C64 Top Sid Songs

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#PlayedPlaytime ∑TitleSubsongAuthor
1x01:212421Owen Crowley (Conrad)
0x00:0025Hz1Owen Crowley (Conrad)
0x00:0025Hz II1Owen Crowley (Conrad)
0x00:00(untitled)1Owen Crowley (Conrad)
0x00:00(untitled)1Owen Crowley (Conrad)
0x00:00(untitled)1Owen Crowley (Conrad)
0x00:00(untitled)1Owen Crowley (Conrad)
0x00:00(untitled)1Owen Crowley (Conrad)
0x00:00(untitled)1Owen Crowley (Conrad)
10 0x00:00(untitled)1Owen Crowley (Conrad)
11 0x00:00(untitled)1Owen Crowley (Conrad)
12 0x00:00(untitled)1Owen Crowley (Conrad)
13 0x00:00(untitled)1Owen Crowley (Conrad)
14 0x00:00(untitled)1Owen Crowley (Conrad)
15 0x00:00(untitled)1Owen Crowley (Conrad)
16 0x00:00(untitled)1Owen Crowley (Conrad)
17 0x00:00(untitled)1Owen Crowley (Conrad)
18 0x00:00(untitled)1Owen Crowley (Conrad)
19 0x00:00(untitled)1Owen Crowley (Conrad)
20 0x00:00(untitled)1Owen Crowley (Conrad)
21 0x00:00(untitled)1Owen Crowley (Conrad)
22 0x00:00(untitled)1Owen Crowley (Conrad)
23 0x00:00(untitled)1Owen Crowley (Conrad)
24 0x00:00(untitled)1Owen Crowley (Conrad)
25 0x00:00(untitled)1Owen Crowley (Conrad)
26 0x00:00(untitled)1Owen Crowley (Conrad)
27 0x00:00(untitled)1Owen Crowley (Conrad)
28 0x00:00(untitled)1Owen Crowley (Conrad)
29 0x00:00(untitled)1Owen Crowley (Conrad)
30 0x00:00(untitled)1Owen Crowley (Conrad)
31 0x00:00(untitled)1Owen Crowley (Conrad)
32 0x00:00(untitled)1Owen Crowley (Conrad)
33 0x00:00(untitled)1Owen Crowley (Conrad)
34 0x00:00(untitled)1Owen Crowley (Conrad)
35 0x00:00(untitled)1Owen Crowley (Conrad)
36 0x00:00(untitled)1Owen Crowley (Conrad)
37 0x00:00(untitled)1Owen Crowley (Conrad)
38 0x00:00(untitled)1Owen Crowley (Conrad)
39 0x00:00(untitled)1Owen Crowley (Conrad)
40 0x00:00(untitled)1Owen Crowley (Conrad)
41 0x00:00(untitled)1Owen Crowley (Conrad)
42 0x00:00(untitled)1Owen Crowley (Conrad)
43 0x00:00(untitled)1Owen Crowley (Conrad)
44 0x00:00(untitled)1Owen Crowley (Conrad)
45 0x00:00(untitled)1Owen Crowley (Conrad)
46 0x00:00(untitled)1Owen Crowley (Conrad)
47 0x00:00(untitled)1Owen Crowley (Conrad)
48 0x00:00(untitled)1Owen Crowley (Conrad)
49 0x00:00(untitled)1Owen Crowley (Conrad)
50 0x00:00(untitled)1Owen Crowley (Conrad)
51 0x00:00(untitled)1Owen Crowley (Conrad)
52 0x00:00(untitled)1Owen Crowley (Conrad)
53 0x00:00(untitled)1Owen Crowley (Conrad)
54 0x00:00(untitled)1Owen Crowley (Conrad)
55 0x00:00(untitled)1Owen Crowley (Conrad)
56 1x02:01(untitled)1Owen Crowley (Conrad)
57 1x02:01(untitled)1Owen Crowley (Conrad)
58 1x01:21A Load of TAP1Owen Crowley (Conrad)
59 1x00:37A Load of TAP2Owen Crowley (Conrad)
60 0x00:00ACDC Rulez!1Owen Crowley (Conrad)
61 0x00:00ACDC Rulez!2Owen Crowley (Conrad)
62 27x27:56Ancient Walk1Owen Crowley (Conrad)
63 2x01:30Assembloids1Owen Crowley (Conrad)
64 0x00:00Assembloids2Owen Crowley (Conrad)
65 1x00:16B-land Scrapbook1Owen Crowley (Conrad)
66 0x00:00B-land Scrapbook2Owen Crowley (Conrad)
67 0x00:00B-land Scrapbook3Owen Crowley (Conrad)
68 0x00:00B-land Scrapbook4Owen Crowley (Conrad)
69 3x06:17Back to Basics1Owen Crowley (Conrad)
