C64 Top Sid Songs

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#PlayedPlaytime ∑TitleSubsongAuthor
1x01:162xperiment1Gaetano Chiummo
6x08:1440961Gaetano Chiummo
1x01:56A Childhood Dream1Gaetano Chiummo
0x00:00A Walk in the Countryside1Gaetano Chiummo
1x00:35Acoustic Freedom1Gaetano Chiummo
0x00:00Arcade Memories1Gaetano Chiummo
2x00:34Bedlam1Gaetano Chiummo
1x00:36Beholder1Gaetano Chiummo
0x00:00Beholder2Gaetano Chiummo
10 0x00:00Beholder3Gaetano Chiummo
11 2x01:28Calming Stream1Gaetano Chiummo
12 1x01:01Cloudy Days1Gaetano Chiummo
13 1x00:18Desert Night'781Gaetano Chiummo
14 1x00:23Dreamworld1Gaetano Chiummo
15 0x00:00Edelin Tales Theme1Gaetano Chiummo
16 0x00:00Enchanted Forest1Gaetano Chiummo
17 0x00:00Filtered Feelings1Gaetano Chiummo
18 0x00:00Happy New Wave1Gaetano Chiummo
19 6x11:08History of Headaches1Gaetano Chiummo
20 0x00:00Hope1Gaetano Chiummo
21 1x01:11Il Mago1Gaetano Chiummo
22 0x00:00Il Mago2Gaetano Chiummo
23 0x00:00Il Mago3Gaetano Chiummo
24 0x00:00Il Mago4Gaetano Chiummo
25 0x00:00Il Mago5Gaetano Chiummo
26 1x00:18Il Mago (note)1Gaetano Chiummo
27 1x00:28Living in the Future1Gaetano Chiummo
28 1x05:13Migraines Revenge1Gaetano Chiummo
29 0x00:00New Adventure1Gaetano Chiummo
30 1x00:55Out of Ink1Gaetano Chiummo
31 0x00:00Out of Ink2Gaetano Chiummo
32 1x01:14Pixel City Moonlight1Gaetano Chiummo
33 0x00:00Pixel City Moonlight2Gaetano Chiummo
34 0x00:00Power Ballad1Gaetano Chiummo
35 1x01:16Press Space, Release Power1Gaetano Chiummo
36 0x00:00Ramos 20161Gaetano Chiummo
37 1x00:22Recap1Gaetano Chiummo
38 1x01:03RetroMagazine Dance1Gaetano Chiummo
39 1x01:16Rocket Man1Gaetano Chiummo
40 1x00:31Sea Soft Loader1Gaetano Chiummo
41 1x01:16Sheer Earth Attack1Gaetano Chiummo
42 1x00:37Sheer Earth Attack2Gaetano Chiummo
43 0x00:00Sheer Earth Attack3Gaetano Chiummo
44 0x00:00Sheer Earth Attack4Gaetano Chiummo
45 0x00:00Starting Over1Gaetano Chiummo
46 1x01:04Summer Breeze1Gaetano Chiummo
47 1x00:22The Challenge1Gaetano Chiummo
48 4x09:06The Last Hope1Gaetano Chiummo
49 1x00:48Tiny Quest (preview)1Gaetano Chiummo
50 0x00:00Tiny Quest (preview)2Gaetano Chiummo
51 0x00:00Tiny Quest (preview)3Gaetano Chiummo
52 0x00:00Tower of Rubble1Gaetano Chiummo
53 0x00:00Tower of Rubble2Gaetano Chiummo
54 2x00:54Tower of Rubble3Gaetano Chiummo
55 1x00:36Tribute to Star Trek1Gaetano Chiummo
56 0x00:00Waterfall1Gaetano Chiummo
57 0x00:00Zak in MG Tracker1Gaetano Chiummo
Total: 46x55:59