (Deek)
22 1x01:01Digital Dynamite Menu1Richard Rinn (Deek)
23 1x01:01Don't Panic1Richard Rinn (Deek)
24 1x00:17Egyptibop1Richard Rinn (Deek)
25 1x00:53Endemic #4 (intro)1Richard Rinn (Deek)
26 1x00:41Endemic Demo1Richard Rinn (Deek)
27 1x01:01Endtune1Richard Rinn (Deek)
28 1x00:19Escape!1Richard Rinn (Deek)
29 1x01:01Experimenting1Richard Rinn (Deek)
30 0x00:00Explosion1Richard Rinn (Deek)
31 1x00:31Falimiga1Richard Rinn (Deek)
32 0x00:00Fiddle-de-BOP1Richard Rinn (Deek)
33 1x00:44Flying High1Richard Rinn (Deek)
34 1x01:01Follin's Folly1Richard Rinn (Deek)
35 1x01:01Follow Us1Richard Rinn (Deek)
36 1x01:01Follow Us '911Richard Rinn (Deek)
37 1x01:01For Paradize1Richard Rinn (Deek)
38 1x01:01Funkish1Richard Rinn (Deek)
39 1x01:01Funky Sheep1Richard Rinn (Deek)
40 1x00:30Futurelook1Richard Rinn (Deek)
41 0x00:00Futurelook2Richard Rinn (Deek)
42 1x00:27Get the Witness1Richard Rinn (Deek)
43 1x00:17Googachild1Richard Rinn (Deek)
44 4x02:29Hairy Toes1Richard Rinn (Deek)
45 5x08:49Hairy Toes (v2)1Richard Rinn (Deek)
46 1x01:01Heat of the Night1Richard Rinn (Deek)
47 1x00:23Horizons1Richard Rinn (Deek)
48 0x00:00I Am Back1Richard Rinn (Deek)
49 1x00:41Indigo1Richard Rinn (Deek)
50 1x00:52Industrial Revolution1Richard Rinn (Deek)
51 1x00:34Infinity1Richard Rinn (Deek)
52 1x00:25Infodem1Richard Rinn (Deek)
53 2x00:20Jingles1Richard Rinn (Deek)
54 0x00:00Jingles2Richard Rinn (Deek)
55 0x00:00Jingles3Richard Rinn (Deek)
56 0x00:00Jingles4Richard Rinn (Deek)
57 1x00:18Juststart1Richard Rinn (Deek)
58 1x00:54Kwik4TDM11Richard Rinn (Deek)
59 1x00:22Kwik4TDM21Richard Rinn (Deek)
60 1x00:50Latest Mooz1Richard Rinn (Deek)
61 0x00:00Lazity1Richard Rinn (Deek)
62 1x00:31Lost Treasures of Atlantis1Richard Rinn (Deek)
63 0x00:00Lost Treasures of Atlantis2Richard Rinn (Deek)
64 0x00:00Lost Treasures of Atlantis3Richard Rinn (Deek)
65 0x00:00Lost Treasures of Atlantis4Richard Rinn (Deek)
66 0x00:00Lost Treasures of Atlantis5Richard Rinn (Deek)
67 0x00:00Lost Treasures of Atlantis6Richard Rinn (Deek)
68 0x00:00Lost Treasures of Atlantis7Richard Rinn (Deek)
69 0x00:00M/C Magic1Richard Rinn (Deek)
70 0x00:00Magnetic Fields part 41Richard Rinn (Deek)
71 0x00:00Malcolm Campbell1Richard Rinn (Deek)
72 0x00:00Malcolm Campbell2Richard Rinn (Deek)
73 0x00:00Malcolm Campbell3Richard Rinn (Deek)
74 0x00:00Malcolm Campbell4Richard Rinn (Deek)
75 0x00:00Malcolm Campbell5Richard Rinn (Deek)
76 0x00:00Mc Music1Richard Rinn (Deek)
77 0x00:00Megamaster1Richard Rinn (Deek)
78 0x00:00Mel'n'Choly1Richard Rinn (Deek)
79 3x03:32Memories1Richard Rinn (Deek)
80 1x00:57Military1Richard Rinn (Deek)