70 2x03:22Blank Page1Owen Crowley (Conrad)
71 3x06:04Blank Page, Part III1Owen Crowley (Conrad)
72 1x01:21Bomberland1Owen Crowley (Conrad)
73 1x01:03Bomberland2Owen Crowley (Conrad)
74 0x00:00Bomberland3Owen Crowley (Conrad)
75 0x00:00Bomberland4Owen Crowley (Conrad)
76 0x00:00Bomberland5Owen Crowley (Conrad)
77 0x00:00Bomberland6Owen Crowley (Conrad)
78 0x00:00Bomberland7Owen Crowley (Conrad)
79 0x00:00Bomberland8Owen Crowley (Conrad)
80 0x00:00Bomberland9Owen Crowley (Conrad)
81 0x00:00Bomberland10Owen Crowley (Conrad)
82 0x00:00Bomberland11Owen Crowley (Conrad)
83 0x00:00Bomberland12Owen Crowley (Conrad)
84 0x00:00Bomberland13Owen Crowley (Conrad)
85 0x00:00Bomberland14Owen Crowley (Conrad)
86 0x00:00Bomberland15Owen Crowley (Conrad)
87 0x00:00Bomberland16Owen Crowley (Conrad)
88 0x00:00Bomberland17Owen Crowley (Conrad)
89 0x00:00Bomberland18Owen Crowley (Conrad)
90 0x00:00Bomberland (preview)1Owen Crowley (Conrad)
91 0x00:00Bomberland (preview)2Owen Crowley (Conrad)
92 0x00:00Bomberland (preview)3Owen Crowley (Conrad)
93 2x04:01Broken Hardware1Owen Crowley (Conrad)
94 2x01:06BS Test Tune1Owen Crowley (Conrad)
95 2x02:10Clarke 21Owen Crowley (Conrad)
96 2x03:20Cosmic Vandal1Owen Crowley (Conrad)
97 2x02:11Croaker1Owen Crowley (Conrad)
98 2x05:06Danger Zone1Owen Crowley (Conrad)
99 1x01:21Dark Apocalypse1Owen Crowley (Conrad)
100 4x06:45Darling Grease1Owen Crowley (Conrad)
101 1x01:21Dead & Colourblind1Owen Crowley (Conrad)
102 1x00:39Drums1Owen Crowley (Conrad)
103 1x01:21Dump Draxco1Owen Crowley (Conrad)
104 1x00:19Dump Draxco (1x speed version)1Owen Crowley (Conrad)
105 1x00:39Electric Girls1Owen Crowley (Conrad)
106 2x02:32Electrozombie Generation1Owen Crowley (Conrad)
107 1x01:21Elekfunk1Owen Crowley (Conrad)
108 2x01:01End Theme 25Hz1Owen Crowley (Conrad)
109 0x00:00Experiment #0011Owen Crowley (Conrad)
110 1x00:33Experiment #0021Owen Crowley (Conrad)
111 0x00:00Experiment #0031Owen Crowley (Conrad)
112 0x00:00Experiment #0041Owen Crowley (Conrad)
113 1x00:31Experiment 8x1Owen Crowley (Conrad)
114 2x03:22Experiment Five1Owen Crowley (Conrad)
115 1x01:21Fast Cube1Owen Crowley (Conrad)
116 1x01:21Fast Cube (alpha)1Owen Crowley (Conrad)
117 3x04:20Fast Lane1Owen Crowley (Conrad)
118 1x00:32Filter Crap1Owen Crowley (Conrad)
119 3x03:52Firestarter1Owen Crowley (Conrad)
120 1x01:21Foggy Nights1Owen Crowley (Conrad)
121 1x02:51Fucnk1Owen Crowley (Conrad)
122 2x03:58Funky Nun Dance1Owen Crowley (Conrad)
123 3x02:18Half-Funk1Owen Crowley (Conrad)
124 1x00:38High Five1Owen Crowley (Conrad)
125 6x07:11Hoodlum Cube1Owen Crowley (Conrad)
126 4x04:55Hooker1Owen Crowley (Conrad)
127 8x07:42Huelsbeck1Owen Crowley (Conrad)
128 1x01:21Hunt the Distort1Owen Crowley (Conrad)
129 2x04:50I Love the Cube (tune 1)1Owen Crowley (Conrad)
130 1x01:21I Love the Cube (tune 2)1Owen Crowley (Conrad)
131 2x07:10I Love the Cube Preview (tune 31Owen Crowley (Conrad)
132 1x01:17Ibiza Shite1Owen Crowley (Conrad)
133 2x03:00Icony1Owen Crowley (Conrad)
134 1x00:58Inspiration Error1Owen Crowley (Conrad)
135 2x01:59Intrinsic1Owen Crowley (Conrad)
