C64 Top Sid Songs

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#PlayedPlaytime ∑TitleSubsongAuthor
1x00:4820281Milosz Ignatowski (Longhair)
1x01:10(untitled)1Milosz Ignatowski (Longhair)
1x01:06Ala Ma Kota1Milosz Ignatowski (Longhair)
2x02:40Anti Disco1Milosz Ignatowski (Longhair)
2x02:40Bluez1Milosz Ignatowski (Longhair)
2x02:35Bonus Music1Milosz Ignatowski (Longhair)
2x02:40Compo Tune1Milosz Ignatowski (Longhair)
2x01:39Dogs1Milosz Ignatowski (Longhair)
2x02:40Drip1Milosz Ignatowski (Longhair)
10 0x00:00Drip2Milosz Ignatowski (Longhair)
11 0x00:00Drip3Milosz Ignatowski (Longhair)
12 0x00:00Drip4Milosz Ignatowski (Longhair)
13 0x00:00Drip5Milosz Ignatowski (Longhair)
14 0x00:00Drip6Milosz Ignatowski (Longhair)
15 0x00:00Drip7Milosz Ignatowski (Longhair)
16 1x00:39Experimental Bass1Milosz Ignatowski (Longhair)
17 1x01:00Experimental Jazz1Milosz Ignatowski (Longhair)
18 2x02:40For Krowiak1Milosz Ignatowski (Longhair)
19 0x00:00For Krowiak2Milosz Ignatowski (Longhair)
20 0x00:00For Krowiak3Milosz Ignatowski (Longhair)
21 0x00:00For Krowiak4Milosz Ignatowski (Longhair)
22 0x00:00For Krowiak5Milosz Ignatowski (Longhair)
23 2x01:55Highlife #6 (intro)1Milosz Ignatowski (Longhair)
24 2x01:23Highlife #7 (intro)1Milosz Ignatowski (Longhair)
25 2x01:24Imp. Troubles1Milosz Ignatowski (Longhair)
26 2x01:50Intro Music1Milosz Ignatowski (Longhair)
27 2x02:40Lost1Milosz Ignatowski (Longhair)
28 0x00:00Lost2Milosz Ignatowski (Longhair)
29 0x00:00Lost3Milosz Ignatowski (Longhair)
30 0x00:00Lost4Milosz Ignatowski (Longhair)
31 0x00:00Lost5Milosz Ignatowski (Longhair)
32 2x02:19Lost Motivation1Milosz Ignatowski (Longhair)
33 2x01:10Modulated Shit1Milosz Ignatowski (Longhair)
34 2x01:38Moze To1Milosz Ignatowski (Longhair)
35 2x02:39Music Collection intro1Milosz Ignatowski (Longhair)
36 2x02:40New Conditions1Milosz Ignatowski (Longhair)
37 2x02:12North Party 3 (compo tune 2)1Milosz Ignatowski (Longhair)
38 7x10:48One NOP Too Far (note)1Milosz Ignatowski (Longhair)
39 7x09:17One NOP Too Far (tune 2)1Milosz Ignatowski (Longhair)
40 8x08:46One NOP Too Far (tune 4)1Milosz Ignatowski (Longhair)
41 2x01:08One NOP Too Far (tune 5)1Milosz Ignatowski (Longhair)
42 2x02:08One NOP Too Far (tune 6)1Milosz Ignatowski (Longhair)
43 1x01:30One NOP Too Far (tune 7)1Milosz Ignatowski (Longhair)
44 7x09:54Origon (intro)1Milosz Ignatowski (Longhair)
45 2x02:40Pinokio1Milosz Ignatowski (Longhair)
46 2x01:53Potwor 21Milosz Ignatowski (Longhair)
47 10x11:24Potwor 31Milosz Ignatowski (Longhair)
48 2x02:09Psycho Song1Milosz Ignatowski (Longhair)
49 2x01:39Slaterman1Milosz Ignatowski (Longhair)
50 0x00:00Slaterman2Milosz Ignatowski (Longhair)
51 0x00:00Slaterman3Milosz Ignatowski (Longhair)
52 0x00:00Slaterman4Milosz Ignatowski (Longhair)
53 0x00:00Slaterman5Milosz Ignatowski (Longhair)
54 0x00:00Slaterman6Milosz Ignatowski (Longhair)
55 6x06:48Strange Solo1Milosz Ignatowski (Longhair)
56 2x02:40The End Tune1Milosz Ignatowski (Longhair)
57 2x02:40The Gulf (one sinus part)1Milosz Ignatowski (Longhair)
58 6x07:03TV Box Tune1Milosz Ignatowski (Longhair)
59 2x02:29Twist to Vomit1Milosz Ignatowski (Longhair)
60 2x02:09X-Style1Milosz Ignatowski (Longhair)
61 0x00:00X-Style2Milosz Ignatowski (Longhair)
62 0x00:00X-Style3Milosz Ignatowski (Longhair)
63 0x00:00X-Style4Milosz Ignatowski (Longhair)
64 6x06:40Zak 21Milosz Ignatowski (Longhair)
65 0x00:00Zak 31Milosz Ignatowski (Longhair)
Total: 119x137:52