81 1x00:16Mirage1Richard Rinn (Deek)
82 1x00:33Mirage Mix One1Richard Rinn (Deek)
83 2x00:57Motorbikin'1Richard Rinn (Deek)
84 1x00:38Music for Bizzmo #21Richard Rinn (Deek)
85 1x01:01No More1Richard Rinn (Deek)
86 1x01:01Nutt'67 Logo1Richard Rinn (Deek)
87 1x01:01Ooletimin'1Richard Rinn (Deek)
88 1x00:30Paradise 91 (intro)1Richard Rinn (Deek)
89 1x01:01Pig Shadow1Richard Rinn (Deek)
90 1x00:24POD (Title)1Richard Rinn (Deek)
91 0x00:00Pool Game1Richard Rinn (Deek)
92 1x01:01Propaganda1Richard Rinn (Deek)
93 2x02:02Puzzlenoid1Richard Rinn (Deek)
94 2x02:02Puzzlenoid2Richard Rinn (Deek)
95 1x01:01Puzzlenoid3Richard Rinn (Deek)
96 1x01:01Quasar1Richard Rinn (Deek)
97 1x01:01Rapjazz1Richard Rinn (Deek)
98 1x00:41Raster1Richard Rinn (Deek)
99 1x01:01Reflex1Richard Rinn (Deek)
100 3x02:04Reflex Remix1Richard Rinn (Deek)
101 1x01:01Remark Intro1Richard Rinn (Deek)
102 1x01:01Rendezvous 41Richard Rinn (Deek)
103 1x00:47Rhumba1Richard Rinn (Deek)
104 1x00:23Ride on the Wind1Richard Rinn (Deek)
105 1x01:01Run to the Light1Richard Rinn (Deek)
106 1x01:01S L L 11Richard Rinn (Deek)
107 1x01:01Scrapgame1Richard Rinn (Deek)
108 1x01:01Scrollit1Richard Rinn (Deek)
109 1x00:47Selectazak1Richard Rinn (Deek)
110 1x00:47Selectazak2Richard Rinn (Deek)
111 1x01:01Selectazak3Richard Rinn (Deek)
112 0x00:00Selectazak4Richard Rinn (Deek)
113 1x01:01Shoe-Pie1Richard Rinn (Deek)
114 1x01:01Short Intro1Richard Rinn (Deek)
115 1x01:01Short'n'Scratchy1Richard Rinn (Deek)
116 1x01:01Slapshit1Richard Rinn (Deek)
117 1x01:01Slothsoft (intro)1Richard Rinn (Deek)
118 1x01:01Take My Breath Away1Richard Rinn (Deek)
119 1x01:01Talent Intro Music1Richard Rinn (Deek)
120 1x01:01The Bizzness1Richard Rinn (Deek)
121 1x01:01The City1Richard Rinn (Deek)
122 1x01:01The Sonic Tonic1Richard Rinn (Deek)
123 1x01:01The Thief (he eats beef)1Richard Rinn (Deek)
124 1x01:01Tiger in a Dress1Richard Rinn (Deek)
125 1x01:01Time Passes By1Richard Rinn (Deek)
126 1x01:01Toccata1Richard Rinn (Deek)
127 1x01:01Torrapgib1Richard Rinn (Deek)
128 1x01:01Tribute to MON1Richard Rinn (Deek)
129 1x01:01Trip Thru Time1Richard Rinn (Deek)
130 1x01:01Tune Eight1Richard Rinn (Deek)
131 1x01:01Tune Eleven1Richard Rinn (Deek)
132 1x01:01Tune Seven1Richard Rinn (Deek)
133 0x00:00Tune Ten1Richard Rinn (Deek)
134 0x00:00Victory Run1Richard Rinn (Deek)
135 0x00:00Voice in the Loo1Richard Rinn (Deek)
136 0x00:00Weebles1Richard Rinn (Deek)
137 1x00:44Who's the Man in the Corner?1Richard Rinn (Deek)
138 0x00:00Winzer1Richard Rinn (Deek)
139 0x00:00Winzer2Richard Rinn (Deek)
140 0x00:00Z-Force1Richard Rinn (Deek)
Total: 121x104:42