136 4x02:58Intrinsic (v2)1Owen Crowley (Conrad)
137 1x01:21Legend Intro1Owen Crowley (Conrad)
138 2x02:54Lonely Sample1Owen Crowley (Conrad)
139 2x03:22Love and Pain1Owen Crowley (Conrad)
140 4x06:45Maniac Mansion1Owen Crowley (Conrad)
141 0x00:00Maniac Mansion2Owen Crowley (Conrad)
142 3x04:55Mega Power Man1Owen Crowley (Conrad)
143 7x12:57Midnight Cruise1Owen Crowley (Conrad)
144 1x02:05Midnight on the A191Owen Crowley (Conrad)
145 1x01:55NEH (old version)1Owen Crowley (Conrad)
146 2x03:22NEH Promotion Soundtrack1Owen Crowley (Conrad)
147 1x00:31New Beginning1Owen Crowley (Conrad)
148 1x01:21Not Even Human1Owen Crowley (Conrad)
149 1x00:59OC00000001131Owen Crowley (Conrad)
150 0x00:00Phobos1Owen Crowley (Conrad)
151 1x01:21Psychopunks of Uproar1Owen Crowley (Conrad)
152 1x00:45Quick One1Owen Crowley (Conrad)
153 2x05:04Razor Crackzak 100%1Owen Crowley (Conrad)
154 1x00:53RJ's 3D Tennis1Owen Crowley (Conrad)
155 3x03:11Roy G Biv1Owen Crowley (Conrad)
156 1x01:04Rushed Zak1Owen Crowley (Conrad)
157 3x03:06Samples Not Included1Owen Crowley (Conrad)
158 1x00:20Sensible Soccer Opening1Owen Crowley (Conrad)
159 0x00:00Sharon Style1Owen Crowley (Conrad)
160 1x02:01Shitty Funk1Owen Crowley (Conrad)
161 6x09:03Short Poppy 85%1Owen Crowley (Conrad)
162 1x00:52Short with No Lead1Owen Crowley (Conrad)
163 1x01:03Sleepless Work1Owen Crowley (Conrad)
164 0x00:00Soede1Owen Crowley (Conrad)
165 0x00:00Soede x31Owen Crowley (Conrad)
166 1x00:22Sonder Bar1Owen Crowley (Conrad)
167 2x03:05Space Journey1Owen Crowley (Conrad)
168 1x02:01Stereo of '111Owen Crowley (Conrad)
169 0x00:00Stifflip & Hardco1Owen Crowley (Conrad)
170 0x00:00Streetlights1Owen Crowley (Conrad)
171 0x00:00Template1Owen Crowley (Conrad)
172 1x00:18Ten Years of No FC!1Owen Crowley (Conrad)
173 0x00:00Teroen Jel1Owen Crowley (Conrad)
174 0x00:00Teroen Jel2Owen Crowley (Conrad)
175 0x00:00Tested on Pandas1Owen Crowley (Conrad)
176 4x06:48The Adventure1Owen Crowley (Conrad)
177 4x03:06The Year We Make Contact1Owen Crowley (Conrad)
178 1x00:27Trouble1Owen Crowley (Conrad)
179 0x00:00Two-voice Test1Owen Crowley (Conrad)
180 0x00:00Uninspired Mind1Owen Crowley (Conrad)
181 0x00:00UWOL - Quest for Money1Owen Crowley (Conrad)
182 0x00:00UWOL - Quest for Money2Owen Crowley (Conrad)
183 0x00:00UWOL - Quest for Money3Owen Crowley (Conrad)
184 0x00:00UWOL - Quest for Money4Owen Crowley (Conrad)
185 0x00:00UWOL - Quest for Money5Owen Crowley (Conrad)
186 0x00:00UWOL - Quest for Money6Owen Crowley (Conrad)
187 0x00:00UWOL - Quest for Money7Owen Crowley (Conrad)
188 0x00:00UWOL - Quest for Money8Owen Crowley (Conrad)
189 0x00:00UWOL - Quest for Money9Owen Crowley (Conrad)
190 0x00:00UWOL - Quest for Money10Owen Crowley (Conrad)
191 0x00:00UWOL - Quest for Money11Owen Crowley (Conrad)
192 0x00:00UWOL - Quest for Money12Owen Crowley (Conrad)
193 0x00:00UWOL - Quest for Money13Owen Crowley (Conrad)
194 0x00:00UWOL - Quest for Money14Owen Crowley (Conrad)
195 0x00:00UWOL - Quest for Money15Owen Crowley (Conrad)
196 0x00:00Yep1Owen Crowley (Conrad)
197 1x00:16Zak McKracken1Owen Crowley (Conrad)
Total: 190x249:36